Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Another Country, Another Picture

Some of you wanted an illustration for my story Another Country, so here it is. For those of you who didn't want an illustration, tough - here it is anyway ;).

This may well be my first 'historical' drawing. I hadn't really decided when the story is set and I've deliberately kept it ambiguous, but I thought a little period glamour might be nice for the picture.

In general my fantasies (and thus my works) are contemporary, because I find it easier to project myself into them that way.

I know some of my fellow artists, for example RedRump, have a thing for the fifties and sixties as a kind of golden age of spanking.

But how about your daydreams? Are you a modern day mistress/ miscreant, or a Victorian vixen/ victim? A wild west whipping boy? A medieval martinet?

Does period even feature in your fantasies?

By the way, this is the first time I've uploaded a picture as a .png. It might take a little longer to download, but I'm hoping if it keeps Blogger from compressing it to within an inch of its life it will be worth it!

Oh, and part two of 'Another Country' is almost ready. Hopefully it'll hit the blog in the next few days.


  1. Mmm, this is wonderful! :)

  2. Hi underling,

    This may be my favorite of your many wonderful illustrations. The male's humiliation, the irony of a black female subaltern providing the implement of discipline. And the lady in blue... incredible.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. As and ageplayer who was an '80s kid if i hard to pick an non contaparay era '80s would probably be it.

  4. Love the new artwork, mate... especially the lady in blue's face (and bottom!), and the maid's legs. No wonder he looks worried... and embarrassed, with the maid on hand to deliver the implement! I too love "role-reversals" with maids, etc. and I also have a long-time (since I was a kid) fantasy of being *very* soundly spanked by a powerful black woman, too.

    Now, regarding your question, and previous comment... holy crap! I NEVER thought I'd discover a fellow spanko who felt "at home" coupling spanking with the 1980's! Awesome! :D There's just something about day-glo spandex and lycra, neon legwarmers, bubblegum punk fashions, shoulder-padded powersuits, and short spiky or frizzy bleached blonde "big" hair on a woman that screams "spanking" to me... maybe because I was a child of the 80's too and had my formative fantasies in this era growing up? :P I could ramble for hours on the subject, to be honest, but just thinking about that decade makes my bottom twitch!

    However, I love "period piece" scenarios (Lady of the Manor, Wild West cowgirl round-up, old-fashioned boarding school, etc.), though if I was honest, I'd say I'm more prone to contemporary-era spanking daydreams overall. As someone for whom "narrative" or "story" (be it roleplay or not) plays a huge part of the kink, "what era" or scenario (a 1980's boss lady is a different kind of spanker than an 1880's boss lady spanker!) is important to me.

    PS PNGs are the way to go IMO, mate!

  5. I look to the future when males being spanked in a matriarchal world awill be increasingly accepted and in fact the norm.

    The spanking if not witnessed by the maid through the keyhole will certainly be heard by her.Her deliverance of the implement of correction and seeing who the naked recipient of it will be will be a step in her emancipation.

  6. This one is just precious, Undy. The women are alive, each expressing a sisterly firmness in the way to handle male naughtiness, and there is no question that the shamed-faced boy will pay full retail price for his arrogance. Just look at her long-waisted body, all feminine power. She's stunning, Undy. As for that maid, while saying a silent "oh my," she would undoubtedly love to take the bratty, class conscious white boy over her own lap for a searing session of get-back. Soon, very soon, all discord will be straightened out. Soon, some staff and guests will smile as the whimpers and howls and cracks of handwood on bare flesh will raise an extended song of suffering -- and justice -- down the hallways of the Nairobi Club. Then silence will reign as the small, exclusive hotel settles back into its normal late afternoon routine. Except perhaps in the suite where whimperings can still be heard as our tear-stained boy with the runny nose and soundly beaten bottom remains over her lap, undergoing an invasive and deeply humbling examination. Those medical gloves she wears have a purpose. Excellent, Undy.

  7. Hi Underling:

    It's terrific to see original, fabulous femdom artwork like yours on the web! Your work really captures the emotions of the subjects; in this case the humiliation of the male about to spanked and the triumphant pleasure of his Mistress. She is older (shock of white hair) but very beautiful and the maid delivering the hair brush is a nice touch! That type of public humiliation is so delicious. I sometimes fantasize about being whipped in front of an audience...

