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Friday 28 May 2010

What Is It About Spanking Art?

I like spanking photos. I like spanking stories. I like spanking videos (especially those old Nu West/ Leda ones in which merciless prototype soccer moms hairbrush their hubbies in grainy black and white).

But most of all, I like spanking art - making my own, looking at other people's, and then looking at it some more. Although Sardax is a personal favourite, I find I get a kick out of just about anybody's F/M work - even, and in fact sometimes particularly, where it wouldn't be regarded as technically great.

Hopefully, since you're in here, you also get something special out of the medium - and can help me figure out what it is that gives us that extra little frisson when we come across it.

I have some ideas, but I'm hoping you'll indulge me by letting me know yours first.
Do you have a special preference for artwork? If so, why do you think that is?


  1. Hi Underling:

    Love your new illustration! Your blog is very unique in that you provide your own artwork. I have to scrounge around the net seeking other people's artwork to post.

    FemDom art is very different than a photograph and preferable in many ways. It should be realistic but it doesn't have to be photographic in it's realism. It idealizes things to an extent and makes the people in the picture an abstraction where a photograph tends to be a little too "real". I have a huge store of photos on my hard drive from years gone by. Most are of prodommes. But I found they didn't work all that well for my blog because they were too personal. They work well for my posts about professional domination. That's about it. When I discovered the Museum of FemDom Art I knew I had struck pay dirt. The illustrations I found there worked much better as images to accompany my posts about lifestyle domination and other subjects.

    As for what it is I love most about FemDom art or what style in particular I like best it is hard to say. I love both Sardax and Namio Harukawa. They have very different styles and tend to explore different subject matter.

    I was/am also a huge fan of Leda/NuWest! I have a large number of Leda films on video tape that I recently converted to DVD as well as many old issues of Ma'am magazine that I am reluctant to throw away.

    Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. I've often wondered the same thing; as much as I love pictures and videos, drawings and cartoons have a special effect on me. Could it be because artwork invites the viewer to imagine himself in the story?

  3. HMP, thanks for the support. It is pretty hard work, this draw-it-yourself business!

    Glad you like the picture too. After you mentioned the appeal of a short skirt, I thought no skirt might be even better. To me, while the woman is wearing anything more than her man, she's on top :)

    I agree with your points about artwork too. I'll come back to it in another post.

  4. Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Agreed that it's somehow easy to project yourself into a drawing, but I'm still not quite sure why that is!

  5. MR Underling
    I think that you will find the answer to your question in your own drawings.

    The one above features an attractive couple.The woman is pretty but normal looking. She doesnt look like a porn star in otherwords.

    She is dressed casually in an old shirt. But has it sexily tied up to reveal midriff[ i love it when a woman shows a few inches of midriff]. And she is in her panties.

    The reason that i like this artwork so much is that there is very little photos of this type on the internet.Most photos on the internet are full of fat and unattractive men being beaten by snarling leatherclad dominatrixes.

    I have nothing against dominatrixes. But for those of us who are interested in Wife Led Marriages and also are attracted to "girl next door " women who dress normally, there are surprisingly few photos of interest.

    And your artwork is very realistic so that it is as good ,if not better, than a photo.

    Since you obviously are interested in things like spanking and CFNM and Wife-Led Marriages it shows in your artwork.

    A lot of femdom sites and CFNM sites seem to be run by porn companies that are just trying to make a buck.

    Your sincere interest in CFNM makes the artwork more genuine. The artwork you create is obviously artwork that you find erotic. So it goes without saying that others will find it erotic as well. You're not just playing to femdom stereotypes.

    I think that your artwork strike the right balance. Your women are pretty but are not the "hot" porno star type . Your males are the same.

    And while your males have a humbled humiliated look on thier faces they are not cringing in fear. And while the women have mischivous grins and smug looks on their faces they dont come across as mean spirited or overly cruel women.

    They just seem like women who are having playful fun at their husbands expense .

    I think that artwork like yours fills a bit of a void.

    Thanks again for your hard work on this blog MR Underling

  6. Agree, love spanking art,


  7. Show us an average woman taking care of her boy in any medium and I enjoy it. My husband introduced me to this and now I enjoy it and admire the artist who created it.

  8. Art allows the imagination to wonder, and dream, where as the reality of a picture is in most cases totally staged.
    Your art work is great. Thanks for sharing with all readers...

