Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Step Right In

To: Underling
Subject: FoF! OMG!

How's it going, little bro? Nobody spanked at your office today? What a shame. A bit more encouragement for those guys on your development team - and maybe a hot bottom for you - and you might not have missed that deadline you were worried about. No such problems here at OSIRIS, of course. Funny how all of our projects come in on time, LOL!

Anyway, I know you're super keen to hear about how Frillies on Friday went. And it was a blast! Honestly, I've never seen so much pretty underwear on show, and all of it modelled by beautifully blushing men. We raised a ton of money and popped plenty of egos, so what's not to like?

There are some new nicknames floating around since the event too - you know I told you about Richard, the guy who'd been talking like he's God's gift to women? He's now answering to 'Dick Little'. Let's just say that pink stretch fabric fitted him much too well in front!

We actually had quite a bit of resistance this year - the girls tell me that there are always one or two of the men who think they can get out of it, but this time there were at least six or seven who turned up in their regular work wear. God knows what they thought was gonna happen - 'um, I've been told for weeks that I'm supposed to spend today in lingerie, but I thought it'd be ok if I just wore my suit as usual.' Think again, little man.

One of the recent recruits even tried shutting himself in the toilets - you can imagine how well that went down. I guess we did get a bit carried away, but my manager Sheila said he can pay to get the lock fixed out of his own salary since he shouldn't have been such a spoilsport in the first place. Anyway, needless to say none of these mini-rebellions lasted very long. There was some none-too-gentle help with stripping, some very enthusiastic penalty paddlings, and then of course the dressing up. For those who 'forgot' to bring their own, Sheila has a big box full of all kinds of gorgeous lingerie, and I think every bit of it got used at some point. Who'd have thought it'd be so much fun? Like having a living, life-size 'Sissy Barbie'. With realistic squirming action!

As for the toilet hideaway, we had to make an example of him of course - for his sins he's going to get pride of place on the cover of the OSIRISissies calendar, showing off his well-paddled behind in the little lace thong we finally put him in - that is, after we'd had him model a dozen other outfits. I'm not actually sure what made him blush more - parading for us in panties, or desperately trying to cover his cock during costume changes! I do know that he didn't take too well to having his bottom blistered, hence his new nickname - 'Sobbin' Robin'. Honestly, if he hadn't wanted us to give him such a hiding then he should have shown a bit more fundraising spirit from the outset. Some people are so uncharitable.

Anyway, that's all I have time for - just on my way out for a long lunch, and before I go I have to give William on my team a motivational spanking to make sure some paperwork is done by the time I get back. What can I say? It's tough work maintaining discipline, but somebody has to do it!




  1. Wanda works too hard. She should delegate more. I'm sure that some of the young interns would be only too happy to give William his motivational spanking.

    Great image, and a lovely tale.

  2. Had I worked with Wanda, I would probably not be retired now. I see what I am missing.

  3. OMG what a fantastic drawing. I especially love the young woman who is casually snapping pics with her cell phone...I imagine she's interested in taking shots that showcase both his face and his penis. No doubt she will send these off to her friends for a good laugh.

  4. Another triumph! The artwork is amazing,and the storyline really adds even more intrigue to the theme of the day. Certainly wished I had worked there for a while.
    Happy Spankings

  5. Hello Underling,
    Excellent work as usual!!. I like his feeble attempt at modesty. He should forget it, I think. You would think that total nudity in front of four females would cause his complete surrender. Well, maybe he needs to be taken a bit closer to his breaking point with that paddle.
    I like the open leg position of the photographer perched on the desk. In my own fantasy world I'd like to see her without the panties on. I'd also like her to force my head down there to pay some serious attention to her clitoris. But then that's my fantasy.
    He's a lucky fellow I think. Getting stripped down by four beautiful ladies!! I had the experience of complete nudity in front of three pretty ladies last month at my annual physical. A female doctor, her assistant, and the nurse, all there together. WOW! They gave me a very thorough going over, especially for the testicular and prostate exam. I surrendered my modesty as soon as I was told to strip. I was allowed to keep on my socks on though. Thank goodness :)
    I would assume that Osiris Tech has several dominant females on the medical team. Perhaps they can give some after care to the more seriously bruised behinds.
    Thanks again for all of your efforts.....JayJay

  6. Servitor, I don't think Wanda's finding the workload too much. She's one of those fortunate people who actually seem to love their jobs. What she didn't mention here is that even though she'd be gone most of the afternoon it'd still be physically impossible for poor William to get through that paperwork before midnight. So I'm sure there was more spanking later in the day for one of those enthusiastic interns to take care of.

    Suds, had you worked with Wanda you wouldn't have earned enough to retire ;) - the men's wages are pretty poor. And the hours are long, and the treatment humiliating. I dunno - I guess they're just gluttons for punishment.

    Joeygirl, glad you like it. Yeah, that's the worst thing about public humiliation these days - you know that within hours a few million social networkers are going to be admiring you in your birthday suit as well as your pink panties.