  8. Original and brillant. It adds something when someone neutral witnesses the scene.
    I love it! Thank you once again

  9. Your tableaux just keep getting better and better. The facial expressions in this one tell a story very eloquently by themselves. Always worth the wait.

  10. Great shot, Und. The wife is just so sexy in her blue dress with her long, fit body. Spanking art is like chess, I think: there is a certain amount of inspiration, but also there is the matter of covering the elements - similar to covering pieces in chess, checking for forks, skewers, and discovered attacks, dominating the centre, and developing your opening. The expression on the man's face as he looks as far backward as he dares, the maid looking straight at him in amazement, the wife, amused, beautiful, and in control, the prosaic little nothing-unusual-going-on-here hotel room. It's all so terribly SPANK! Great picture.

  11. Hi everyone, and thanks as ever for your encouraging feedback. Those who keep blogs yourselves will know how much it means!

    SometimesSpanked, I aim to please - and if a picture works for me (and this one does) then I'm usually pretty confident it will go down well.

    Scott, Anon and HMP, I'm thinking as the wronged party then Dupé the maid really shouldn't be relegated only to brush delivery, and she shouldn't have to listen at the door or peer through the keyhole when it's spankin' time. We'll have to see what we can do in part two.

    Katlyn, those are actually meant to be silk gloves although your interpretation brings its own intrigue. Either way, the gloves will be coming off!

  12. Rogue and Banjo, now you mention it some of my favourite spanking photos are from 80's magazines. So you might have to let me join your fanclub.

    Alex and B-P, thanks so much for the kind words. If I ever feel the need to promote Underling's Humblings in the media, I hope you'll let me say that critics are calling it 'original and brilliant' and 'worth the wait'. ;)

  13. Fantastic artwork again, Underling!

    I'm not so much into the classical Victorian or medieval scenarios, although the costumes for example in some film scenes look great. The scenarios I like sometimes play in the future (science fiction), sometimes in a timeless fantasy universe, sometimes in the here and now and sometimes in history (especially my naval cadet fantasies).

  14. South Africa in the late 1950s or early '60s, I'm figuring, with the disciplinary wife far ahead of her time in terms of her attitudes about both women's liberation and racial equality.

    Because it would even further humiliate the naked husband, IMHO the maid should be allowed to watch--if not to actually participate... --C.K.

  15. Just about any era is good, so long as it's an over-the-knees era!

  16. OTTO, thanks. You picked up precisely on so many of my ideas for this picture - I guess it takes a spanking artist to know one :). And chess is probably a good metaphor for my artistic process - long periods of pondering punctuated by brief bursts of activity, and it takes so damned long to complete! I agree that there are certain rules to producing spanking artwork. I'd like the courage to bend them a little further and a little more often.

    Kaelah, lovely to hear from you! Yep, I've seen your very fetching Starfleet uniform ;). And I agree that naval history is ripe for all kinds of disciplinary scenarios - 'kissing the gunner's daughter' and all that. Who's the vintage artist who produced quite a few very striking drawings of girls in navy uniforms being punished? I love those, but I can't quite recall his name.

  17. CK, fifties possibly - maybe even earlier, but we shan't be providing any excuses for our bad boy's antiquated view of the world and his place in it. And I agree that the lesson will be more effective if witnessed by someone he sees as beneath him.

    DB, I think OTK is a timeless position - although you have got me wondering who was the first person in history to use it!

  18. I believe it was some lady named Eve, and she supposedly didn't even have to order her mate to strip before putting him over her lap for a nude hairbrush paddling.

    The rumor is that she was lecturing him as she whacked his bare behind: "Don't go telling me what fruit I can or can't eat, young man!" --C.K.

  19. @ Underling:
    I didn't have much internet time during the recent months and hardly managed to keep up the blog. That's why I didn't comment a lot on other blogs lately. Now I've managed to catch up a bit... But I think you know how difficult it can be to keep a blog running, so I don't have to tell you!

