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Sunday 24 July 2011

Dinner And A Show - The Itch

Finally! The second and concluding part of this story. It's quite a long one, and I've illustrated it, and I've animated the illustration (at the bottom of the post, if you're running Flash). I hope those factors go some way to excusing my tardiness.

If you haven't read Part One yet, it's just here. Probably worth a refresher even if you have read it before. It's been a long time!


Jeff Williams had enjoyed more relaxed restaurant dinners. Having spent much of the evening listening to his wife and her best friend Susan discussing how we was disciplined at home, he had finally persuaded them to leave The Queen Bee and had driven them back to the Williams' Springfield neighbourhood, where Susan was to be their overnight guest.

A light rain was falling as Jeff guided the black Subaru into the couple's driveway, echoing his damp spirits.

"Springfield House of Correction," giggled Susan as their three-storey property came into view. She'd found room for another three glasses of Chardonnay before leaving the restaurant, and had become a little more vocal with each. Although dreading their arrival back home, Jeff had been relieved at least that talk of his "well-earned whippings" would no longer draw stares from adjacent tables.

He watched as his wife eased herself from the car's passenger seat. "I'll put the coffee on."

"Lovely, Jen," said Susan. "And then down to business, eh, Jeffie?" She swung her long legs out and slid from the rear seat, her short skirt sliding up her thighs and drawing Jeff's helpless gaze.

"Gentleman avert their eyes, Mr Williams". And ladies don't show off their underwear, thought Jeff, but he actually heard himself mumbling "Sorry". Susan tilted her face towards his. "Oh, I think you're guaranteed to be, my dear."

Once indoors, Jenny busied herself at the stove while Susan ambled from room to room calling out her admiration for her hosts' latest decor and furniture.

"Love these new curtains!" she gushed. "And ah, this must be the flogging bench!"

"Well, most of the time it's just a regular coffee table," laughed Jenny, "but it does have its other uses."

A brief pause, and then Sue's voice again: "Jeff, sweetie, would you come here a minute? I want to show you something."

Jeff shot a hopeful look at his wife. "Don't you need help in here?"

"No. you run along and keep Sue entertained."

Traversing the hallway, Jeff saw that Jenny's thick leather razor strop was conspicuously absent from the hook that she'd had him fit under the stairs a few weeks earlier. With a sigh of trepidation he passed on through to the couple's well-appointed living room. There he was confronted by the startling image of Susan bent over on top of the coffee table, her knees spread wide to its corners and her skirt pulled right up to her waist. One hand supported her weight at the far end, and with the other she reached back to tap the wicked leather strap payfully against the taut seat of her pale pink cotton panties.

"Oh, Jenny, honey," she cooed over her shoulder as Jeff stared from the doorway. "I'm sorry I was a naughty boy. Please don't spank me any more. Please, no, I can't stand it!"

"Um," said Jeff.

"Ouch!" giggled Susan. She bucked her hips provocatively in time with the gentle rhythm of the strap. "Ooh!" She thrust her undeniably beautiful behind towards him, positively writhing in a pretence of agony.

Jeff had seldom felt an impulse as strong as the one he had now - to march into the room, snatch the strap from that woman and use it to turn her mocking parody into merciless reality. He knew from bitter experience that just one good stroke would wipe the smirk from her face. Christ, the consequences would be almost worth it. Almost.

Ever the mind reader, Susan smiled her slyest smile and said, "You'd love to, wouldn't you Jeffie?" Suddenly coy, she tugged her skirt back down, perched her now covered bottom on the edge of the table and lowered her voice to a conspiratorial murmur. "Sadly I'm not the one who gets spanked around here - speaking of which, I can hardly wait to watch you learning your lesson. I do hope Jen's not going to be a spoilsport - if I don't get to see a whipping, I'm going to have to stamp my foot. Or repeat to Jenny what you said to me just now."

"Said to you?"

