Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Table Service

Conversation had ceased among the diners at the 'Queen Bee'. Even those patrons who had missed the spilling of the wine, and the outraged protest of Emmeline Hathaway - the restaurant's most prestigious client - had finally been distracted by the unmistakeable sound of a spanking in progress, and thence by the astonishing sight of its half-naked and cringing recipient.

It was only Tony Mendez's second week as a waiter, but already he had earned a reputation for clumsiness and a number of very public tongue lashings from head waitress Julia Mills. This latest incident - especially since it involved such a well known and highly valued customer - had stretched her patience to breaking point. Within moments the young man had found himself stripped of his apron, trousers and underpants and ordered to face the table with his elbows clasped behind his back.

Julia spanked hard and without pause, raising her voice over the sound of the slaps so that she could be heard at every table.

"I'm afraid we're just beginning, Anthony. We're going to get this bottom at least to the colour of the expensive claret you managed to throw over Miss Hathaway's dress - both of which, of course, you'll be paying for out of this month's wages. When we're done here - and we won't be until Miss Hathaway says so - you can spend the rest of the night washing up where you can do less damage. I'm going to stand you in front of the sink exactly as you are now, and I'll have a wooden spoon to hand in case I think you're not being careful enough."

At a nearby table, Helen O'Leary watched the proceedings with an approving smirk. "This reminds me, Peter," she said to her fidgeting companion. "Did you clean up the house today as I asked? Or is another naughty boy going to be having his bare bottom warmed when we get back?"

Peter O'Leary squirmed in his seat. He had been about to ask for the bill, but suddenly he was in no hurry. He had little appetite for the dessert awaiting him at home.


  1. Hi Underling:

    Not only are your drawings excellent but they always have an intriguing back story! It's great to see you are still following your femdom muse to new creative heights! :)

  2. Ah, there's nothing I like more than dinner AND a show...;)


  3. Hello Underling,
    Nicely done indeed. It looks as if Tony is a bit stiff up front there if you ask me. What's up with that? Perhaps it's the humiliation of naked exposure that has him excited, but I'm sure that Julia will spank the starch out of him soon enough. As your blog title suggests he won't be such a big boy for long.
    I like the way Emmeline has her eyes up so she can enjoy seeing the pain on his face. Helen seems quite pleased to have such a ring side seat to the comeuppance and Peter is just sitting there knowing that he will not be sitting down once he's back home. A terrific scene indeed!!!
    Thanks Very Much.............JayJay

  4. I agree, the backstories are excellent, they really enhance your drawings.

  5. Hi HMP and ajr, and thanks for your kind words as usual. Regarding backstory - every picture has one, even when I don't explicitly tell it. The little plots and dialogue come to me while I'm drawing, and in this case I'd had plenty of time since I'd been wrestling with the picture for many weeks!

    I'd had it in mind that the seated guy was simply disturbed by his wife's fascination with the spectacle. Then I decided that they might already be involved in a DD relationship. As to the other waiter - let's call him Joe - he's been there before and is keeping his head down...

    Shannon, you made me laugh out loud. I was struggling a bit with a title for the post. I think 'Dinner And A Show' would have been much better. :)

    JayJay, our hapless waiter does look to have what I'd call a 'semi'. Or it may be just that the 'camera' has caught him in mid swing. If you've ever been spanked standing up, you'll know that things do wobble around a lot. :) Either way, there's not much he can do about it!

  6. another great drawing, with action and reaction everywhere. However, from the angle of so much bottom in the picture, the erection seems to be strong to stick straight out that far. Love the idea accompanying the other couple of a coming spanking when he gets home.

  7. Superb! The expression on Ms Hathaway's face is perfect and I think the menu provides a nice echo of the action.Thanks!

  8. Cheers, Red. Are you saying his penis is too big? Helen O'Leary doesn't think so. ;)

    B-P, thanks for noticing the menu. A few more specials would have been nice, but it was a struggle to come up with all of those!

  9. Even better if he was in chastity device...

    Great pictures! I'll be back.

  10. Great drawing and the public humiliation theme that surrounds it adds a lot of spice to the mix.


  11. Giles, thanks. We don't really do enforced chastity here, I'm afraid, but I'm glad you found some themes to your liking!

    Prefectdt, nice to see you here. Love your blog! Thanks for the comment.

  12. Hello Underling,
    I was just thinking that he's going to have an extremely sore bottom. I mean, claret is deep, deep, dark red. I know from personal experience that the wooden spoon will do the trick quite well. WOW!!!! He'll probably turn black and blue and remain that way for weeks. Serves him right!! Clumsy waiters should all be worried about the Queen Bee!!!


  13. JayJay - for some offences, a rosé coloured bottom isn't enough - only claret will get the message across :).

  14. Hello Underling,
    Hmmmm!! Rose, cabernet , pinot noir, claret , Julia can call on the sommelier to decide when Anthony's bottom has been disciplined to the appropriate shade of red. :) JayJay

  15. JayJay, hee hee. And the sommelier will come running, for fear of getting a little taste of the claret himself!

  16. Humble pie is certainly on the menu.He might need to be paying from his wages for some time.In the new Matriarchy any mal employer can only earn as a maximum one penny less than the lowest earning Female employee.

    I can feel the cold of that sink against my member and the warmth of a wooden spoon against my sore bottom.


  17. Hi Femsup. Yep, humble pie indeed :). Maybe I should have added that one to the specials board!

  18. MR Underling
    Please excuse a very late comment on this drawing . But i just wanted to say it is oneof your better ones.

    I love the uncomfortable look on the sitting husband.and the sly and smug look on his wife's face.

    I have always thought that it would be a good idea for someone to open an upscale resturaunt featuring naked male waiters.

    business women could come in and do business deals while casually oggling the naked hunks.

    Or women could come in for a "Girls night out". Or they could bring their husbands/boyfriends. The husbands would have to sit there humbly and helplessly watch as thier wives oggle the male waiters and watch helplessly as thier wives casually fondle the waiters rear ends,chest,arms and even cock and balls, as the naked waiters served food and drinks to thier table.

    i know that in the UK you have "naked butler" services.Thats a great concept

  19. Hi BOB.

    It's never too late to comment on posts :).

    Glad you liked this picture. It's also one of my favourites, partly because it was a challenge for me to include so many characters, all with some interaction.

    It might please you to know that we'll briefly be back at the Queen Bee in the next part of my wedding story.

    By the way, do we really have 'naked butler' services over here? You learn something new every day!

  20. Mr Underling
    One site is . It has dozens of photos of the butlers who are naked except for a skimpy apron,serving fully dressed women ,food and drinks.
    Happy New Years to you

  21. What a fantastic drawing! Taking up someone elses theme, the venue could be where charity events are held. On specific nights, ladies would pay £50 over the menue price on the basis that they would get a great show. Their husbands would volunteer to be waiters to help support the chosen charity. Ladies who did not bring a volunteer would pay double. The arrangement would be that each waiter would have an accident during the evening, and one of the ladies, not necessarily his own partner, would have him stripped, and give him a good caning in front of all the other guests.

  22. Spanked By Ma'am.......Rambo
    Great Idea.....

  23. Pretty Miss Hathaway is watching the young waiter having big spanks bare botties ,and Peter also will have his when his cute girlfriend takes him home.


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