Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

In Case You Were Wondering...

...I haven't been a total slacker these last few weeks. If you take yourself over to 'All Mine', you'll find the drawing I did for my wickedly wonderful friend Suzanne, who owns that blog.

While you're there, take the time to say hello and browse the rest of her posts. Fans of sissying, cuckolding and just good old fashioned femdom spanking will find much to enjoy! Do pop back here and tell me if you like the picture, but if you want to reuse it anywhere please be sure to ask Suzanne's permission since I drew it specifically for her.

By the way, you'll notice that Suzanne posts pretty often. Her prolificness makes me look pretty lazy by comparison.

I guess I am a total slacker after all!


  1. Hi underling,

    I loved the art. Great work. I hope you get thoroughly disciplined for having such a prurient mind.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. definitely a slacker. You probably actually work when you are at your day job, instead of drawing artwork for us.
    Loved every drawing you have shown us.

  3. Great picture as always Underling! You mean you work at your day job instead of spending all day drawing D/s art? Sorry but that's simply not acceptable! Truly a waste of great talent!

    So. When am I getting another Underling original to put up on Her Majesty's Plaything? ;-)

  4. HMP and Red - between my day job and drawing pictures for you, I know which one I'd rather be doing full time. Unfortunately, one puts food in my mouth and the other only puts thoughts in my head!

    Scott, thank you for your kind comments. As you can see from the other work here, my art is normally completely innocent. I've been badly led astray. ;)

  5. Hello Underling,
    A very wicked picture indeed. Nice work!! That must have been a truly humiliating experience for "sissy". And speaking of humiliation, I wonder if you will let us know when you get your spanking from Suzanne.
    Thanks for the great work, JayJay


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