Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

Here's my first picture post. I call this one 'Late Home'.

I've always been a sucker for a wife/ mother-in-law spanking double team. Possibly because I've never had a real world mother-in-law! :) There's just something appealing to me about that female-led disciplinary tradition passed down through generations of the same family.

Clicking on the pic will give you a bigger version, although I'm still trying to figure out how to make the completely uncompressed images available through Blogger - once I do, I'll update all my posts. Meanwhile if anyone wants a copy of the super sized original, feel free to email me and I'll happily forward it as an attachment (as long as there aren't too many requests). Needless to say, I will NEVER share anyone's email address!

You might have seen this drawing before - I'm afraid I'm going to have to rely partly on my back catalogue for a little while, although there is lots of brand new stuff in the pipeline. This was first published on a couple of blogs some months ago, but I have at least made a cheeky tweak in the meantime. If you're up for a game of spot-the-difference, go and hunt down the original for comparison. First visitor to leave a comment or email me correctly identifying the change wins a custom picture drawn to his or her specifications - um, when I get around to it.


  1. As a proud owner of one of the originals I must say that I am struggling to spot the "tweaks"! I do however want to wish you all the very best with your new Blog. I shall certainly be a keen follower! Do I get my custom piccie now? LOL. Warm regards from your friend CJ.

  2. CJ, as one of those who was kind enough to host my work you're ALWAYS welcome to a custom picture. And since you're not identifying the change, that means the competition is still open.

    I call that win/ win. :)

  3. You changed the curve on the guy's butt.

    My specs for the picture: There's a guy OTK, worn out, sobbing. His disciplinarian has a proprietary hand on his butt. Perhaps she's saying a few comforting words or gently scolding him, but she's also smiling to herself, very pleased with the evening's event.

    And, I like your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your work posted.

  4. Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Some early feedback on the original picture suggested he didn't really HAVE a butt, and I had to agree.

    Well done, ajr, and thanks for playing - and for the positive feedback. :)

    Your picture request duly noted, so keep an eye out for it!

  5. This is a great picture! I hope to see a lot more of your fantasies realized in print.

  6. Anonymous, thanks for the encouragement. Something new this weekend, I promise.

  7. Great drawing! Its great to see a woman teach her daughter how to keep her man in line. I love the fact that the women are dominant ,but not dressed as dominatrixes. The fact that they are dressed normally makes it very realistic. It would be great to see a deawing of a CFNM style,female supremacist wedding.Or the HEN Night before.With the groom helplessly serving as the naked servant as the bridal party enjoys themselves .

    Thank you for your hard work on all of your drawings. Please keep up the good work.

  8. By the way. I do want to add that i love the look of humiliation on the males faces. And the smirks of satisfaction on the women's faces. That aspect really makes the drawings great!

  9. Hi BOB! Glad you found your way here - I remember your nice comments from HMP's site.

    Thanks for your feedback here as well - I think we're coming from a similar place in terms of themes :). I do take on board the things that people say they'd like to see, so I'll add your ideas to the list. I've already got a wedding picture planned - not quite as you describe it, but I hope you'll like it anyway. Needless to say, the promise to obey will be made by the groom!

  10. .... wait - the one not doing the spanking is a woman too ?
    Damn old people - i thought that was a guy for a moment. Some something about the face of that grey haired person looked like a moustache O.O

    Random question on a complete sideline (as I like to spank myself).
    I have been longing to see pictures of like, a teenage girl spanking a much older man (father, grandfather or similar). Not really a request - just a musing. Already read your comments about what you will and wont draw etc.

    Carrying on though - the look of defeat on that guys face IS precious. This is what domestic discipline should be about! No way he's gonna break the rules again any time soon.

  11. Toyloli, hi. If Alice's mother isn't the most feminine of women, I'd still have hoped the nightdress was a giveaway :) Oh, and the post title. (laughs)

    I've no problem at all with drawing a younger woman spanking a much older guy, but definitely no minors. And if you've a request that I thought didn't quite fit the blog, I'd still be happy to have a go and send it to you offline - although the same criteria still apply. Oh, and it would take a while, cos I've a backlog :)


  12. MR Underling
    Im looking forward to your drawing of a wedding. Im sure that it will be great .

    I love the fact that you draw ordinary looking women and men. There are thousands of photos and drawings on the internet showing snarling and angry leatherclad dominatrixes whipping fat and out of shape hairy men.

