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Monday 9 April 2012

Something Old, Something New, Someone Belted Black And Blue

Those of you familiar with the agonisingly slow pace of my output won't be surprised to hear that commissions are not really my thing. It's pretty much all I can do to maintain this blog - or pretend to - without making promises to produce other stuff on the side.

So when regular visitor QBuzz asked me about the possibility of drawing something to order, my initial reaction was, reluctantly, to decline. However, when Q further mentioned that it was to mark his upcoming wedding, the culmination of a blissful spanko relationship with his fiancee - and because he came across as such a damned nice bloke - I found it harder to resist.

Q sent me a wish list of elements to include, but was kind enough not to be too prescriptive - so I got to have some fun exercising my imagination too.

Now, like many spanking artists this isn't my first wedding - but I liked the idea of this one because it involves real people, fellow kinksters among them. The bride, the groom, their mothers and the maid of honour hopefully all bear some resemblance to their real-life counterparts. The situation, to the best of my knowledge, played out only in Q's imagination!

Warmest congratulations to both of you, QBuzz - hope you like the picture.


  1. Nicely done, Undie!

    And best wishes to the happy couple.

  2. Underling,

    Commissions may not be your thing (in your opinion) but keep in mind that one often has to wait if they want quality! The piece you did for me, "The Cuckold Spanking", is still one of the most viewed posts on my blog (

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Excellent Underling. Perfect the scene is inspiring.

  4. I think this piece is wonderful. It's just what I have in mind. How special that all the relevant ladies can take part in this blessed ritual! Oh, if only I had my dream come true....

    Thanks for all you do for our community!


  5. Delicious beginning to a wonderful match!

  6. RedRump, Suzanne, mysster, kujhawker, Content, thank you for your comments. :)

    Suzanne, it's good to know that post has attracted so many hits. I wish I had the time and dedication to do more commissions!

  7. Wonderful picture Underling. Best wishes to the happy couple.


  8. Excellent work as usual Underling!! Now for a cold shower, or maybe just a shower. Thanks for all your efforts. JayJay

  9. Thank you so much for this Underling, it really is a beautiful piece of work. We love it. I second Suzanne in that work this good is well worth waiting for!

  10. Awesome Underling! A truly beautiful and inspiring piece of art! The video camera is a lovely, subtle little touch. Great to see fabulous new Femdom art on your site again! :-)

  11. Its a very lovely ritual.I think the grooms mother is standing at right intrigued as to how he is taking it.The seated mother of the Bride is pressing her bag into her lap to assuage a wetness there. The Bride and her best freind who is filming his first belting (at least whilst married) I think will joyfully document their loving relationship and the continuation of the families traditions of male subservience and Female domination.


  12. Ronnie, JayJay, HMP, Femsup, thanks as ever for the nice words. I really appreciate your feedback and support.

    Q, although I had to think twice about accepting your request I'm glad I did, and even happier that the end result pleased you so much. So thank you for asking! ;)

  13. Hey, I thought that, traditionally, the bride and groom aren't even supposed to see one another on their wedding day until the ceremony has started, much less having the bride belt-whipping her future husband's bare behind in front of several other smug ladies.

    So will this strapping be part of the couple's official wedding video, since the maid of honor is clearly taping it?

    "Here's the part where I made sure your seat was sore during the ceremony, honey..." --C.K.

  14. On our anniversary in March my husband and I renewed our Domestic Discipline Agreement. I plan on perfecting our FLR and renewing our wedding vows in this manner next year. I'm slowly networking and becoming aquainted with like minded women. Believe it or not I've already found a like minded female minister to administer our vows!

  15. really nice drawing underling. spankings of new husbands has always been a fantasy of mine. thank you.

  16. Underling-
    Great pic and great post to go along with it.

    As some who have commented have indicated, I think that this is a common fantasy among many of the guys. I know it is for me. In fact its likely that Ms. Cora and I will 'tie the knot' in January. Cora's daughter will be the High Priestess and she is very well aware of our arrangement. I am guessing that a few of our FLR friends may attend, too. So a post-ceremony spanking in a private room could easily happen.

  17. I must say I'm loving these comments! My original interpretation was that the groom was being belted for some misdemenour during the ceremony (breaking wind, messing up vows etc) but I'm quite taken with the thought that it could be a standard part of an FLR wedding ceremony. What else should it include?
    Should the groom have to spend the reception in the corner, trousers down and hands on head, while the bride gives a speech recounting his many spankings?
    As well as giving a speech reminding the groom to look after his daughter, should the father-of-the-groom give the young man a spanking too as an extra reminder? Or should it be the groom's mother?
    Is the best man speech replaced by the maid of honour speech? Does she get to do any spanking?
    Does the groom have to remain bare bottomed for the first dance?
    Instead of the garter toss, should the bride throw the groom's trousers/underwear (after all he won't be needing them anymore!)
    Instead of clapping the happy couple as they leave, should each guest give the groom's bottom a good smack?
    Should it be the bride who carries the groom across the threshold? Before consumating the marriage with a nice long pegging session?

  18. CK, I'm sure you're right although as QBuzz clarified, he imagined this taking place mid-ceremony. As for the video, it'll be a miracle if that doesn't end up on YouTube.

    Anon, good for you and your husband for perfecting your vows. And well done for finding a minister willing to help out!

    Tommy, thank you. Always nice to get a compliment from a fellow artist. And I think the F/M wedding is a perennial favourite for a lot of people!

  19. Ken, thanks as ever. It hadn't occured to me that you and Cora might not have tied the knot already. I'd certainly like to be a fly on the wall when it happens!

    Q, glad your idea has generated so much input from visitors. I especially like the idea of the groom being bare-bottomed for the first dance - it's one I was going to include in the continuation of my wedding story - if I ever get around to it!

  20. Love that picture. So full of meaning and message. :)

    1. Thank you very much, UDM. And welcome to the blog!

  21. Dear Underling:

    I have enjoyed your art for years now. Keep up the excellent work. This is a lovely one: my wife would love to be a part of a ceremony like this (on the giving end of course). But I would be too embarrassed to do so, at least in front of others. She's more adventurous than me!


  22. I love this. I picture this occurring immediately after vows are completed, in the privacy of an antechamber, before the reception, dinner, dancing, etc.

    While I would prefer that mom and mother-in-law not be present, I do understand the value of passing this important ritual off to the next generation. I predict a long and happy, mutually supportive, loving and nurturing relationship.

    1. Thank you, Anon. Since this drawing was done at QBuzz's request, the scenario and cast of characters are pretty much as per his specifications - but I'm a fan of witnessed spankings, and I liked the dynamic here.

  23. Harry McDermott12 June 2022 at 15:32

    Your art enhances my life and my imagination. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks very much for commenting, Harry. I'm very glad that my old art is still resonating with people. I really must make the effort to complete and post some new stuff!


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