Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Thursday 31 May 2012

Ah, Yes! I Remember It Well

You might not guess it from my here's-another-picture/here's-another-story approach to blogging, but I'm curious to know more about you lot than what you think of my latest effort.

So here's a question for those of you who actually do this thing we do (or have it done to them) - do you remember your first time? What prompted that initial collision of palm and derriere? Was it spontaneous, planned, paid for? Was it all you'd dreamed of and more, or were you left wondering what all the fuss was about?

I'll go first to break the ice. Barring some half-hearted horseplay with former girlfriends that doesn't really count, I managed to make it to the cusp of my forties unspanked. Having realised that life was too short not to spend at least an hour of it across someone's knee, I did a little, ahem, online research and arranged a meet with a very nice dominant professional lady. Several sleepless nights and one fidgety train journey later, I suddenly found myself in the passenger seat of her car on the way to confront my destiny. The thing is, that car ride was the oddest part of the whole day. It felt giddily surreal to be chatting with someone about the walloping she was about to give me - indeed to be chatting openly about spanking at all, after decades spent biting my lip.

About the session itself, there's not much to say except: a) I didn't know people spanked so hard outside of cartoons. b) the whole experience was somehow exactly as I'd imagined it, like coming home. And I wondered why on earth I'd waited so long.

Now, I'm half afraid that admitting having simply paid money for your first adult spanking is a little like confessing that the first music gig you went to was by Boney M rather than, say, The Smiths. I wish I had a tale to tell about my beautiful but stern boss bending me over the photocopier without warning for a paddling - but I don't. Perhaps, however, you do!

So let's hear about your first real-life, grown-up spanking experience - and if you've yet to have one, let's hear about how you fantasise that it will pan out. Adults only, of course, no kids' stuff - them's the rules around here. ;)


  1. Beating, not spanking. Early 20s I think. During a sexploration phase when we were doing lots of bondage etc, I asked a girlfriend to do it RIGHT NOW. It had taken several years to get to that point. Up until then I had always mentioned it as a need/fantasy and then expected it to happen at a later daye. LOL.

  2. Hi Underling,

    Interesting topic to explore. Thanks for the post. I did start writing a comment when you first put this up, but then it got so long that I turned it into a post of it's own:

    Sorry to put it over there and not here!


  3. Hello Underling,

    I've been missing your posts. You're images and postings are the best in my book! Thank you for all you do for our community!!

    First time? Hmmmm... Well, that's really complicated. I'm unable to reproduce a description of my first time OTK. Actually I recall, as a submissive younger brother to a bratty, powerful and dominant older sister, being subjugated to riding on the floor of my parents' 1960's vintage auto. This required posturing my torso with my front down, and humped over the hump in the middle of the floor where, I suppose, the crankshaft passed. Well, this resulted in me being in the correct position. The vibrations of the ride did the rest. I got turned on! At a very ripe young age that will go unmentioned. Anyway, in this situation my fantasies turned to spanking, all sorts of scenarios. But, even then I knew I wanted it.

    The result? Never happened until decades later when I dated a woman with an interest in such things. End result? Even that didn't really work out. We had our fun. But that really wasn't her thing. However, it continues to be mine... At this point in life I'm reaching out to "the community" to find my social "home", to find others who can relate to my interests, and, maybe, to encounter just the right lady who finds her bliss in dominating, humiliating and spanking her submissive, attentive, energetic and delightful male companion, and bliss in the attentions devoted to her beauty, her character and her feminity.

    Please keep on producing your art!! There are few like you in cyberspace, or in any space!

  4. Humiliated Geek20 June 2012 at 00:35

    First *adult* spanking was in college. My slightly older girlfriend asked what my fantasies were, and I confessed I wanted a spanking. It didn't really seem to be her thing - she did it halfheartedly, and eventually we broke up.

    I have fortunately married a wonderful woman more than willing to give me a walloping when I need it :).

