Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday 31 March 2012

For Your Consideration

Part two of the meme I mentioned in my Februrary post was the nomination of some versatile blogs and their talented owners - which I'm intrepreting to mean, blogs that I like and that you may like too. I'm going to cheat a little and limit my selection to four, else we'll be here all day - and in any case, many of my favourites had already been tagged. I hope you enjoy these, and don't forget to say hello while you're there!

First up is Contemplating The Divine, run by Servitor. In the somewhat crowded field of captioned photos, he stands out for me mainly because of his exceptional wit. It's hard to be both sexy and funny, but he pulls it off - if you'll excuse that expression - with verve. If you've ever thought to yourself, what's so clever about captioning pictures? - head on over to his blog and find out. And if you happen to share his Anne Hathaway obsession, then you're in for a treat!

Next is Rohrstock-Palast, run by Ludwig and his partner Kaelah. Not only is it unusual in that you get to see both halves of this spanking couple - but each of them writes regularly too, which makes for a suprisingly different dynamic. Their posts are fascinating, thoughtful and refreshingly frank, and they always take the time to engage with visitors and reply to comments at length.

Third is Another Country, whose owner OldFashionedGirl - let's call her OFG for short - benefits from being a professional writer. OFG's blog is unassuming and yet hugely engaging, as she muses warmly and wittily on - well, on lots of things that, if they don't already have a spanko theme, seem magically to develop one within the space of a few well-chosen words. She's also a huge fan of historical periods (the 'other country' alluded to her in the name of her blog), and is writing a novel that I'll definitely be looking out for.

Finally we've got Au fil des Jours...', which my schoolboy French sadly doesn't translate for me. But no matter - owner Stan E is perfectly bilingual and always happy to chat to British readers. He was also, I think, the first blogger ever to publish one of my pictures (along with a French version of the text); so he must be some kind of visionary ;). But seriously, he has an eye for a striking image and many of those he posts I've never seen anywhere else - which when you think about it is a rare thing. He's also an artist himself, and every now and again will treat us to one of his own works.

Now, I know what you're saying: 'Recommending other blogs is all very well, Undy. But when are you going to do some more drawing?' Well, I am - and just to prove it, here's a tiny taste of some work in progress.

What do you suppose these two women are finding so wickedly entertaining? Find out soon(ish)!