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Friday, 31 May 2013

The Games People Play

The new picture I'd hoped to publish this week is sadly still on the drawing board - so here's a small substitute post to avoid an ugly little gap for the month of May.

And since my not-quite-finished drawing has a game-related theme, I thought it might be fun to ask you this - how many of you spice up traditionally 'vanilla' leisure activities at home by giving them a spanky twist?

An example: keen-eyed visitors may know that some while back I met a very special lady whose deliciously kinky tastes are easily a match for mine. And since we both liked Scrabble as well as spanking, it wasn't long before we came up with our own version of the rules for the former so that we could combine the two. In our adaptation, a player has to lay words that are in some way related to the smacking of bottoms. 'Slap' would qualify. So would 'ouch', 'implement', 'redden', 'bending', 'discipline' and... well, you get the picture. If the player can't make a demonstrable connection and has to use an unrelated word instead, then there's a penalty - a number of swats equal to the total score from the offending turn.

Now, as you might imagine it's not always easy to come up with a word that fits the theme (and indeed it wouldn't be half as much fun if it was). As a result there is usually plenty of defaulting to be dealt with - and this generates a lot more physical activity than the basic rules of Scrabble normally allow. High-scoring matches can make for quite a workout!

Other board games seem to lend themselves even better to the concept of alternative forfeits. Take Monopoly - what if, rather than pay rent when alighting on owned property, a player could opt to take a spanking instead? And what if some of the Chance and Community Chest cards were altered to indicate panties rather than share prices coming down? And wouldn't it be more exciting if you could only get out of jail free by taking a paddling in lieu of a prison term?

Even if we leave the games cupboard alone, communal TV offers many options. In my youth my friends would warm up for a night out by watching soap operas and downing a measure of Tequila every time one of the characters performed a particular action. I see no reason that drinking games couldn't be modified into spanking ones - you'd only have to trade swats for shots.

I'm convinced that lots of you have this sort of fun at home. If you do, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Spanking games are fun this could be really good with the right mix of people.My wife and I added spankings to Crib, Backgammon and card games.

    1. Thanks Anon.

      Glad to see another visitor playing spanky versions of old favourites, although to my shame I don't even know how crib is played. I guess that would put me at quite a disadvangage!

  2. I like the redesigned monopoly board -I think the "Go to Jail" option would be great fun if the players sent there had to get into uniform and submit to constant discipline and spanking for their trangressions...)

    1. Thank you, Mr X, and welcome to the blog! That picture actually didn't take me long at all (unlike most of them) and I was pretty happy with the way it came out. The street name puns are a little weak, and they probably don't mean much to those familiar with non-London editions of the game. Speaking of which, have you seen how many varieties of Monopoly have been produced? It's astonishing!

  3. We used to play scrabble that way. Fun.


    1. See? I knew it! :)

      Thanks for your comment, Ronnie - always nice to hear from you. x

  4. I once wrote a story ("Parker Brothers Paddling") about a game of Monopoly adapted to F/M spanking. There were four teams, each of a married couple, with a banker who was also a woman, but the wife was the ultimate decision-maker on each team.

    The game went by regular rules, with the added fillip that any time one team made a monetary payment to another one, the first team's husband was spanked bare-bottom (with a paddle) by the second team's wife--one swat for every ten dollars paid, rounded upward, so for example a $72 payment would cost the paying team's husband eight whacks from the receiving team's wife.

    Any payments made to the bank, notably property purchases, were subject to the same conditions, with the female banker paddling the paying team's husband. Payments from the bank resulted in the paid team's wife applying the hardwood to her own mate's naked buttcheeks--so the $200 gained by "passing GO" would result in a 20-swat spousal spanking.

    Finally, of course, there were penalties for losing--each wife got to deliver 100 paddywhacks to the by-then-glowing behind of every husband whose team finished behind hers, so the fourth-place husband would end up getting 300 smacks total in three separate spankings. Just to keep the first-place husband from getting too smug, he received 50 swats from the banker.

    (In my story, the penalty paddlings were administered after a break for dinner, to allow the masculine posteriors to cool off and the feminine arms to recover their stamina.)

    I've never actually played Monopoly that way, but it would be lots of fun with the right other couples and banker... --C.K.

    1. Wow that sounds like a great version, I love how its a purely FM game so the hubbies still get spanked no matter if they win or lose!

    2. Hello CK, and thanks. Yes, that definitely sounds like your kind of scene!

      One of the things I like so much about your stories is the sense of fun that the ladies have about the spankings they dish out - and the fact that those spankings are severe regardless! A lot of your work features 'teams' of women dealing with one or more guys, and of course the game dynamic lends itself well to that kind of outcome.

  5. Sorry to comment so late! Lovely post as always. :)

    I laughed when the first game you mentioned was Scrabble! My partner and I play the game the 'normal' way (in terms of words), but spice it up by making it Strip Scrabble.

    Or, to be strictly accurate, Strip and Kinky Sex Act Scrabble. Talk about win-win.

    1. Oh, comments are always welcome whether they're 'late' or not, P :).

      Strip Scrabble sounds like a lot of fun, although I'm trying to visualise how the rules work - does your opponent have to take something off every turn that your score exceeds theirs by a certain amount? One thing's for sure - the more stripping that goes on, the harder it must be to concentrate on the letters!

    2. We play it so each round (I play a word, he plays a word) the lower-scoring player has to take something off. And when the game is over, or (more likely) when a player is 100% naked, the winner gets to instruct them to do whatever saucy thing they please.

      Great fun! :D


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