"About what a bitch she's been lately. About how you're going to start putting your foot down."
Jeff snorted his derision, but at the same time he reminded himself how often his wife wielded the strap at the least provocation.

"I'd better be getting back," he said uncertainly.

"You better had. Don't want to keep the mistress waiting."

En route to the kitchen, Susan replaced the strap on its hook and ran a fingertip down the polished leather. "See you shortly," she said. "We're going to have some fun."

Jenny handed a steaming mug of coffee to each of them. "Take a seat, Sue. You too, Jeff - while you still can." Sue shot a glance at Jeff, who was flushing prettily at his wife's words. "I thought maybe you'd forgotten," she purred.

"Oh no, my dear," her friend assured her. "I never forget, and I never back down. If you promise punishment and don't follow through, they never learn."

"They?" Susan was more curious than ever.

"Well, let's see. First there was Tom, remember him? Wonderful guy, abs to die for, hung like a horse. But a little too alpha-male for my liking. He didn't take direction or correction too well, so I'm afraid that one was pretty short-lived. Shame, because I do miss the feel of that exceptional cock between my legs.

Then there was James, who was too far the other way - forever 'yes, ma'am-ing' and 'no, ma'am-ing' and generally enjoying being the subbie boyfriend rather too much. More or less creamed his pants whenever I raised my voice. In the end I let him down gently - told him if I'd wanted a devoted little puppy, I'd have gone to the pet store.

And then finally this one. Not such a bad catch, are you J? Can cook and clean and tie his own shoelaces, and for the most part does as he's told - in and out of bed. Looks pretty good too, especially with his face buried in my crotch or his bare butt nicely welted - preferably both!"

Jenny drained the last of her coffee and took the cups from the other two. "Speaking of welted butts, shall we retire upstairs?" No, Jeff wanted to say: but he went anyway, his wife leading and Susan at his back, studying his behind with a wry little smile. In the guest room, Jenny opened the base of the futon and withdrew clean bedding that she put to one side. Then she glanced around her. "Oh! We seem to have forgotten something."

"I'll fetch it," said Susan brightly, the hem of her flared little skirt swinging as she practically skipped from the room. She could be heard whistling to herself as she descended the stairs.

Jeff turned a forlorn face to his wife. "Please," he said.

"Please... publically whip some manners into you? With pleasure, my darling."

Sue reappeared at the door, carrying the dark leather strap that she then presented with a little curtsey to her grinning friend.

"Thank you, Susie baby." Jenny turned back to her husband who was standing, a picture of nervous apprehension, at the edge of the futon. He looked at her, his raised eyebrows asking the silent question whose answer he dreaded.

The corners of her mouth twitched as she held his gaze. "Every stitch," she said.

Sue's eyes widened. "Every stitch? Oh, my." And then, in reference to Jeff's suddenly scarlet complexion, "Sure is warm in here, hmm, Jeffie?"

For a moment the young husband stood paralysed, as if waiting to be released from a bad dream. He opened his mouth to speak, but his wife's crossed arms and raised eyebrows made him close it again. Then he bent, half-dazed, to untie his shoelaces with trembling fingers.

As he removed each item of clothing before the unabashed gaze of both women, Sue kept up an accompanying narrative. "Those socks have seen better days"... "Mmm, have you been working out?"... "Dig those tighty whities!"... and finally, as with a grimace he slid his underwear down and off, "Aww, look at his cute little pee-pee!"

Jenny allowed herself a smirk at her friend's comments, but said nothing until the moment that her husband was stood naked, hands at his sides as he had learned within the first week of their marriage. Then she simply instructed, "Over you go."

Susan's eyes followed the young man as he positioned himself at the back of the futon and leaned forward over it, placing his hands flat on the seat, his body already slick with sweat and the marks of the previous week's strapping still vivid across his muscular behind.