  7. Red, thanks my friend. I know I'm still grinding along in first gear in spite of all your encouragement!

    JayJay, I think the lady in blue is about to prise his hand away for the camera. That's what she's meant to be doing anyway, but I didn't quite manage to convey it properly. Regarding the more explicit sexual stuff, I'm afraid you and I are gonna have to continue to differ ;). As a self-confessed lingerie freak, I'm seldom tempted to draw a clitoris where a panty crotch could be :).

  8. U,

    Splendid work....but why am I not surprised!!!

  9. I would imagine that the highest paid male would earn one pence less than the lowest paid Female.

    I did not miss the older woman pulling his arm away from criminally hiding his genitals from their gaze and even touch.Nothing overt just a soft hand there that "accidentally" caresses him as she pulls his hand away.

    I can imagine white papers being published giving guidance to firms on just how much discpline is allowed in these firms.

    Is ball busting allowed? Are unorthodox punishment implements condoned.Say the sole of a shoe or a spatula or a fly swat or wooden spoon.

    What temperature is it allowed to go down to before males are allowed to don clothing again that sort of thing needs the careful and fruitful thinking of the government.


  10. Suzanne, thank you for stopping by and for the nice comment!

    Femsup, no ballbusting at OSIRIS I'm afraid. But certainly wandering hands are commonplace, and there's plenty of casual pinching, groping and slapping. The water cooler is a particular danger spot where the lionesses like to lie in wait for their male prey.

    As for temperature, the offices are very modern and the air-con ensures that any discomfort caused by enforced nudity doesn't come from being cold! :)

  11. "Dick Little" must be a brand-spanking-new male employee at OSIRIS if he was arrogant and egotistical, I'd expect that those attitudes in men would be paddled out of them pretty quickly. (I'd figure most male workers there to be quite submissive, but in economic hard times a male chauvinist might try working at OSIRIS out of desperation for a job, I suppose.)

    So exactly how did "Sobbin' Robin" figure that his outright defiance was going to play out? IMHO he should've understood to 'go with the flow,' unless of course he was gratified at some level by the severe paddling and extreme embarrassment. (There's not much point in even passive resistance, like trying to cover his genitals, when there's an Amazonian woman with a paddle standing behind him.)

    So the "motivational paddling" William will be getting from Wanda is just a prelude to further butt-bustings from other lower-ranking women, or possibly even Wanda herself again, since he's been given too much work for him to possibly complete it on time, hmmmm?

    Of course, there are some guys that would actually pay OSIRIS to be allowed to work there for free, and even bring their own paddles to save their female superiors the trouble of retrieving one when it was motivation or discipline time.

    Maybe that's how the company stays in business --C.K.

  12. Fantastic image and story. Love the Female Fashion and age groups. It has to be Clothed Ladies all the time, anything else might get the males too cocky.

    Excellent stuff again Underling you are up there with Barb and Sardex for Dommestic images well done. MMP

  13. CK, both Dick and Robin are new to the company. But I think after their humiliation at FoF they'll knuckle down no problem.

    MMP, to mention me in the same breath as Barb and Sardax is high praise indeed, and I think a little too flattering! But thank you very much for your kind words. :)

  14. Great stuff. Can we see more of the beautifully blushing men in their lingerie please? It is so delightfully embarrrassing.

  15. Great work! Do more of these! I love the Osiris Technologies stories!

  16. Hatty and Chirenon, thanks. I daresay there will be more OSIRIS-themed work in the future. We might even revisit Frillies On Friday, but there's other stuff I should be getting on with...

  17. MR Underling
    Great drawing as usual. I love your drawing style of making the drawing come alive. Your drawing always seem to catch the charachters in mid scene.I like that aspect of them.

    I also like your alternative universe where women are completly in charge. I love the role reversal aspect of male beauty pageants. It would be great to see more of that theme. Women executives relaxing by a pool being served drinks by naked cabana boys,restraunts with shirtless or naked waiters having thier butts patted by female CEO's, dinner parties being hosted by female CEOs and thier half-naked or naked househusbands,ect,ect.

    Thank you for your many posts here.And i hope that you can continue with your great drawings

  18. I've begun a photo caption story set at Osiris Techworks on my blog. You you enjoy. The first three parts can be found here:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  19. Um, excuse me, but where is the HR department? And are there any positions open?

    Kisses and thanks!


  20. BOB, hiya. Thank you for the feedback. You definitely 'get' what it is I'm trying to achieve - the impression of just stumbling on a scene in progress. This stuff was happening before you happened to peek in, and it will continue when you've looked away again!

    Chirenon, I'm really excited by your OSIRIS-themed offshoot. I'm about to stop by and comment.

    Chrissie, OSIRIS are expanding and are recruiting at the moment. Be warned, though - their interview process isn't for the faint-hearted!

  21. Undey, what do you think would happen to a member of the boy staff at Osiris if he was late on an assignment? Enough said, don't you think?

  22. This is my 2nd favorite, being spanked by a group of ladies...what a rush and a mess...Rambo....
    Spanked By Ma'am....


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