    But there are almost none showing a woman and her girlfriends dressed casually in a bohemian style knee legth skirt and tank top with her barefeet up relaxing as her naked housband waits on her hand and foot.Or does housework as her and her friends smirk and giggle.Or even just women dressed in comfortable jeans and t-shirts.

    This may sound silly but my dream woman is the inntelligent and confident Gail Trimble of University Challenge. I love seing a woman like that intellectually" conquer" men.

    My favorite scenario is a shy and "nerdy" woman meeting a group of equally nerdy women who are dominant and keep Thier physically fit and trim husbands naked and obedient.I love to picture the look of shock,then intrigue and finally delight as she watches the women order thier naked husbands around and explain the benifits of a wife-led marriage to her.

    Its great to visualise the woman then enslaving her own husband and slowly stripping him naked in front of her girlfriends as they cheer giggle and smirk. And visualising the gleeful look on the wifes face and the defeated ,humiliated and humbled look on the husbands face as she explains "the way things will be from now on" as he humbly hangs his head .And the women congratulate his wife on how "cute and obedient" he is.
    It great to visualise him removing their sandals, so that they can put their feet up and relax ,and fetching them drinks and food.

    Or the look of humiliation on the husband's face as his wife orders him to fetch her and her girlfriends shoes so that they can go on a" Girl's Night Out ", while he stays at home naked and in the kitchen doing chores.

    Or visualising him and the other naked husbands washing the dishes naked as their wives put money in male stripper's g-strings on their "Girls Night Out".

    The reason that i like your drawings so much is that i love the "humbling aspect" more than the pain aspect.i love the look of defeat on the men's faces. And the women arent snarling or angry like a dominatrix. But gleeful and smirking with confidence .

    I love seeing cocky men humbled and put in thier place by confident and feminist women.

    I especially like to see women sharing the experience with other women or mentoring other women like the mother in your drawing.Its great to see or hear about a woman being taught the benifits of a Wife Led Marriage by other women.

    Thank you again for your life-like drawings of normal looking men and women practicing Wife-Led Marriages in normal domestic scenes.

    Im sorry to leave such a long comment. But your type of drawings are sadly rare on the internet. Thank you for your hard work.

  13. Hi BOB.

    Nothing wrong with long comments, my friend. I'm only glad you're inspired to write so much! I don't think you sound silly at all - I'm guessing a lot of men find Ms Trimble's intellect a bit intimidating, and also attractive. Carol Vorderman's another example, I think.

    I'll make a note to illustrate at least one 'nerdy' woman, see if I can come up with something approaching your ideal. I'm sure there must be space for a Gail lookalike in one of my scenarios :). She can look suitably superior while the macho guy - probably of the type who used to bully her at school - gets brought down a peg.

    Like you, I love the theme of women publically undressing their menfolk. Plenty of that to come!

  14. MR Underling
    Im going out of town for a few weeks[ no laptop] , but i look forwrd to catching up with your blog when i come back.

    Im glad that you like the theme of public stripping of men.My one last favorite scenario that i will mention is that i love visualising 3-5 couples of ordinary people. And visualising them argueing about who is the smartest gender ,with the men being typically cocky.

    i love to picture them having a trivia contest in which the women completly defeat the males and win a wager whereby the losers[ the males] have to become the winner's slaves.

    It is great to viualise each of the "nerdy type" women [casually dressed in skirts or sundresses and barefoot. No make up or nail polish . just ordinary ,cute and adorable looking women ] stripping their husbands clothes off ,one peice at a time ,while taunting and mocking him ,while the other wives watch with smug glee.its great to visualise a woman triumphentaly and gleefully holding up her husbands underwear over her head and dancing around with it as he blushes with humiliation.

    As i said , for me its the humbling aspect. The thought of the husbands having to kneel in front of their wives as a large group of neighborhood women look on. And the men having to kiss their wives barefeeet in submission and having to acknowledge their wive's intellectuall superiority over them.

    Maybe if other websites showed more normal women dressed casually in denim skirts or comfy shorts and tanktops or camisols and wearing flip flops or sandals [ instead of leather and highheels], then more women might be interested in the concept of Wife Led Marriages.