Jeff had never been a stoic under his wife's discipline. He knew from bitter experience that mute acceptance moved her precisely as much as sobbing and pleading; which is to say, not at all. Yet the sight of the gloating Susan, her head cocked expectantly and her hands resting lightly on her hips, made him bite down hard on his lip. He would give her as little satisfaction as he could - although, he thought grimly, having watched him strip bare and drape himself obediently over the futon she was already looking pretty pleased with herself.

Jeff closed his eyes as he felt the supple leather being tapped lightly across his cheeks: Jenny, lining up her aim. A moment later the strap was drawn back, and his wife's soft intake of breath made him squeeze his eyelids tighter and push his fingertips into the soft fabric of the futon.

With a practised arm Jenny went to work, slicing the air with the dark strap and snapping it noisily against her husband's drum-tight rear. It seemed to cling there momentarily, a black mamba delivering its venom, and left a bright red brand across both cheeks.

Jeff bore the first stroke well enough, although it hurt like hell. At the second he felt his eyes begin to prick, as though there were sparks being driven there from the fire building in his behind.

The third lash struck low and so painfully that a small groan escaped his lips before he could choke it off: this was met with a snort of amusement from Susan's direction.

"Something to say, Jeff? Smart alec remark, maybe? No?"

Jenny applied another stroke across the centre of his buttocks, and now his resolve began to break. He hissed through clenched teeth as the scalding sensation mounted. A single tear found its way between his lashes and rolled down his cheek. God, not already, he thought.

"Reckon he's feeling it?" chuckled Susan. She stepped around the edge of the sofa bed and leaned over, putting her face a few inches from Jeff's and providing him with a calculated view down the front of her top. "I'd say he is. Panting like an overheated puppy."

"Oh, I'm sure he is," responded Jenny, resting the strap on her shoulder once more in preparation for the next stroke. "But he'll feel it a lot more before we're done. After all, we're only just... getting STARTED!" She swung again, and the leather's bite forced Jeff onto his toes and produced an anguished yelp that Susan clearly found hilarious. Jeff rested his damp cheek on the sofa back and tried to ride the burning agony that threatened to engulf him. Just getting started, he told himself. Just getting started...

Two hours later - long after Jeff had begun pleading vainly for leniency in much the same way that Susan had parodied earlier that evening - all three retired for the night.

By then Jeff, forbidden yet to touch his ravaged buttocks, had stood hands on head in front of Susan to deliver a heartfelt apology for his behaviour at the restaurant. She had taken her time acknowledging it, all the while coolly looking the naked and chastened young man up and down. Eventually she had leaned forward, cupped his chin gently and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Apology accepted, little man. Don't let it happen again."

In the privacy of their room, Jenny now sat on the edge of the bed and hiked her nightdress up to her waist. She motioned her still-naked partner to his knees and guided his face between her thighs, smiling as he winced at the touch of his heels against his welted, scarlet buttocks. "Get to work, sweetheart. Nice and slow and gentle."

In the guest room, Susan lay restlessly on the futon over which she had so recently watched a good looking, naked young man bent to his wife's will. His really rather nice cock had been pressed into the back just here, while his beautiful bare behind had danced and squirmed under her friend's expert application of the strap. Susan rolled onto her belly and then lifted herself onto all fours, reaching between her legs to rub a fingertip against the crotch of her panties. There was an itch there that had been building since dinner. She had the rest of the night to attend to it.


  1. As always, thanks for posting.I love the wicked and smug smirk that the one woman has

  2. OMG...lovely story, and graphics!! Thank you!

  3. Damn, Jeff had to be totally and thoroughly embarrassed by Susan's smug teasing and taunting--and her laughing about his "well-deserved whippings" as she became increasingly tipsy (and loud) in the restaraunt, that had to be downright humiliating for him.

    Jenny certainly knew how to add the element of humility to Jeff's punishment, and in Susan she had the perfect 'enabler' to smirk and giggle at her husband's punitive plight. Jeff was probably too concerned at the time with how much his behind was throbbing from the nude strapping he was undergoing to be embarrassed at how accurately Susan's mocking playacting reflected his later reactions to his punishment, but I'm certain that he ended up contemplating it later--or being reminded of it by Susan at brunch the next morning.

