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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mix Your Own

Anyone up for a little experiment?

My curiosity's been aroused by a post on 'Her Paddle', in which the blogmaster mentioned that most spanking art isn't quite to his taste.

This has got me wondering what are the optimal 'ingredients' of a spanking picture that would best suit the collective preferences of UH's visitors. So I'm going to run a series of polls for the next week or two to allow you to vote for your favourite implement, age groups (18+!) of spanker and spankee, state of undress, and setting. Then, based on the results, I'll draw something that may please everybody, or nobody :). Either way, I hope it will be interesting!

Let's start with implements. I've tried to make the list pretty comprehensive: if your favourite isn't shown, I apologise. Someone's already pointed out that I've omitted one of the greatest 'implements' ever - the hand. Unfortunately I can't now edit the poll. However if you don't see your weapon of choice here, feel free to leave a comment instead of voting, and I'll factor it in.

The poll's over there on the right.


  1. Spaning art like you post is incredible, thanks

    Hairbrush all the way.



  2. I have not used the polling 'thing' so am not sure how it works, but is it possible to set up the poll so that you can vote for more than one implement?

  3. Hi Underling:

    I would have to go with the infamous rattan cane! ;-)

  4. Great idea and thanks for doing it. I voted paddle though I would normally go for hairbrush. Looks like hairbrush might win though so can I suggest that if it does it is an old fashioned big wooden one. The new modern little ones never look very good in spanking picture - too small.

  5. You've forgotten about the hand. A woman that can bring a naughty boy to tears using only her palm, is a true spanker.

  6. Hi Underling, thank you for the link and I'm anxious to see where this goes, great idea!

    Pretty much things that can be better imagined as a husband and wife activity.

    Yeah, I'm more of a paddle or brush guy, or for that matter any implement but I think it's the subtle hints that make your artwork stand out.

    For example the 'slipper' image. Her slipper is resting on his back, we know what happened and what she did with it. The tired look on her face, probably didn't want to do it but she did anyway because it had to be done right now. The look on her face that says 'now things will be better for a while'. The 'overheated' red look to his face. In fact, since she hasn’t let him up, it can be imagined that there is more to come. All of it both tells a story and leaves much to the imagination. Great stuff, I do enjoy your work.

  7. Wow, I am inundated with comments in the last couple of days. Thanks, everybody!

    Ron, thanks for your feedback here and about the LATE HOME drawing and story. To have someone say I've produced one of their favourite spanking pictures ever is an ambition fulfilled. Seriously, you made my day!

    SBW, maybe I should have made the poll multiple choice. Sadly I can't change it now people have voted.

    Ingen, likewise. I meant to include the hand option, but forgot. Doh!

    HMP, no surprises there :) and Scally, if it's a brush I promise it'll be a big 'un!

  8. HerKnee, what a wonderful analysis. Thanks! I hope some people find their way to your blog through the post, because I think it's great.

  9. Great blog!
    Wife usues a variety of spanking tools. but her favorite is a wooden paddle with holes. Good to have a hairbrush for traveling though, as it can be left out in plain sight in hotel rooms, etc

  10. Anon, thanks! Yeah, a hairbrush is a great disciplinary tool you can 'hide in plain sight'. Strangely enough, whenever I see one the brushing of hair is only the second thing that comes to mind - but that's just me. Oh, and everyone else in here. :)


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