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Monday 31 March 2014

The Dog Ate It... thousand-word assignment, that is, on the theme 'What Mary did to Frank during their picnic'.

Actually, it's not quite as drastic as that. The story I'd intended to publish this month is merely somewhat delayed, and I promise to get it posted just as soon as I can.

Meanwhile two of my favourite fellow bloggers have been kind enough to feature some of my work this week, which always makes me improbably giddy.

First up is Qbuzz, who's included a couple of pictures you won't find here; and then there's the lovely Ronnie, who's even written her own delicious text to accompany an illustration.

Both sites are rather ace, so if you're not already familiar with them do take the time to look around and say hello while you're there. :)


  1. Undy,

    My pleasure. Do love your drawings. Thanks for the mention.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Your dog ate it? Oh dear Undie, I'm sure there are plenty of strict ladies around here who will tell you exactly what their response would be to such a cliched excuse ;)
    Thanks for the mention. Love Ronnie's little story to go with your old artwork too

    1. I know it's feeble, Q... whatever is to be done with me?

      Glad you liked Ronnie's text, too.

  3. Does anybody know if Undy died? He hasn't updated in forever and I'm afraid the Good Lord called him home.

    1. Hello there, Anon.

      Thanks for asking.

      I'm pleased to say that reports of my death have been exaggerated, and so far as I know the Good Lord is in no hurry to accommodate me. When the time does come, let us hope there is spanking in Heaven (although it would seem more appropriate to the other place).

      Truth be told, I'm not even taking a planned sabbatical - I've just been a lazy Underling. New material is on the way this month!

  4. Looking forward to your return Undie.(am taking a bit of sabbatical myself)

  5. You lied to us Undy. And you told me a very personal lie a while back. That is too bad. You are WAY too talented to take this path. Hey, I get it, you are not paid to do this, but I am disappointed in you, and I am know that I am not alone.

  6. Underling will come back when he is good and ready. Stop whining.

  7. Hi everyone, and apologies that I've been gone so long.

    As you'll see, I have finally posted the promised story - six or seven months late, but at least it's a long one! I make it about 4,600 words which is, what, about 160 words a week? When you look at it in those terms... no, I've still been extremely tardy. :)


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