Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

It's All About Me(me)

Nearly three whole months ago, the lovely Kaelah at Rohrstock-Palast was kind enough to mention this blog and its owner - hey, that's me! - as part of her contribution to the Versatile Bloggers meme. The idea of the meme is that you reveal seven little-known facts about yourself, and also nominate fifteen other blogs that impress you. Now, I'm not sure how quickly you're supposed to respond to these things, but I suspect that after three months the moment has probably passed. However since I did start to write a post at that time, and since I do need a little February filler, I thought I'd share my seven bits of Underling trivia regardless.

1. I'm a chronic insomniac and all-round night owl, and much of my drawing and writing happens at stupid o'clock. Going to bed is one of my least favourite things to do - I can easily stay up for 36 hours at a time.

2. As a kid, I used to watch Wonder Woman on TV. Even though I thought the show itself was girly rubbish, I was transfixed by the combined power of Lynda Carter's golden lasso and spangly blue hotpants. Another early crush was Lindsay Wagner, aka Jaime Sommers, aka The Bionic Woman. As a bonus, Ms Sommers was a teacher - I used to fantasise about her keeping me after class and bending me over that bionic lap. Wow, imagine a spanking from a bionic woman. That has to hurt!

3. I don't actually have any transvestite leanings, and yet I own several items of women's clothing. I've worn them all at various times as a reference for drawing. So, at the risk of puncturing any fantasies - you know those stern, hot women that populate my pictures? Every so often, that's me in a padded bra and a frock.

4. I'm musical, writing and recording songs by myself and with friends. If I ever get around to producing a full-length animation, it'll have an Underling score.

5. For my first 'proper' adult spanking, I put myself in the hands (and over the knee) of a professional - the rather wonderful Miss Shanelle. This will be news to her, since at the time I hadn't yet started blogging. Subsequently the job of warming the Underling fundament fell to enthusiastic amateurs - but you never forget your first time, and I'm glad I chose such a likeable and understanding disciplinarian. Shan, if you're reading this - thank you!

6. Since starting this blog, I've actually been spanked twice by men. And I liked it. I doubt I'd do it again, but then I'm in no hurry to be spanked again at all. Because...

7. ...finally, but perhaps most importantly - insert deep breath here - in recent weeks I've discovered the joy of The Dark Side. That's right - I have had a lovely lady across my lap, on more than one occasion. And you know what? It's wonderful. K, if you read this - thank you for showing me what I was missing. Everyone else, don't worry - I'm not about to abandon the blog for good. I love F/M art and stories, and I always will. But going forward, expect the tables to be turned every now and again!