    Naked Jeff being forced to apologize meekly to Susan, hands on his head with his derriere blazing and his face presumably tearstained, that had to feel like a huge serving of 'humble pie' accompanied by the smooth 'whipped cream' of Susan's saccharine acceptance of his apology.

    I agree, this illustrated story was worth the wait... --C.K.

  4. Underling, thank you for your wonderful story and graphics! Your scenario is so hot, and desired, at least by me. And your artwork is really fantastic!! Thanks especially for the animation. The ending you crafted adds the perfect finale to the ordeal. My, oh my, I'd like to live that life for at least a little while. Your work is wonderful!!

  5. I can just see Jens snarling concentrated face as she brings the strap down with the word "Started"

    A happy ending two Womyn wet and contented at the end of a tongue and of a finger.And a surely contented male secure in his position and happy to be of service.

  6. Hello Underling,
    Fabulous just Fabulous. What A wonderful erotic spanking story!!!! Well worth the wait indeed!!!!!
    Poor little Jeffie! Susan is a creep,but, still, he deserved what he got and more. After all, not calling and staying out all night is a very cruel thing to do to your wife. I love the answer to the silent question. "Every stitch" WOW!!!! This is a HOT story for sure!!!!
    Great illustrations!!!
    To finish his humiliation by guiding his head down to properly worship her crotch is such a fantastic was to finish off his submission to her will.
    Thanks so much!! JayJay
    PS Susan is not the only one with a itch! I hope the wife comes home early today!!!

  7. The story and the art are both superb. I especially like the facial expressions in the drawing on the left. Susan is an absolutely vicious tease, I wonder if her scolding will keep pace when she gets a man of her own.

  8. Hi all, and thanks for your kind comments. It's a cliché, but they really do make the hard work worthwhile. I'm very glad you liked the story - writing it got me pretty worked up, so I was hoping it would do the same for you. There's nothing nicer than hearing that I've given visitors an 'itch' of their own. CK, your stories have done the same for me many times.

    Regarding the artwork and animation, as you know I don't normally go for anything explicit. So this is as raunchy as it's likely to get!

    I think this is the end of the line for these protagonists, but in reality of course most of my mildly sadistic ladies are really just the same character under different names. :)

  9. Interested to read. Hope you had fun with the animation... Thanks for your efforts to so happily entertain us.

  10. So, Undy, you now have that out of your system. Poor li'l Jeffrey, his bottom coldly beaten by the remorseless Sarah, a selfish bitch lacking any sense of repsonsibility or humor. She needs to learn how to control herself when applying discipline to naughty boys. Boys like Jeffrey need a firm but loving hand in our new world where males are stripped, paraded, taunted, toyed with, trained and punished. Spankings should be hard, but no harder than the love and affection bestowed.

    You should, of course, do as you see fit, Undy, as I'm sure you will. But if you step too close to the edge of cruelty then you will have lost the boy -- and the story. Love these boys, pat their bottoms when they are good, spank them when they are bad, but always understand they are vulnerable to the superior forces (whom they love completely), naked in a world managed by women.

    Technically awesome, your latest endeavor lacks a certain something that is in all your earlier offerings. I think you overworked this one, Undy. My advice is to relax and follow the naughty child in you. You know, the one that gives you that little woody.

  11. Oops, my bad. I meant Susan, not Sarah.

  12. Hey, Undy.. I loved the story and the graphics, too.. but I think Katlyn may have a point..If You are reading this Katlyn, I would love to be with You.. lol

  13. Hi Underling. I stumbled across your site and I really, really like it. You have a great style and are very talented as an artist. Your work really pushes my buttons!

    I think my favorite piece is the wedding-themed one - the anticipation is great.

    The only minor suggestion I would have is that you should create a separate page to hold all your art - so we can find everything easily.

    I also would love to see non-DD or even entirely non-disciplinary stuff - like, college cheerleaders bully a nerd, etc.