  5. Hello Underling,
    I started out as a spanker. Had a girlfriend in college who played the naughty little girl and I would bare her bottom, put her OTK and spank her gorgeous behind until she was so turned on that she begged me to make love to her, The sex was fantastic and she loved to get spanked. We were extremely compatible sexually but not so compatible in other ways. Eventually we split up. The girls I dated after her though were not at all interested in spanking.
    When I started to date my wife it took me a while to bring up the subject of spanking because I was in love and didn't want upset things. Eventually, I asked her if she was interested in introducing spanking into our relationship. To my great surprise she said yes. The very next time we started to get busy I made an attempt to put her OTK and give her a spanking. "CRACK" she slapped me in the face and said how dare I try to spank her. You got the wrong message mister. I didn't say that I want to be spanked. I said that I was interested in spanking. You will get the spanking and I will spank!!!!. "CRACK" another slap. I was so surprised! I never thought of that. I was also very very aroused by her strict demeanor and by the slaps. I said what next, and she told me to take off my shirt and drop my pants and underpants to the floor.
    She took me by the ear, dragged me into the kitchen, and made me bend over and put my hands on the table. My penis was so hard that it hurt. She left the room for a minute and returned with a hair brush and strap. She really went to work on me that first time and I just held
    on to the table and took my punishment. For a while it seemed as though she would never stop. Finally she put the strap on the table and told be to stand up straight. You look silly with your pants around your ankles like that. Take them off and get into the bedroom now.
    Once we were in her bedroom she told me to undress her. She sat in a chair, opened her legs and told me to get my head down there and take care of her with my tongue. I was on my knees in an instant licking her well groomed pussy. The taste was a combination of her musk and strawberry. She was so wet and aroused that she had an orgasm within 2 minutes. We played in bed for hours afterward. She told me how much she enjoyed spanking my naughty behind.
    I turned into a submissive man that day. Three months later we were married.


  6. I was on an artist commune brought there my friend/sometimes girl friend. We were both in our earlier twenties. There was an older woman painter there...once when my girlfriend was mad at me. I don't even remember what I did but this older woman came upon us both all upset and unsure what to...I never seemed to do the right thing and she was never happy with my apology because we both knew it would happen again. She took us both by surprise when she started laughing. But then with a sly smile she suggested what we needed was for me to get spanked. At first we laughed too we thought she was joking but she wasn't. Well at first I said no way young foolish macho feelings in charge but the sexy devilish look in my girlfriends eyes brought me around. At first it seemed like a game but as the role became more real I surprised myself by feeling like a foolish scolded little boy but oh so turned on too. It became even more real when they spanked me. They used my own belt and let me tell you it really hurt. The best sex I ever had was makeup sexx with a red bottom. The rest of my life I think I will forever be turned on every time I just pay attention to the leather belt I wear...just in case someone needs to use it...well if anyone cares my relationship on the commune changed but I was only visiting for a summer and by the fall I was back in my own country and in college. We drifted apart but I think I can say we are still never forget your first.

    1. Hello Anon. First let me apologise profusely that your comment's only just been published. It had been directed to my spam folder, which I hadn't checked in a long time! A couple of Crimson Kid's posts were in there too...

      What a delicious tale about your commune experience, and you're right - you never do forget your first time!

  7. Some great stories here! A few Christmases ago my partner couldn't think of what to get me for a present, so I asked for my first spanking, never thinking she'd agree. Not only did she agree, she didn't think it was enough of a present so she also got a school uniform for me and a headmistress' outfit for her. That was a good Christmas!

  8. Just discovered your blog. Great stories!

  9. I really am ashamed that it's taken me a whole three months to get around to responding to theses. Sorry, everybody!

    Giles, well done for finally getting around to it. I expect like me you wondered why you hadn't done so earlier.

    Paltego, it's always a joy to get a plug on another blog, so please don't apologise. And I love your post and your whole blog!

    Content, thank you. I hope you find what you're looking for - believe me, there are plenty of us out there!

  10. HG, sounds like you have a marriage made in heaven.

    JayJay, great to hear your history. I had no idea you'd started out as a spanker - see, that's what's so interesting about these posts!

    Q, lovely story. I was about to say that was like Christmas come early, but I guess it was exactly on time.

    Leyla Mistress, thank you. I love to discover new blogs that have been around for a while - there's always so much retrospective browsing to do!

  11. @Underling - Yes indeed. However, asking is only half the problem. Knowing what to ask for is the real challenge....


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