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Sunday, 16 May 2010

(Black and) Blue Landslide

Wow. The shock result from this particular election was that it attracted more votes in the first 24 hours than my previous poll managed over the course of a week! Either visitors have been particularly fired up by the topic, or - and this is my preferred explanation - more people are actively keeping an eye on the blog :). Either way, thanks so much for taking the time to place your virtual crosses.

So, to the results: it's a massive majority win for Tori Wright (Tory? Right? See what I did there?) So I guess we have a large number of true blue visitors, or the people like the paddle, or blondes really do get more votes. Coming a distant second is Lee Burr (Leeburr? No? Never mind). Now I had thought her steely glare might have put her on top, but I dunno. Maybe her long skirt didn't do her any favours.

And finally, trailing just behind, poor Libby Demme. I feel guilty about Libby because I didn't really think I'd done her justice. To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, she's not a bad politician - she's just drawn that way. I did consider trying out my powers of spin by giving her an emergency makeover halfway through the week, but never got around to it. The other problem might be her weapon of choice. I'm a big fan of the strap, but it's a bit of a minority implement, isn't it?

Anyway, Ms Wright will soon be taking her place in the House, and the troublemakers in her constituency will be taking THEIR places over the paddling bench. Don't ask me how this local system of justice squares with the nationwide abolition of corporal punishment. I'm making this stuff up as I go.

Actually I do have another theory about Tori's popularity, which is that she subliminally evoked the image of a young and better looking Margaret Thatcher - regardless of her policies, the only Prime Minister to date who registers as a blip on my kink radar. In fact, wasn't there a comic song out years ago explaining her appeal in terms of her domina persona? Or was that just some dream I had?


  1. Personally I voted for Ms Burr but actually - I can see what you mean about her looking kinda like margeret thatcher. Of course I dont really know a thing about pommy politics but all three would be better than anyone we have here is aus!
    Our house of politics is still largely a boys club.... and to be honest most of them are petulant boys who could do with a good spanking.

  2. Hey, Toyloli. I'd have voted Burr as well, if it hadn't been my poll.

    She actually reminds me of someone who used to playfully threaten me with spankings, and even delivered on occasion - never more than the odd swat, but I certainly fantasised about her doing a lot more!

  3. Hi Underling:

    I think for me it was the short skirt! :-p

  4. Hey, HMP. In that case, I think my next picture may please you even more. ;)

  5. I like the implement the Conservative is carrying and about to weald.I would not normally be drawn to Tories but this one was delicious.

    Oh if we were only allowed to vote for dominant Womyn.The middle one looks a wee bit like Claire Short.

  6. Anon, I'm not a right-winger either. The nice thing about fantasy elections is you can vote for whoever you'd like as your disciplinarian, without having to worry about the political fallout :).


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