Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Do Your Bit If You Want To Sit

Those of you who remember me (because, yes, it's been quite a while!) may also remember my stepsister Wanda Ling, who's now been working at the female-led OSIRIS company for almost six years. When I say 'working', of course, it's in the loosest sense of the word - having risen through the ranks of OSRIS's all-woman management team, from what I can gather Wanda still spends most of her day dishing out any real work to her male underlings, and dishing out discipline to those of them who don't come up to scratch. It's clear from her emails that the latter is still her favourite part of the job, but no surprises there - she always did have an unashamedly sadistic streak.

Apparently progress has been slipping of late and a couple of projects have gone over budget, so things have been hotting up somewhat for the male employees while the plans are brought back on track - all of their Christmas leave was cancelled and there's now some serious micro-management going on, including unannounced spot checks and plenty of at-desk motivation provided for those who need it.

Not that Wanda minds putting in the extra effort, of course - she's always happy to swing into action, so long as it's a disciplinary implement that she's swinging. She's been sending weekly slogans to her team, too, by way of encouragement: 'When productivity drops, trousers are sure to follow'; 'Missed deadlines lead to hot cane lines'; and finally, 'Do your bit if you want to sit'. I think that last one might need some work, but I'm not about to tell her that - I'm meeting her for lunch next week, and I'm not keen to have my behind slapped in public. Again.

Anyway, Wanda's even shared her latest poster with me, and asked whether I'd feel inclined to work harder after seeing it.

I had to admit I would. Wouldn't you?


  1. Thank you for posting once again. Welcome back. Why the shock on the two lads faces in the distance. Do they not know company policy and motivational principles? Great expression of determination on the face of the lass on the right.

    1. Thanks, Femsup.

      I think the guys watching through the window are both new apprentices. They'd been hoping for a reprieve until at least
      tomorrow - if they'd been able to work through the night, they might have been able to get their current tasks completed.

      Unfortunately since their office is just along the corridor it looks like they'll be next in line for a motivational management team visit, so time's up and you can bet their names are on that clipboard.

      They'll still be working through the night, of course - it's just that they'll be standing up to do it!

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  2. Welcome back, Underling!
    Your art is as good as ever. It would be a shame to waste it.
    When you meet with Wanda next week, please confess that you have been slacking off and see if she can give you some motivation on your bottom. My slogans are:
    When you do not draw,
    You shall lose your drawers!
    When you do not write
    You shall feel the cane's bite!
    Hopefully Wanda can check the blog frequently to assure that you are living up to your potential. After all she is there to make sure you can succeed.

    1. Thanks very much, Verna!

      I really liked your slogans, but let's just keep those between us if we may - I'm sorry my posts have been so few and far between of late, but believe me when I say that Wanda doesn't need any encouragement to dish out additional spankings to anyone. Besides, she doesn't even know this blog exists and I've been kind of hoping she'd never stumble across it - but I just typed "Wanda Ling" and "OSIRIS Techworks" into Google, and guess which site came up?

      Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

    2. I'm sure she'll get to the bottom of this sooner or later! LOL

  3. Welcome back! Very good to see you and your art again!

    I have every sympathy with the boy on the left therel. It's soo hard to type accurately, with somepone looking at the screen as you do it - don't you find.? II get all self-conscious and nervous and I finf i just startt maki9ng all sortso mistakkes, qq, hitting keys almost randomly, and then of course AAAAH! the cane across my knuckles OWW! doesn't help, and - weaagll, it juST all goes wwron g,.


    Thank you, Ma'am.


    1. Thanks, Servitor. You made me laugh out loud as usual :).

      Back in the day I attended an IT course run by a beautiful tutor who made a similar observation when I was messing up my typing while she was looking over my shoulder: "It's because I'm watching you." Yes, I thought, yes, it is; also, because I've fallen in love with you and your boobs are touching the back of my neck.

      That same tutor at one point playfully threatened to spank another student - but never, sadly, me.

  4. Yes! Great to have you back Undie. First Banjo and now you, this has been a good week :)
    The art is great. The guy getting the cane is certainly the office cutie - I'm sure he's doomed to high levels of disciplinary action no matter how hard he works!

