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Friday, 31 August 2012

Spanking For Britain

Well, this is embarrassing.

Last year, yours truly drew everyone's attention to this report on the introduction of competitive spanking to the Olympic Games in time for London 2012. Now if you're anything like me - and come on, admit it, you are - then you were looking forward to this particular event more than any other. And yet it singularly failed to materialise.

Did the IOC get cold feet? Were there too few countries able to field teams? Who knows? All I can say is that after scouring the schedules I could find no mention of it, and hours and hours spent glued to the TV yielded nothing more than the occasional friendly swat among the beach volleyball teams.

Even the opening and closing ceremonies made no reference to it. Nearly £30 million to tell the story of Great Britain, and absolutely no acknowledgement of its national kink. A cast of 7,500, and not one of them across another's knee!

Now, of course the Games were wonderful and spectacular and exciting and moving and astonishing. They just weren't very... spanko. I had thought maybe they were saving the OTK action for the Paralympics - for example, it would make a fantastic wheelchair-based event - but it's not looking very likely.

To those of you disappointed by the non-televisation of our favourite 'sport', I think I can help. Check back in a couple of days and I'll see what I can do. ;)


  1. Now you may say I imagined it but I am a male bottom and so tend to take an interest in other bottoms (wg), whilst watching the Olymics, I did from time to time find my remote taking me to the 'womens beach volleyball' I don't know which country they were representing but one particular pair always got my interest because after nearly every rally one of the ladies would slap the other ones bottom, once OK, twice coincidence but in my book, every rally constitutes a, Spanko!! Lol

    1. I noticed that too. Most teams seemed to do it, I eventually thought it was part of the rules!
      There's been a lot of talk about competitive spanking events lately, your little teaser sounds intruiging Underling!

  2. There were plenty of sweet feminine derrieres showcased in the Olympics, not to mention plenty of well-toned, extremely athletic young women who undoubtedly had the physical strength and stamina to deliver some wicked paddlings.

    The female tennis players were the most obvious examples of this, with their 'stinging forehands' and 'blistering backhands'--I could envision a women's doubles team standing on either side of a bent-forward, bare-assed inept male referee with Spencer paddles in their hands, taking turns swinging them with his right buttcheek receiving the forehand strokes and his left cheek the backhand ones.

    So which type of swat would hurt the most? That would be an interesting experiment, hmmmm? Yes, I'd happily volunteer to play the referee's role with the Williams sisters plying the paddles... --C.K.

  3. Oops, reverse that...

    Assuming the female tennis players are right-handed, the bare-bottomed spankee would be receiving the paddler's 'stinging forehand' on his naked left buttcheek and the 'blistering backhand' on his unprotected right cheek.

    However, he might want to experience the same treatment, with forehand and backhand paddywhacks reversed, from a pair of left-handed tennis-playing ladies, just for comparison's sake--I know I would... --C.K.

    1. Hello CK. Sincere apologies - I just discovered this and your other comment languishing in my spam folder awaiting release.

      You're right about the allure of female tennis players, and no doubt Venus and Serena have fuelled many a male spankee's fantasies. It's a popular theme too - I know tennis outfits feature in some of your wonderful stories, and Sardax seems to be a fan as well. So I'd say I'm in good company!

  4. I look forward to your post about Olympic spankings, Underling. :-)


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