    Some women like to dress up in leather. But i dont think that most do. But i think that most women would love to relax while a naked hunk did the housework.

    It would be great if your drawings inspired some women to take charge of their husbands .
    Thank you again for your hard work. and i look forward to catching up with your blog in a few weeks

  15. I love your work. Your drawings when coupled with your writing make for a heady cocktail of female supremacy. I would love to see more on the mother\daughter disciplining husband. Perhaps introducing the poor fellow a few family aunties which he has to Serve?

  16. I also like the idea of mother-in-laws being involved in discipline! I was actually caught out sunbathing in the nude on our patio by mine many years ago, and was made to continue by my wife for an extra half an hour while she was there, “to teach me a lesson”, which they both found very amusing. I of course feigned total embarrassment, but actually found the situation extremely stimulating. I therefore ensured that I was caught again on a regular basis, and both women promoted the idea that it was quite acceptable for women in authority to see a man nude in a variety of situations. This was reinforced by my wife who, when I was sunbathing, would often tell me to go and make a tray of tea and serve them both while naked. This sort of no privacy regime was gradually extended further (at least in fantasy) as time went on. The subject of my health in terms of weight and fitness soon followed. Mother-in-law often seemed to appear on the days that I was due to be measured and weighed and given nude remedial exercises by my wife. She would sit in an easy chair in the corner of the room and watch with interest while I was exercised and stretched until, as usually happened, I was finally caned, panting and sweating, for not having reached the expected targets. More recently this has developed further. When my wife has been away on several occasions visiting old school friends, she has delegated the fitness check-ups to her mother. At such times I am usually required to go to mother-in-law’s house to save her the bother of travelling, and before long, additional women would also happen to be with her, adding to my humiliation. So the final scenes that I picture would be along these lines. The background is in a lounge-diner in an ordinary semi. The dining furniture has been pulled back to give exercise space on the wooden floor and on the table which is against the wall. The man involved is about 45 and obviously overweight, and his mother-in-law is in her mid to late 60s. There are two friends of the mother-in-law there. One is about the same age as her and the other about ten years younger. Finally, there is a girl of about 25 who is wearing a tracksuit. She is the daughter of the younger of the friends, and is a fitness trainer and has been co-opted in as a favour to help the son-in-law lose weight. The older women sit in the lounge area in arm chairs which have been turned round to face the dining area. The older women are drinking cups of tea and there is a plate of biscuits nearby. At the side of the room there is a tape measure and a crooked handled cane on the seat of a dining chair. The girl is weighing the man who is stripped naked and obviously red and exhausted after a hard exercise session, and she frowning as she makes notes on a clipboard she is holding. The final scene of course would be that the girl has reported that the man has not achieved the targets set at their last session. All four women have discussed what the appropriate punishment should be, and then perhaps the mother-in-law watches as the man bends over with his hands on a dining chair in the nude, his shoulders being held by the girl, as the two older women take turns to give him the caning they have decided he needs!

  17. Nothing like being spanked by two women unless is is three, like my step mon and two step sisters....Hot

  18. Oh, dear. Look at me, only just getting around to responding to comments from months back.

    Bigsur, I do have a special fondness for this story since it was one of the first I wrote. Maybe we'll revisit this unusual little family unit at some point.

    Anon, thanks for your detailed scenario. I love it!

    Spanked By Ma'am, welcome to the site and thanks very much for your comments on this and so many other posts. Forgive me for not replying to them all individually, but they are appreciated!

  19. In 1978 I moved to London to work and used to go to Soho to search for spanking material and sometimes to visit a walk up and get a spanking.There was a little bookshop at the end of Greek st where I found some rare fm books and two old films. I went into the shop and a chunky woman mid twenties was behind the counter,trimming a leather paddle with a sharp blade,she looked up and sharply in a thick accent asked me what I wanted.
    I stammered a reply that I wanted some films gestured to the wall.
    I browsed a few minutes and picked up a cameo classic fm film punished peeper, I took it to the counter she regarded it and then picked up the paddle and asked me did I want the paddle as well. I was taken aback by her attitude and don't know where I got the nerve but I asked if I could try it first. of course she replied and gestured me to go thru the curtain into a store room. "take down jeans and bend over" I was in a daze but did it . Whop whop
    Whop Whop Whop Whop "Ok you like?" My erection told its own story to be cont

