Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Half A Mil, Half A Mil, Half A Mil Onward...

A few days ago, Underling's Humblings received its five hundred thousandth page view since, well, whenever it was that Blogger started counting. While I don't expect Mark Zuckerberg to sit up and take notice any time soon, I'm sure my 'real life' friends would be impressed - if only they knew the site existed!

As it is, I'll just have to celebrate the occasion with you lot. ;) So thank you, sincerely, for all your visits through thick and thin (and I think the rate of posting lately probably qualifies as 'thin'!)

Here's to the next half mil. I'll do my best to earn them.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 500,000, you have one of the best blogs here, and I for one enjoy it and your artwork!!

    I always believed that art shows much more than a picture can, and you've mastered that very well.


  2. Happy half-a-millionhood. I like your artwork, looks like a few other people agree.

  3. I do enjoy your artwork. Many congratulations on your half million. Here to your next half million.


  4. Congrats!

    Mistress Aimee

  5. Into the valley of blog rode the gallant 500000.
    Congratulations :)


  6. Congratulations, Underling!
    That's a fantastic milestone, and well-deserved for all the hard work you've put in!

  7. Congratulations, Undy! Your blog is fantastic and your art and writing sublime. You certainly deserve those pageviews, and wish you the very best for many more! Keep up the fantastic, mind-blowing and knee-trembling work, mate! :)

  8. Bravo! Congratulations on the milestone, and keep up the great artwork!


  9. Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes. You're all nice people. :) And to show my appreciation, I'm about to pull my finger out and post again.

    Yes, twice in the space of a week! Almost like a real blog!

  10. UNDY!

    She's been spanking that poor guy for well over a week already! When is she going stop??

  11. Katlyn, she'll stop when he's learned his lesson!

    Seriously, it's actually one of those fridge door/ light scenarios. They both take a breather whenever you close your browser, I promise.


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