  9. BOB, thanks again. Glad to see you're online again! Agreed that I produce what appeals to me and just hope that it pushes other people's buttons too. But remember, overweight and unattractive men need discipline too :)

    Rachel, thanks for your comment. I get something from all different media too - this just happens to be my favourite.

  10. Ron,thanks for stopping by. I think we all share that sentiment. :)

    Red, I could almost have named this drawing after you! Yes, I think it's at least partly about leaving space for the imagination. Although stories do that pretty well too.

  11. MR Underling
    I would just like to add that any artwork ,no matter what the subject matter is designed to capture emotions. With your average pornography [ photo of a naked woman ] thats not as important as it is in a drawing that is not only trying to depict a scene, but also to tell a larger story.

    For instance the drawings that you do help the viewer picture what happened before and after the scene that you drew.

    For instance the female artist above is drawing a picture of the spanked man. The drawing tells you a larger story and also lets your imagination run wild about how she spanked him .

  12. I love your site and art, Underling! Any chance of more medical related spankings or an older, matronly woman ging an adult male a dressing down and spanking? Keep up the great work!

  13. Anon, thank you. I'd say there's a good chance of more medical-style spankings, and an even better one of some older ladies!

    Keep an eye out and I'll see what I can do.

  14. Art work is all about emotional power rarely seen in photos; such power can be communicated by wifely dress, husbandly undress in the context of full cooperation. Both partners commit to meeting the needs of the other, to expressing emotions in loving discipline and submission.

    On another level, emotional power becomes the arena of (1) the artist communicating to the viewer and of (2)the viewer supplying certain interpretive, personalized elements.


  15. All of the above is true, I believe. Good spanking art captures an instant of fantasy created by te artist. If the picture, like the right combination of words in a story, strikes the viewer's inner world, it becomes indelible and lives over and over in the viewer's dreamings. Seldom does a photo produce such an effect, and when it does it seems to do so by accident, which is the opposite of how an artist or a writer divines his/her work. For example, I remember of photo from a 1940s collection where the woman is turning to look at her escort(whose back is to the camera) in a crowded smoky bar. She is good looking, with strong legs, and her expression, framed by her short dark hair wafting across his face, tells me she is pissed off and will punish him with a spanking. The shot was pure accident, but the image is etched in my memory.

  16. Hi Anon. Very nicely put, thank you!

    I too have pictures that I return to again and again, without even necessarily understanding what it is about them that affects me so much.

    Such are the wonderful complexities of our brains. :)

  17. She could be painting on a whim to capture him in all his hot bottmedness.Or she might have reddened his bottom intentionally.Just recently I have been having exciting fantasies about households that have otherwise normal photos on the wal except for in each the Womyn are all clothed and the men naked.

    All the best Femsup

  18. Hi Femsup.

    I like to think the paddling was done as part of setting up the scene, in the same way you might arrange a vase of flowers.

    I Like your idea of a houseful of pictures as you describe. It's taking all these types of fantasies, and creating a world where they are 'normal', that I try to do.

  19. I must say you really strike a chord with your work.Yes love the objectification of that of Her using the male just like a still life.

    All the best Femsup

  20. I find your art work to be extrodinarilly good. I've placed some of it on my blog, I hope you don't mind as I've linked here.

    There is just something special about artwork that only partially tells the story and lets the mind imagine the before and the after, you've captured that in you fine pieces.

    I can only ask that you continue your endeavor and let us all appreciate the emotions that your artwork inspires.

    Well done, and thank you!

  21. HerKnee, thank you. I'm very glad my stuff strikes a chord with you, and of course I don't mind you reposting it: I'm grateful and flattered! As I say somewhere on the blog, as far as I'm concerned my work belongs to everyone. I've had a lot of pleasure from other people's art and writing over the years, and I'm only too happy to give a little back to our community.

  22. I just discovered Underling's drawings, which show great skill and imagination.

    It seems to me that quality erotic artwork is more deeply arousing because art goes more quickly to the unconscious mind. It bypasses the intellect at first and goes right to the emotions. I read once that studies showed that birdwatchers can identify birds much more quickly if they use a guidebook with paintings of birds rather than photographs. Something like this happens with erotic art as well.

