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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Drawn Out Musings On Drawn-In Bruisings

Thanks for all your contributions to my last post ('What Is It About Spanking Art?'). Some really interesting stuff there.

Consensus seems to be that abstraction is a big part of the appeal. By removing the real models from a scene, we allow the viewers to put themselves into it or to build their own landscape around it. I think in that sense artwork has more in common with writing than it does with film.

BOB suggested that since the artist's work is so personal, its erotic appeal for him or her also transfers to the observer. I think that's very true - what's on the page is as close as the artist can get to the fantasy in his or her head - every element has meaning.

And I loved jm's description of the artist meeting the audience halfway, with both contributing equally to the overall experience.

I think all of your comments ring true. Much as I love spanking photos and videos, I'm distracted by the knowledge that there are cameras and light stands just out of shot (when they're not carelessly left IN shot!) I know that once the shoot is complete everyone will drop their roles, and sit around joking and drinking tea. Oddly, for me the characters in drawings are MORE real. None of them are playing a part, or following a script or a director's instructions. It's as though you're spying on a parallel world that, when you close your browser, happily carries on regardless!

I think the other thing about artwork, for me at least, is that it has nostalgia value. I guess many of us first noticed our strange little obsessions in response to illustrations in books or comics, so they continue to have a special kind of power.

OK, that's more than enough waffle from me. Next time, pictures!


  1. MR Underling
    Im just curious.have you ever considered writing short stories to accompany your drawings ? The reason that i ask is that with drawings like the "Mother and Daughter" one it almost seems like you have a storyline in your head.

    Thanks for all of your artwork. It is appreciated.

  2. Hey BOB - I do indeed write short stories, and there's already one to accompany the picture you mentioned. I'm surprised you haven't come across it already. I'll post it over the weekend if I get a few minutes.

  3. Great blog! I love it, just found it but will enjoy reading back posts and looking forward to future ones. :)

  4. Vanessa, thank you! Glad you like what you see so far.

    I too enjoy suddenly discovering blogs that have been going for a little while, and trawling through the old posts. It's particularly good to have a backlog with sites that don't get updated so often - like this one. I wish I could be more prolific, but I think people will get bored if I keep posting without pictures. And the pictures take time. :)


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