    1. Thanks Q, and hello and Happy New Year to you :).

      I did notice that Banjo has also posted for the first time in a while - great to see some others resurrecting their blogs.
      I miss RedRump's art, and I'm hoping he'll pop up again too at some point.

      I think you're right about the guy being caned in my picture, although I don't think any of the men will be getting off scot-free - those ladies need to fill their days somehow!

  5. Great to see you back. I hope it's going to be on a regular basis again. Your artwork is fantastic along with your storylines. Please don't disappear again for another year.
    You and Banjo back , like old times.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Hands. I can't promise to post frequently, but I do have two or three other works reasonably close to completion so I'll try to pick up the pace.

      It feels really nice to be engaging with everyone again, so that's powerful encouragement. :)

  6. I think he is going to have to learn to type with his nose because I can see a palm caning in his future.I hope those two new lads are not hoping to go for a toilet break during the evening. Femsup

  7. Welcome back. We've really missed you.

  8. Welcome back Undie ,and thanks for another great , amusing and innovative post.

    1. Hi there Glenmore, and thanks for the nice comment. Not only have I not been posting, but I haven't been visiting you guys' blogs of late either. I must rectify that and catch up with everyone else's posts!

  9. Underling, your illustrations are like surprise gifts to all of us who appreciate your unique talent. I miss RedRump too...never knew what happened to him. But thrilled to have you back...thank you.

    1. Thank you very much, Strap51. 'Surprise gifts' - I like that.

      I'd like to be a bit more regular and a bit less surprising, but it's really gratifying to know this stuff is appreciated when it does get posted.

  10. Great to see you back. And happy that you've missed it also. Maybe we'll see you more often now! Great work.

    sissy paula

    1. Thanks, paula. Honestly, the most pleasurable part of the process is posting the finished product and witnessing people's enjoyment of it - the actual drawing can occasionally feel like a chore. But we can't have one without the other. :)

  11. So wonderful to see you again Underling! Your art and stories have been an inspiration to my wife... Wait a minute. Can you go away for a bit more please? Just kidding, of course... Hope all is well with you!

    1. Thank you! All is great with me. Best wishes to you and your wonderfully strict wife - I hope I can continue to inspire both of you.

  12. Excellent to see you back at the drawing board again, and producing entertaining and titillating art and accompanying story lines. Hope that you continue more regularly, and have someone in your life to add a few stripes to your bottom like Wanda if you slack off from producing such gems
    bottoms up

    1. Hello there Red, and thanks for the words of encouragement! I hope I continue more regularly too. :)

  13. Awesome to see you back, mate (sorry I missed your post until today!).

    Love the artworks! My favourite part is the gorgeous summery-looking young lady with her sunglasses on her head supervising the very nervous young man as he types. Talk about difficult to concentrate!

    I also really like QBuzz's idea of the "office cutie" boy who unfairly seems to attract even more "attention" than his colleagues, too.

    1. Thanks, Banjo. Yes, I think having that lady look over your shoulder would be a distraction in all sorts of ways.

      Great to see you posting again too. :)

  14. Hey Underling.

    Great to see you back for the new Year and as ever a lovey piece of art! It's all very efficient at Osiris now the women have taken over.I have to say that my change in role from team manager to photocopying boy is very inteesting. I keep geting punished for jaming the machines and losing papers though."Sorry ma'am, maybe it's better if i stand up toda"..)

  15. Thanks for the kind words, Mr X. Always good to hear from you :).

    I'm pretty sure photocopying can't be a full-time job, so I hope you're using your remaining hours productively - as you'll know, the management are very, very output-oriented. If your team lead finds out you've been slacking off, you may soon find yourself being directed to photocopy your very well-striped behind, so that the resulting image can be posted round the office as a warning to others!

  16. Great scene Underling. After the well deserved thrashing, don't you think each slacker should be sent to Dr. Thandiwe for a thorough external and internal examination to ensure there was no damage to each employee's backside. And this would be a good opportunity for the employees' to meet and be examined by the new doctor- a stunning 24 year old female, as Thandiwe looks on. Should be a sobering experience for the fellows.


