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Saturday 7 August 2010

Another World

Film and literature are full of fantasies in which people like you and me suddenly find themselves transplanted to unfamiliar worlds: The Time Machine, Planet of the Apes, Gulliver's Travels, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Typically these settings are far removed from what we know. We're in the distant future, or everyone else is the wrong size. Or the monkeys are in charge and, in the shape of Helena Bonham Carter, weirdly attractive. Or everyone wears a white stretch jumpsuit, and midget robots are called Twiki.

As entertaining as these stories are, I like my fantasies a little closer to home. If a guy were to fall asleep and wake up in Underling's Alternate Reality, things might at first seem perfectly normal. He reads the newspaper over breakfast, before taking the train (not a hovercar) to work. While there he sends the wrong document to a client, and in the process loses business for his company. He leaves the office at the end of the day, and stops for a drink with colleagues on the way home.

But look closer - things are different.

The paper advertises jobs at firms where all the managers are female, and motivate their male staff through the routine use of corporal punishment. Indeed this morning, on arriving late to work yet again, our hero is called into his boss's office where she delivers six firm swats of the paddle to aid his timekeeping.

Later that day, she learns of the lost contract and repeats the process at greater length.

Boarding the train that evening, slightly tipsy, he fails to move along the carriage and make space for an older lady behind him. She loudly rebukes him and slaps him, hard, on the behind. There are some smirks among the other passengers, but no-one is taken aback. He mumbles an apology and hides his scarlet face behind his evening paper, in which there is a report on the outcome of a corruption trial. The defendant was found guilty, and Judge Judy Sheindlin has sentenced him to a hundred hours of community service and fifty strokes of the cane. The date of the flogging has yet to be set, but the article mentions that it will take place in the evening so that it can be televised live on the Justice Channel after the watershed.

Finally arriving home, our guy is met at the door by his wife. He is two hours late, dinner is cold, and the hairbrush is already in her hand.

So that's the world I'm offering. It's still Earth, in the early 21st Century. Nobody gets to fly around in spaceships. But ladies, you do get to exercise your spanking arm with every man who steps out of line. And gents, you get your bottom warmed wherever and whenever you need it - at home, at work, at the doctor's office, at the supermarket, at the drop of a hat. Doesn't that sound more exciting than white spandex, and an annoying robot going 'bidi-bidi-bidi'?


  1. You paint a picture of a very interesting world, especially for a F/M spanko like my self. Where do I get a ticket on that train?

  2. Hm, not sure, Ken. If you find out first, do let me know. Meanwhile I'll keep doing my best to create that world right here - no ticket required!

    Of course, you're lucky enough to be partway there already, with Cora taking care of business at home. :)

  3. That is a world I have dreamed of many times. I would very much like to have a lady boss who uses corporal punishment because not only would it make life more intersting, but I would get a lot more work done. The only thing I would change aboutyour version is that his boss would use a cane. For me, the cane is a symbol of authority and detachment and female bosses seem to suit that best of all - as well for the man needing it everyday.

  4. Where did that image of newspaper tear out come from? It is very well done.

  5. Well it is YOUR world.

    As a male switch who is well aware of the bratty power of the feminine its certainly not mine. I know in your world females vices are few and rare and carefully controlled, but in any variation of the "real world" that I know of that wouldn't be the case.

    In MY world, spankings for both sexes would be far more prevalant :)


  6. Hi Underling:

    It sounds to me like you have material for a collection of short stories there! With illustrations of course! ;-)

  7. Scally, thanks for your comment. I guess that's the beauty of fantasy - you can tweak it to suit yourself exactly. Regarding the newspaper tear out, it's all my own work. But you can't expect an artist to reveal all his secrets!

    Clarence, hi. I've no aversion at all to F/M spanking, or indeed any other pairing - it just would be out of place here. Perhaps I should have said this is Underling's world, but it's only one of mine. :)

    HMP, if only my overworked/ under-motivated body could keep up with my fevered imagination...

  8. Interestingly, our world is closer to such a fantasy than it has ever been. Women are slowly taking over the workplace. More women than men are graduating from our colleges. It may not be long before all men answer to women at their job. I think it will be rare though for corporal punishment to be used on men in such a workplace however I DO think you will (and possibly already do) see more subtle means of domination from the female boss. I know I have experienced it first hand and although I fought it at first, I have found the fight to be useless. I am in a very subtle way, dominated by women in the workplace on a daily basis. That is reality already.

  9. Great post, but why didn't the hero's wife hear from her husband's female supervisor regarding his unsatisfactory performance at work? And what's a watershed?

  10. Crimson Kid (C.K.)13 August 2010 at 01:16

    This kind of a matriarchal CP-based existence could be done as a parallel universe story--with a male protagonist who's somewhat chauvinistic and arrogantly macho being taught on his "seat of learning" to respect (and obey) the women in his life.

    To respond to your earlier query, I'm the "Crimson Kid" who's written a number of F/M stories posted on the 'net--if I did influence that wife and mother-in-law spanking the errant husband story you posted here, I'm gratified as I enjoyed both the story and the illustration accompanying it. And if you ever did want to try illustrating a story of mine, you're welcome to do so--and post the story here (as long as it's credited to me) along with the drawing(s).

    If you've read any of my "Sisterhood" stories, that organization (and similar ones) could represent an early initial step toward the type of femdom CP-enforced society you've postulated--which has been described in a few femdom spanking stories I've read on occasion...


  11. Married Sub: more women do seem to be taking senior roles these days. Just for them to achieve equality at work is a triumph - it's been a long, hard struggle to get there. Sounds interesting where you are, though. Do tell us more!

    ajr, hello. I suppose our guy's boss is quite happy to take care of office discipline, and leave his wife to deal with his behaviour at home. In this world she'd be in no doubt that he'd be subject to the marital hairbrush. The watershed (in this context) is the time after which it's assumed kids are safely in bed, and it's ok to show violence and nudity on TV. There'd be plenty of both in the show I have in mind! Maybe the TV 'watershed' is a British concept. I must remember, as I've just discovered thanks to Blogger Stats, that most of my hits come from outside the UK. :)

    CK, I look forward to more of your stories - and I will definitely have a go at illustrating one of them at some point. Now I just have to figure out which!

  12. I love love LOVE the ad. Awesome stuff. Cute & clever.

  13. Hi Aarkey, and thanks! It was nice to try something a little bit different. Really glad you appreciated it. :)


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