  20. She traced her fingersup and down my stiff dick still in my tight white briefs and round my scrotum her other hand rubbed and stroked my tingling cheeks, I had never experienced a woman being this interactive and assertive.
    "where you live?x she asked"Shoreditch" I gasped" about 2 1/2miles east"
    "you got nice house?" I told her I had a flat 1 bed living/kitchen room bathroom
    "So you got plenty room I sleep on sofa with friends" she whined and firmly gripped my cock.
    "I stay with you ? You bad boy need lots of spanks, I give you plenty ok?"
    Like a man in a trance I agreed then I ventured to ask if we would share a bed a sharp slap on the top of my thighs " You bad boy bend over" The paddle fell 6 more times I stood up cock nearly bursting out of my briefs she gripped it again "maybe, if you are good and take your spanks ,maybe"
    I am stood in a storeroom jeans round my ankles bum tingling stiff cock on under her spell.
    I wrote my address nearest tube easy directions . "ok I come after work 8 o clock you go now and clean flat I no like dirty place!"
    I went in a trance got home and tidied up and had a shower looked in the mirror at my bum nothing to see had I had some sort of mental aberration?
    8.30 the entry fone buzzer sounded "Is Katya!" So it was true I rushed to the main door she stood there with two cases I picked them up and led her to the flat."Is clean? It best be or you going to be sore" She went around looking and quickly returned she stood in front of me and her hand undidy jeans " you lazy boy bathroom dirty now you get spanked then you go clean again. I meekly bent over her lap about two minutes of moderate even paced spanking left me rosy red stinging and very hard! To be brief I didnt meet the standard and got another moderate spanking and a night of vigorous sex. For about a week my long held fantasy came to life with nightly spankings from my 'guest' xand lots of sex.Then she said het mother needed to come and stay a few weeks. I was concerned about my idyll being stopped. "no silly boy mamo knows about bad boys you have two ladies smacking you now!"
    She arrived to be cont.

  21. She arrived on Saturday morning about 7 am Katya was off to work ,I worked Mon to Fri only, Katya gave me a kiss and informed me mamo was in charge!
    She spoke better english than Katya ,heavily accented, and I got on with cleaning the flat, my bottom knew the ill effects of any dirt!
    Mamo said she was cooking a goulash and sent me to the shops for the necessary bits. I returned to find a stool in the middle of the room and mamo holding a tissue with dirt on it. "You dirty boy not clean top of doors! Now strip off you get spanking offa me!
    I was both stunned and excitedshe was an older chunkier version of Katya. I stripped to my briefs and came back into the room, mamo was sat onthe stool on the table was the kitchen timer she motioned me to her side picked up the timer wound it to 5 mins set it on the table, " get over my laps! You get slaps until clock rings". that was the conversation .I stretched over her lap (she was about 5'2" I am 6'3") .She pushed the button on the timera and began to slap 1 per second after about 2 mins she stopped and paused the clock then pulled my tighty whites down to mid thigh pushed the start again and recommenced spanking me.
    That Bell was a godsend I was blubbering and begging for last minute but as I looked back to plead a stony face concentrating on
    reddening my cheeks left me with no hope. to be cont

  22. She continued until the timer chimed then courtly pushed me of she informed me I was to remain in my briefs for the rest of the day. Katya came home about 8 and seeing my state of undress surmised mamo had spanked me ,she asked why and was shown the evidence. "So you know I like clean flat why you don't clean properly? Go fetch paddle .Now!" I scurried off to bedroom came back with the leather paddle she sat on the stool. "I will give you 30 hits then mamo will give you30 hits you bad you learn!"
    So the full 60 swats were delivered otk on 2 laps and I was sent to bed . Katya came to bed later and we had awesome sex,I was in heaven. About 10 days later we were visited by police officers who had an interpol warrant for Katya and mamo they were absconders from Italy where they were involved in cigarette smuggling. I was exonerated of any involvement and went back to my solitary existence.Oh by the way that film I bought was about a man who spies on his 2 female neighbors and gets soundly spanked by the two of them, I know exactly how he felt!

  23. The idea of being spanked by my mother-in-law arouses me a lot. Maybe that would be a proper way to deal with those mother-in-law jokes many people (mostly men) make.