    1. What a delightful thought, Monica! If any of the males become aroused during their testicle exam, I am sure Thandiwe would be more than willing to apply her paddle to his bare bottom until his penis is flacid again. Then it's back to the new Dr. to continue his physical examination. No wonder my boyfriend hates going to the Dr's. LOL

    2. Indeed. And don't forget OSIRIS's recently minted policy that each male employee must be accompanied by his female boss or an assignee when going to the company infirmary. The directive goes on to say that the escorting female will observe while he is being seen by one of the medical staffers.

      This policy was recently upheld by the company ethics committee after a 45 year old male secretary complained his boss had her college aged female intern chaperone him on the appointment for his annual company physical. He said it was terribly and utterly humiliating to have her observe such a thorough exam where he remained nude in front of her and the woman doctor for what seemed like a lifetime.

      After being made to retell the details of the experience and having to address embarrassing, probing questions from the committee (such as: after confirming the exam included a genital check, rectal exam and that the doctor took his temperature in his bottom, the committee dug deeper asking the positions he was put in for these procedures, where the intern was in the exam room, and challenging him to prove the intern was even watching as the doctor conducted her exam), the all female committee unanimously denied his complaint.

    3. Excellent ideas, Monica and bossymama.

      Thandiwe's been promoted several times since the early days and her role is a good deal more managerial now, but she still makes sure she gets plenty of hands-on experience since that's where the real job satisfaction is. And it really is a pleasure to watch the enthusiasm with which the new interns throw themselves into their roles - always so eager to prove themselves, and sometimes, it has to be said, getting a little carried away in the process. Of course if that leads to too much squirming, then a quick call to the receptionist is in order - an extra pair of willing female hands is always helpful.

    4. Oh, Underling, you describe it so well, but as you know a picture is worth a thousand words. Please do a drawing of Thandiwe carrying out her new responsibilities as the interns inspect, examine and spank the men. I would be so appreciative as would all of your readers.

    5. Thanks Underling. I understand since her promotion Thandiwe has successfully implemented a number of policy initiatives that has reduced sick leave usage thus increasing productivity and greatly reduced medical costs incurred by the firm.

      One policy change in particular stands out. Supervisors have been trained to conduct basic, preemptive medical screenings randomly and when the supervisor suspects an employee may be coming down with an ailment.

      Supervisors have taken their responsibility extremely seriously. It is not uncommon when walking the offices to see a male subordinate bent over his supervisor's desk with pants and underpants bunched around his ankles with a thermometer sticking out of his behind as his female boss stands over him or is seated at her desk timing the procedure.

      Another popular and successful policy has been for female supervisor's to take a more act role in subordinate's medical screenings. It is now common for supervisor's to observe her each of her subordinate's company sponsored annual physical exam.

      Interesting to note, the two supervisors who reduced sick leave usage and visits to the infirmary the most- and who were richly rewarded with a substantial bonus, took it upon themselves to require their subordinates to arrive to work early each Monday to have their temperatures recorded. Subordinates have become so accustomed to the practice- although they seem as embarrassed as ever while the procedure is being administered, that one can observe an office full of male employees waiting patiently at their desks bottoms uncovered for their turn (Now Underling, that would make a great picture for your portfolio!!!). This has been so successful that OSIRIS is debating whether to implement the practice companywide.

    6. Oh my, the creativeness of contributors to this post has built a juicy storyline. There’s more. Dr. Thandiwe is becoming quite the celebrity at OSIRIS. There is even talk she will soon become a corporate bigwig. The success of her policy to empower supervisors to actively participate in ensuring the health of their subordinates was the feature article in the company’s most recent quarterly newsletter.

      Subordinates were shamefaced and sheepish to say the least with the release and broad distribution of the newsletter. The text was supplemented by a photograph of one of the supervisors conducting her early Monday morning health screening. The photo captures her extracting a thermometer from one of her charge’s rear passage while a dozen or more male subordinates red-faced wait their turn at their desks ready with pants and underwear lowered to the ankles (Underling, this scene is compelling for your artistic talent. And you can use much of what you did in your most recently published illustration.).


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