Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Turning The Tables

I mentioned a while back that I'd like to try my hand at some work featuring female spankees.

Now F/M is of course my first love, and it's relatively easy to be successful in that field because there's not so much of it around. But I do also love to see or read about naughty young (and not so young) ladies getting their bottoms warmed, and I know from previous polls and comments that many of you do too.

Tempting as it is to post F/F and M/F pictures and stories here - if nothing else, I think it would increase the number of female visitors - I've always wanted to stay true to the original, male-subjugating ethos of Underling's Humblings.

So the obvious solution would be to run another blog alongside this one (listen to me, talking like I 'run' this one when I've barely managed to post once per month lately)!

Still, please let me know your thoughts. If you do want to see a sister site to this one where the fairer sex are on the receiving end, tell me what would make it worthwhile for you. I'm keen to do something a little different in an already busy space.

On the other hand if you think I'm already spreading myself too thin and should stick to what I know, tell me that too!


  1. I think first and for most you are doing a great job and you are an amazing artiest. I believe that if you make something you like there are other people out that also like what you do. I personally like all forms of spanking/punishment art as long as it is done well, as everything you have posted is amazing I don't think that is something you need to worry about. I would start another blog and if it does not work out you could always close it. blogs are free as a result you have very little to risk in giving it a try. I want to say thank you so much for everything you have done your art is amazing. I would be willing to say your art is better then sardax. Cheers and thank you for everything.

  2. Underling. I agree with Jill. The fun of having a blog, or two,is that you should do exactly what you want. Thus, I will enjoy all facets of your work.
    Ahem! shouldn't this have been a new entry with tails(both a story and a tail being spanked) Back to the drawing board with you young chappie.

  3. Hello Underling,
    Keep up the excellent work. Follow your heart and please yourself!!


  4. This should be interesting =)

  5. I am hoping you will produce more lovely F/M pieaces, with one or two with a more mature female spanker and still an aduly male spankee!

    Best Wishes!

  6. I love your present F/m themes and I personally don't get too excited about M/f or F/f.

    Along the lines of what jill, Red, and JayJay said, my own experience is that I explore whatever themes I'm interested in that day on my own blog, which has become a real hodge-podge of everything from M/f Femdom/role-reversal stories to M/m Gay male chastity stories to ASFR transformation stories.

    Obviously, it's a blog, so ultimately it's about the author, but I think going down that path may be a cause of frustration for my audience, detracting from the blog's brand identity. I speculate that if I had just developed a generally consistent storyline, it would be easier to build a large audience.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't have enjoyed myself nearly as much. So, those are the two halves of the question, as I see it.

  7. I'd like to see a m/f or f/f blog.

  8. Hmm, I guess keeping up two blogs could be a great challenge. Ludwig and I sometimes struggle to keep up one blog together!

    But if you like to do some M/F work, you should of course give it a try. I am sure that, despite of the fact that there is already a lot of M/F work out there, your own style surely would add something new and unique. I have to admit, though, that I always find it a bit sad that people often keep M/F and F/M separated. I would love to read about mixed gender scenes (MF/MF), and to my mind this is also an interesting niche. But of course I have no idea whether mixed scenes would be in any way interesting for you and I think that you should only do the things that suit your own fantasies.

    Whatever you decide to do, I'm looking forward to seeing the results! :-)

  9. Thank you, Keelah!

    You are right, there is so very little mixed F/M and M/F or scenes where a single sex spanker spanks the two different sexes. Usually in movies, blogs, and drawings it is one or the other, usually because the artist/bloghost has a strong preference.

    I like Underlings F/M stuff best of course, as while I am a switch, F/M is my primary orientation. That said, I would never want to live in some of his fictitious universes.

    Underling: Do whatever makes you happy. I like some M/F art, and thus I'll probably like yours as I do like your style. I will state I hope you never get bored with F/M but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having other interests!


  10. Underling, listen up:

    There is no reason to start another blog. Just create another world within the world you have already created. For example, you could introduce the owners of Osiris, husband and wife, Ozzie and Harriet Osiris, who do all manner of exciting things on their oceanside estate. The husband, a switch, could have his spanking way with the younger members of the staff, and pay dearly for his transgressions when his wife catches. The wife, Harriet Osiris, tends to the correction of females, including members of the Osiris staff who she summons to her home for exctended stays of correction. I don't believe such an expansion would dilute this blog. Go ahead, expand your horizons!

  11. Perhaps an organisation in which women and men are spanked and dominated by women.If the women can go through the fire then they get to become spankers themselves.

  12. Interesting idea, but my own preferences are for f/m and f/f themes, just don't strech yourself too thin. Great work.

  13. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I didn't expect a boring, picture-free post to get so much feedback and it's really appreciated!

    Jill, welcome - you made me blush. If I live to a thousand I'll never be in Sardax's league. But there's room for all of us, right?

    Red, I know, I know. But I didn't have a post in May so I had to put something out!

    To those whose advice was to follow my heart, you're right of course and I will. And don't worry, I love F/M and I'll never stop working with that theme. Some other intriguing ideas suggested here as well though. Kaelah, good point about mixed gender spankees in the same scene - but some part of my kink rebels at the idea. I don't know why! :)

  14. Actually, I do enjoy mixed F/M and F/F stuff, wherein two females spank a male and a female (FF/FM), often 'switching off' so each of the spankees gets his/her bare behind blistered by each feminine disciplinarian in turn.

    Bent over opposite couch arms, facing each other, boyfriend and girlfriend getting paddled first by their own mothers on their naked buttocks. He gets a hard wallop as she watches his facial expression in reaction, then she gets one from her own mother's paddle while he observes. The mothers keep up this pattern until both offspring are bawling, then they switch sides (and targeted bare rear ends) and deliver the second part of their kids' discipline.

    Obviously, this is your blog and it's your own creative muse that you've got to follow, but IMHO there's more than enough M/F stuff on the internet already... --C.K.

  15. Hi CK. Yes, I think most of your stories that I've read - or my favourites, at least - feature a male or occasionally males being spanked by multiple females. But I have also seen and enjoyed some F/F variations!

  16. why not combine the two, there is loads of material to explore in F/mf, or M/fm....just loads...


  17. Please excuse my late comment to this post.

    I think you should stick to what you like.

    I myself though,wouldnt mind seeing a "before and after" set of drawings. For instance a "Before" drawing where the husband in a patriarchal household is waited on hand and foot by his wife.With him watching tv while she does the housework and fetches him beers.And then an "After" drawing, of the wife "after" she sees your site with her stripping her husband in front of her female friends and spanking him.And then an "after" drawing of the roles being reversed and him having to wait on her and her girlfreinds hand and foot, in thier newly matriarchal household.

    I know its hard work to draw many charachters in a drawing.But i would love one day see you do a drawing of a group of wives stripping,spanking and humbling their group of husbands. It would be great to see the shared humiliations of the formerly macho husbands as they are all turned into naked and obedient househusbands .and seeing the naked househusband scurrying about and waiting on thier wives hand and foot and on beded knees as the women smugly sit around and drink wine and watch tv [ or read Playgirl and look at the nude male pictures]

  18. Hi Bob. Just realised I'd never responded to this.

    Well, a good while on from this post I still haven't completed any M/F art, although I've had a piece 'in the works' for months!

    Regarding 'before and after' drawings, it's a nice idea but you can guess what's putting me off. Yep, twice the work! :) I'll keep it in mind though, my friend.


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