    While I like to see cartoons of men being spanked, my particular interest is imagery of men receiving anal stimulation from women--being anally fingered, licked, or penetrated with dildos, including strap-ons. I prefer images of consensual, loving scenes, though female anal domination art is fun. The artist Kami Tora is particularly good in that regard.

    I'd like to see how Underling would handle scenes of women getting into men's asses. How about a honeymoon/wedding night scene, with the bride in white lingerie and a white leather strap-on, taking the groom's anal cherry?

  23. Hi WD, and welcome. Glad you found the blog.

    Interesting theories about how artwork addresses the subconscious. That sounds feasible to me.

    I'm afraid we don't really do anal here, intriguing as your scenario sounds! But I'm a big fan of Kami Tora too, and yes - he's produced lots of stuff on that theme.

  24. What about a man masturbating while being spanked, at the moment of ejaculation? That's in the spanking category.

  25. Hiya WD. It sure is! Just a little too explicit for my style, unfortunately. But thank you!

  26. Recently discovered your art - very very good. I agree with some comments above that it is far more erotic to see "ordinary" people in these scenes - and nothing too OTT. Ordinary situations extended just a few steps into fantasy can be very exciting. One of my favourites which I would love to see drawn is a situation where a Government initiative requires that randomly selected men are monitored medically in a nation-wide study. Women are invited to submit their husbands or partners or others as study subjects. All types and ages are required, and the men have no say, of course. The men are booked into the local Health Clinic for a session, and are to be accompanied by their "sponsor" throughout the visit. There might be a dozen or so men at a typical session. Their sponsors are taken to a small hall and invited to sit in the row of chairs along one wall of the gymnasium while to men are sent off to prepare. The women are of all ages from 25 to 60+ and of varying backgrounds, and begin to chat between themselves. Many have brought their own husbands, but some have brought a junior work colleague or a neighbour or a son-in-law, or even a friend's husband. The doors at the end of the hall open and the men, now all stripped naked except for socks and trainers, are led in by females in white coats, one per man. These women are not nurses or physios, but are lay volunteers specifically trained to carry out the prescribed tests. One of the operatives puts all of the men in a group through a warm-up routine for about five minutes while the women sit and watch. The Operatives all then select a man each and call his sponsor over to talk about his general health etc., while he stands with them panting. Each operative then exercises her man, while his wife, etc., watches and comments as necessary. All combinations are there. A business woman of 40 watches one of her team, a fit lad of 22 being stretched and exercised by a 60 year old operative. A woman of 55 has brought along her friend’s slightly podgy husband of 60 and watches him put through his paces by a 25 year old girl, his penis and testicles jumping as she works him, etc., etc. At the end of the session, the men have to line up to wait their turn to be photographed by a young woman photographer against a blank screen, standing to attention, back, front and sideways, while the women sponsors again chat together about the spectacle they have just witnessed. Throughout the proceedings, various additional women wander in and out – no privacy here. A woman from the office with a phone message, the tea-girl, etc. Lots of potential drawings here I think.

    1. Anon, so sorry. A new comment led me to this post and I realised I'd never replied to yours!

      Thanks for taking the time to detail such a deliciously squirmy fantasy. You're right - lots of inspiration in there!

  27. how about a nude boy and a girl being spanked together by their mother??
    Would love to see that

    1. Hi Anon, and thanks for your comment - but don't hold your breath ;). While boys may be spanked by their mothers here - so long as they are full-grown 'big boys', of course - girls of all ages seem to get off scot-free!

  28. As much as I enjoy Leda ladies in action or vixen ladies for that matter your one hand clapping is quite possibly the best example of fm spanking ever . Art allows that something extra a photo or a video cannot,it captures a certain something that encapsulates all that we seek

    1. Thanks, Steve. That's high praise indeed for 'One Hand Clapping'. Although I could never better some of the F/M artwork out there, I hope animation is a differentiator for me - you don't see very much of it other than very basic .gifs.

  29. Lovely picture. There is no ambiguity about what she is wearing on her lower half. Not half of a swimsuit, not ghastly unisex CK briefs, not thank goodness a thong but charming lace edged panties. Its a detail I know but important to those of us captivated by the feminine underwear of the past. Is he looking back at the lace front panel wondering if she is going to put him in them later?......Kevin B


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