    Either way love your work, keep at it!

  14. Actually Katlyn, you meant Jenny :). But point taken, and thanks for the comment and the critique - I do appreciate it.

    Regarding getting something out of my system, you could be right - in real life I can't stand any kind of injustice or abuse, so perhaps I'm exorcising an evil twin!

    But to be honest, I was more apprehensive about adding an explicit sexual element for the first time - for me that's the bigger departure from my earlier work, and not one you'll see very often.

    Telmac, thank you and welcome! I see the 'Undy' nickname is gaining popularity ;).

  15. Good on yer, Undy.. lol.. It's so refreshing to be able to communicate with nice people, like you, that can also make us feel really 'turned on'..with your amazing work in both the artwork and literature..
    My favourite scenario is, again, a man being spanked by a woman in front of two or three of Her moocking friends, but with Her standing up with Her foot on an table, ith the man over her raised thigh... with a hairbrush... Ouchie...
    Keep up the great work, Sir!!

    Terry Mc, London

  16. Just discovered your blog, Underling (after coming out of 'online semi-retirement' today), and had to say how much I love it! Your artwork is absolutely fantastic, and some of the sexiest I've seen in years! Thanks so much for sharing! Cheers, Banjo (PS kinda cool to see old buddies like Crimson and Terry here too... hiya, guys!)

  17. Hey, Banjo.. how's it going, Buddy... great to hear from you again.. I thought we had lost you to the vanilla

    Are you still producing your fantastic artwork, or have we lost you to the horrible 'time constraints' situation? I shall always be a great fan of yours, as I now am of this amazing man Undy (Sorry.. 'Underling'..LOL).

    Keep in touch..

    Take care Mate!!

    Terry Mc, London

  18. Welcome back online Banjo, I was thinking that Underling's work really reminded me of your stuff...!

  19. Hey Scott! When I discovered Underling's stuff last week for the first time, *my* first thought (after "Wow, that's hot!") was how much I felt I was looking at the work of a kindred spirit! :) Thanks for the welcome... I'll be back 'properly' in the next few weeks, I hope... feel free to drop me an email any time, mate!

  20. I´m a great poser fan and I like Underlings work very much.

    Hi Banjo! Great to hear from you again.


  21. Scott, thanks very much for your kind comments and suggestions. A lot of what pushes my buttons is peripheral to the actual spanking too, so maybe a non-DD scene is called for. After all, it'd still be 'humbling'!

    Unfortunately Blogger doesn't lend itself so well to standalone pages, but you can find most of my art in one place - top quality versions, too - at the Spanking Art Wiki.

    Terry, thanks again. I aim to please!

    Banjo, welcome and thank you. It's always a thrill to get feedback from an artist whose work I enjoy. I think 'kindred spirit' is spot on. Hope to see much more from you.

    Joerg, long time no speak. Glad to see you're still around. :)

  22. Thanks Underling. Yes it was a long time. Too long I believe, because this blog won´t accept my old username, so I only can post with Anonymous.


  23. You're more than welcome, Underling, mate... do you know, I've been 'retired' from online for the past five plus years, but events this past month have made me decide to take the big step to 'unretire', get back in touch with old friends, de-lurk at lots of places and start up my own site. I'd just like to thank you for your (unconscious) part in that, mate... it's good to be back, and I'll definitely be hanging around your awesome blog from now on... I don't want to swamp you with too many comments, though!

  24. Love the graphics, haven't read the story yet...but I bet it a sore bottom for all....Rambo
    "Spanked By Ma'am" Blog

  25. Wonderful story and drawings;the ladies look great and very capable as well as sexy.He is a very lucky boy.

    1. Hello there, strappedboy :).

      Thanks for your comment - as I mentioned to you, it's especially nice when someone picks up on an old post and brings it back into the light. I was very pleased with this one, albeit the women are rather crueller than I tend to write them these days. I think the animation is one of my most successful, too.

      Thanks again!


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