Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Miss Scarlett, in the Library, with the Candlestick

Or actually, the mid-forties lady, in the bedroom, with the hairbrush.

All this polling malarkey over the last couple of weeks has been a good way for me to make lots of posts without actually doing any work - but now the voting is over, and I have to make good and come up with my resulting Frankenstein's Monster of a picture. I will try to stitch the parts together without the joins being too obvious!

It's going to take a while and I have other drawings nearer completion, so it probably won't be the next thing I post. But I'll let you know when it's ready.

Meanwhile it's probably worth summing up the results, because I think they're fascinating. There's been a lot of vying for position in some of the categories, while others have had clear leaders from the start.

In terms of implements, the brush - which I hope you all took to mean 'hairbrush' rather than, say, 'toothbrush' - proved hugely popular. I'm not suprised by this since I think it's the ultimate F/M implement - inherently feminine, equally good at driving out tangles and bad behaviour, and capable of delivering a wicked sting. Next up, but a long way behind, was the good old paddle. Nice to see that everything got at least one vote, and apologies again that I forgot to include the hand - I'm sure that would have had a lot of support.

For dress, you generally like your extremes. Although a fair few people wanted the lady to take at least something off, most of you thought she should be fully clothed. Less ambiguity when it comes to her victim - a huge majority want him bare naked, but with enough votes for underwear that I'll bear that in mind for a future pic. I didn't word this poll too well, but I'm going to assume that those clamouring for nudity won't mind a bit of clothing so long as it's pulled well down - especially since there was some specific mention of that in the comments.

Moving onto ages, it looked for a while as though you wanted the lady to be a little older - but this has gradually flattened out. For the men, it's striking what an even spread of votes we have. There's actually a dead heat between the two most popular age ranges, so I'll just have to choose one. I was pleased to see a few votes for sixties and seventies, since I'm sure many visitors are in those age groups - and 'silver spankos' are not well represented in artwork.

Thank you again for all the votes, and keep an eye out for the finished product!


  1. What a splendid blog! I've just discovered it. I love your artwork - more please!!

  2. Hello Underling,
    I'm anxiously awaiting seeing your next piece of artwork. As to the "Frankenstein" picture, I'm anxiously awaiting that as well, and I'm also sure that it will not be a "monster" at all, but rather a rendering that is up to your usual standards of excellence!
    In reading over the survey I'm realizing that the position of the naughty lad is not being determined by committee. I'm looking forward to seeing how you have him present himself for discipline! Thanks again

  3. Hi B-P. As a long time fan of your blog, I'm very glad you've found your way to mine. Please feel free, if you wish, to repost anything you like from here. I should be flattered! Lots more to come.

    JayJay, you're right - I didn't put positions to the vote. But your comments elsewhere have been noted, and I think I can accommodate you. :)

  4. It has been very interesting to follow your polls and now to see the end result (pun intended!).

    And I understand that it takes time to complete the kind of quality art work you produce, we will be anxiously awaiting the results. Perhaps you might consider looking at the runner-up categories and composing something from them.

  5. Ken, thanks for your patience. No progress to speak of yet, but I'm thinking about thinking about starting. :)

    Do let me know which runners up appealed most to you and I'll give them some priority.

  6. Fun stuff reading up the polls. Interesting balance in the ages too.

    And as to the subject line, I always always always had a thing for Ms. Scarlet. Definitely the hottest of the Clue ladies ;)

    And obviously a spanko!

  7. Aarkey, yep - definitely had a thing for Miss S too. Even if, as I remember, she had a head and nothing else!


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