  24. I'm sure there are plenty of mothers-in-law who would welcome the opportunity to bring their daughters' men down a peg or two, Simcor. And certainly no shorage of sons-in-law who'd deserve it! :)

  25. A slightly different twist to the theme here that I thought would be of interest. My introduction to and original interest in femdom situations emanated from having a 50 something female doctor as my primary care physician from the time I was in my late 30s. I can say with embarrassed confidence there is no part of my anatomy she has not poked, probed or visually inspected in the 12 years I have been seeing her. A few years back her newly minted doctor daughter joined the practice. As I quickly learned the first time I had an appointment with her, she is distinctly more thorough than her mom. It only took one annual physical for all my body parts to be exposed for her inspection.

    1. Curious Anon, what is it about your situation having a female doctor that sparked your interest in femdom? Thanks. Piper

    2. Medical femdom is certainly a popular fantasy, Anon - not least, of mine! It's never occurred to me to build a scenario around a mother/ daughter medical team, but that is rather delicious. I hope you were able to, ahem, keep yourself under control during your exam!

    3. Piper, to answer your question. Clearly it is the fact that in her office she is in complete control over the situation and by extension of me. Both women are nothing but professional. but by the very nature of the interaction her role is to tell me the patient to do something, my role boils down to following/obeying that direction.

      I don't know how else to say it. When I'm told to take off my clothes I go in the exam room or behind the screen and take off my clothes. What are the options.

  26. I wonder why in all these mother-in-law things father-in-law is never included. Why can't father-in-law get a spanking from mother-in-law while son-in-law and daughter watch and then son-in-law can get his. If the bride comes from a spanking family that seems only natural to me.

    1. Eric, during the account I posted before I complied my mil said if I didn’t comply she would call her husband, I thought letting her strap me wouldn’t be such a big deal, I wax way wrong , I was embarrassing and very painful and I can’t imagine what getting it from him would have been like. There was nothing erotic about this I felt like a child and while I think I might have had an erection while she was scolding me but when that strap landed the excitement was replaced by a desire to get away . I was really worried that some one would come home and see or hear me getting spanked. I never knew for sure if she told anyone about this.

  27. While most accounts of mothers in law dishing out bare bottoms spankings to sons in law are most likely fantasy . For many years before the internet I was confused and embarrassed by a very real confrontation with my wife’s mom. I had heard stories from my wife’s siblings about her mother’s strap. After a series of warning which I ignored, Mom confronted me about a long list of incidents that she felt I needed to be punished for. After some half hearted attempts on my part to change her mind I copitulated. I thought let’s get this over . Before I knew what had hit me , she had my pants down and had me secured bent over a dresser where she strapped me until I was begging for mercy . She left me with behind and legs welts and aflame . I couldn’t sit without squirming that night at dinner . My wife has been spanking me ever since , decades now

  28. On a rather different MIL scenario, it is a tradition in our family to give underwear as birthday and Christmas presents to members of the family who are not directly related ie MIL, son in law, etc. I know several other friends who do the same. In our household, it is required, if requested, for the recipient to have to "model" the present for the giver, to show their gratitude. It is now the norm for my MIL to require me to do this on every birthday and Christmas, much to the amusement of my wife! This is always done in private, perhaps when the others are out. When we are alone, she calls me in, and announces that she want to "have a look" at me trying on my new briefs. I'm sent to my bedroom and told to remove all of my clothes and put on a pair and await her arrival. She usually leaves it 5 minutes or so just to get me on edge. When she comes into the bedroom she takes a seat and instructs me to parade around for her to see the effect. I then have to come close so she “can check if they fit well”, which means she pulls and prods all around. She always buys me two or three pairs, and insists I strip and change into the others while she watches, or even some times assists me by taking my pants down and fitting the next pair on as if I was incapable of doing this myself. Finally, she makes me take off the last pair so that she “can have a general look at me” for whatever reason. Again I am made to turn this way and that at her instruction while she watches, and usually does a gentle but thorough inspection of my penis and scrotum “just to see if everything is alright”, and ends with a couple of casual but fairly hard slaps to my bottom, “just to keep you in line” before I am finally allowed to get dressed. My wife knows about this whole routine, but thinks it is perfectly acceptable and just some harmless fun that her Mother is quite within her rights to enjoy!


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