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Saturday, 12 June 2010

I Start Counting

I finally got around to adding a visit counter.

Now, I've never been the type to crave attention - but like most bloggers, I guess, I occasionally worry that I may just be posting into a vaccum; that Underling's Humblings is off the beaten track; that when I'm not looking, cyber tumbleweeds blow across the screen. Of course polls help, and I'm almost embarrassingly grateful for every comment that appears. But judging from my own surfing habits, I'd guess that only a tiny fraction of people who drop by actually get around to casting a vote or saying hello.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out the fact - before you all go 'Hur-hur, Underling's only had like 3 visitors EVER' - that I've just added the counter today. And while I was given the option to start the tally at whatever value I wanted, I've resisted the (terribly tempting!) urge to award myself 10 squillion hits up front.

I'm not doing any kind of fancy analysis, by the way - I don't care so much where in the world people live, or which link they followed, or what keywords they used to search for the site. I'm only keen to reassure myself that there are actual people, and not just tumbleweeds, blowing through here. :)


  1. Do remember your count will probably not count those that follow your blog via RSS feeds 8)

  2. Hiya Rogue. Thanks for the tip - I'll bear that in mind. I'm suprised how quickly the numbers have gone up regardless!

    Suspect I get quite a few people from the Spanking Art Wiki, so thank you for that. :)

  3. Comments are always appreciated by bloggers... I hope more will comment on your excellent blog.

  4. I think its pretty much fact that less than 10% of people who look at a website make a comment, even on a popular one so I dont doubt you have an audience.

  5. Hey, TL.

    Well, the stat counter suggests I'm getting about 500 hits a day so far, which is far more visitors than I expected.

    Either that, or one person is obsessively visiting 500 times a day. Which would be a bit scary. :)


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