    Yep, I like Star Trek spankings and making that little Star Trek themed blogiversary clip was cool. Although I would have loved to take even more time in order to make the clip more perfect. I guess that's the downside of bringing one's favourite scenarios to life, it is almost impossible to create a result that's as perfect as one would like it to be. I'm not sure whether you experience the same when you make drawings of scenarios which are especially important to you?!

    “Kissing the gunner's daughter” is exactly one of the things which Ludwig and I had in mind for the naval scenes which we are planning to do. Now all we need is a canon... ;-) If you find the pictures which you have mentioned, please tell me! I would like to play my own scenes as a boy or at least as a girl who pretends to be a boy, though, since the majority of my naval cadet fantasies are M/M. I'm curious to find out how that feels like.

  20. Great pic, I love 50s-style 'period pieces' featuring well-dressed women, they always look so strict and willing to put a naughty boy across their knee and this one is no exception

  21. Just fantastic underling. I'm Looking forward to part deux. Great work!!


  22. "Some of you wanted an illustration for my story Another Country, so here it is. For those of you who didn't want an illustration, tough - here it is anyway ;)".

    How could you even doubt anyone would not want one of your excellent illustrations.
    The fine Femdom artists who have commented above is like a who's who in the subject.
    What can i say that has not been said already only just hurry up with part deux.
    love and regards,

  23. CK, nicely done :). "On the eighth day God created F/M discipline. And he saw that it was good."

    Kaelah, I'm a real perfectionist myself - that's one of the reasons my drawings take so long. Not that I'm busy making them perfect - if only! - more that I'm sat there, pen poised, afraid to make the next stroke in case it all starts to go wrong. But having said that, the blessing of having some artistic ability is being able to make pictures closer to my precise fantasy than anything I'm likely to find by chance. Oh, I can't help with a cannon, by the way, and anyway the postage would cost the earth - but I'll see if I can dig out the name of that artist, maybe even some pictures.

  24. Quentin, thanks. If you like period pieces I hope you've checked out RedRump, linked in my blog list. He is a master of 50s-styled F/M art.

    JayJay, hiya. Part two is being tweaked to within an inch of its life, and will appear imminently!

    Michelle, hi to you. It's British self-deprecating humour that makes me talk that way. I hope nobody ever actually comments to say, please don't ever draw again ;). And you're right that we're in illustrious company here. I've blogged before about the thrill of being contacted by spanking artists I've long admired, and I'm excited by the new talent appearing too.

    Mistress L, thank you. Those are the two words we like to hear most around here :).

  25. I will take a bare ass paddling once in a while from my wife and when I do--I have it coming in spades--she has put up with plenty--she has every right to paddle my naked butt to vent her frustrations on my sorry ass---As for the picture--I could never have another person watch me get it---I would never want another woman to so much as see my bare butt--much less see me spanked bare---Its worked great for us for yrs---My butt really hurts though and I am a big wus when I am getting it--apologizing-telling her i won't be bad again--that it hurt too much---No wonder I need privacy!

  26. Anon, I must admit that the idea of a witnessed spanking is a much nicer fantasy for me than in would be a reality. Like you, I think I prefer to take mine in private!

  27. That is an incredibly hot illo......and I love the service arrived...w/a hairbrush! :-)!

  28. hot - and fun! i enjoyed this. readers who may be interested in the world’s biggest and best community for bdsm and femdom phone sex are also welcome here.

  29. while it is embarrassing to be standing naked whil your bride receives a hairbrush to use to spank you with, it could be more so if she invited her in to watch your punishment. Maybe she could instruct her to wait bu the door while she uses it to ad embarrassment if whe does not want her to actually witness it, but she knows having the maid hear it would help to embarrass you further. any how i love it. please keep more coming. thanks

  30. Dave and Ingrid, thank you. And Tommy, it's always great to see a fellow artist in here and I enjoy your work very much too. As to what happens next - I've been promising part two of the story for quite a while now but then got overtaken by Christmas. It's on the way, and all will be revealed. No, really!

  31. I really like this one, to bad the main isn't help out with the spanking....Rambo
    "Spanked By Ma'am"


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