Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Do I Really Believe In This Stuff?

We all know that not everything on the web is what it seems. Boys pretend to be girls. Girls pretend to be boys. Some of them probably blog about spanking partners that don't, strictly speaking, exist. And you know what? I think that's cool. Fantasy is what I do.

But I don't want to mislead anybody here. While 'Underling' inhabits a universe ruled by paddle-happy women, his real world alter ego - yours truly - has a more mundane existence. God knows I love to spend an hour or two bare bottom up over a female lap, and I'm no stranger to the slipper, strap and cane. I'm a card carrying, bona fide F/M discipline addict and I've had the bruises and welts to prove it. Yet I'm not in a regular DD relationship, and I don't think I want to be. Although I salute those of you who are, and who are making it work, I'd guess - and this is purely a personal thing - that I'd last maybe a day in that kind of situation before getting stroppy and saying it wasn't funny any more.

Nor am I actually pushing any kind of political or social agenda. While I'm genuinely fascinated by the themes depicted in my artwork and writing, I hope it's no surprise that I don't really think men should be routinely stripped or spanked without their consent - not in real life. Believe it or not, I'm an equality-loving, abuse-hating, 'normal' kind of guy who happens to find the idea of a female-dominant society incredibly erotic. And I hope, whether you're male or female, gay or straight or bi, tranvestite, transgender,living the dream or happy with the dream itself, that the material I share here pushes your buttons in the same way as it does mine. That really is the only connection I ask, and it's what this blog lives for.

So, on to the results of last week's poll which asked which spanking pairings were of interest to you. More than two hundred of you took part, for which I'm very grateful. Sadly, but as predicted, only a small minority of those were ladies - but on the bright side, I still had more female participants than I'd expected. I'm assuming that all of you 'special girls' with cocks under your frocks - yes, I see you lurking over there in the 'Followers' section! - voted according to your physical appendages rather than the content of your wardrobes. ;)

Overall I was quite surprised by how F/M-biased most of the readership is. While there's certainly some interest in other pairings - especially where the dominant party is still a woman - I'd have guessed tastes would be more wide ranging than they actually are. One thing that's abundantly clear is that (unlike me) very few of you are fans of mano y mano discipline. It'd be interesting to see what the results would be if a similar poll was run on an M/F site, or better still a gender neutral one. Perhaps if you own such a site you'd like to oblige!

By the way, one of the reasons I ran the poll was that I've been thinking about doing a little artwork featuring female spankees. It won't appear on this site - that would be sacrilege :) - but if I do, I'll let you know where to find it!


  1. Underling:

    First of all, I salute your artwork, and the amount of effort you go through to produce it, most importantly, the amount of thought! (I did read much of the interview you posted).

    When it comes to whether or not the relationships depicted in blogs exist or whether the person is the gender they claim to be, I tend to focus on the content of the blog or the comment the individual is making on mine. I have met two bloggers and my partner and I also met a lovely DD/FLR couple- there's nothing like a face to face meeting to confirm who is who (and get a sense of who does what to whom). As for the rest, particularly the ladies (or "ladies"), I focus on the content of their comments and leave it at that. There's just no way to know if they are the gender they say they are, but that doesn't mean I can't learn something or interact with them.

    Keep on doing what you do!

    P.S. My verification word was an actual word - "color". Of course I almost typed "red"...I wonder why...

  2. i absolutly love all of your drawings. i have found an old f/f spanking i drew along time ago. i decided though that i would continue doing my fantasy female spanks male art as there really is so little of it on the net when compared to female female and male female. any how keep up the good work, it is really appreciated.

  3. Serving B, thanks for your support.

    I think over time you do get a feel for which are the genuine blogs and bloggers, and those are certainly the ones I get more out of - I do enjoy yours - although I still think it's ok if you just want to live out a fantasy online.

    It's clever how the verification words usually resemble real ones even though they're typically not - I guess they're randomly generated using certain rules, so you're bound to get a 'real' word every now and again!

    Tommy, thanks. I'm really glad you enjoy my work - it's always nice to get a compliment from another artist. Your blog is coming along amazingly. You're much more prolific than me! :) Which reminds me, I must link to you...

  4. Hi underling: I totally agree with you that consensual spanking is the only way possible.A lifestyle where one serves the other is not in the cards for me and Cindy. Cindy caters to my fetish, and occasionally enjoys having her bottom spanked also. We do use spanking to solve problems, but it is consensual, and a way for me to back down from an obstinate or domineering attitude. I love your fantasy artwork.

  5. While my wife and I are in a real DD relationship, and are experimenting with some real FLR elements, I have a always said that there are too many "purists" out there who like telling everyone else what a DD relationship "is" or "must" be. Different strokes for different folks -- pun intended.

    And, by the way, I do find the "involuntary" aspect of the FLR relationship we are exploring very hard to take. The erotic element of the spanking lifestyle is something we all appreciate, but it is a totally different thing when you have agreed to give up power and control to someone else, and they take you up on it!

    Love your art and your blog.


  6. Red, the name of your blog says it all! :) I liked your recent post about asking for a spanking just because you feel the need, and not having to find a disciplinary reason for it. I suppose I ought to go over to your place to tell you that!

    Reece, hi to you. It must be an enormous step to give up control like that, and one I can't imagine taking myself. But like you say, different strokes... Nice pun, by the way. :)

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  8. I too love the fantasy of a totally Female dominated world.I like your light hearted easy going attitude to your submissiveness too.


  9. Femsup, thanks. Although for many of us our kink is an important part of who we are, I've never seen a reason to be too serious about it. :)


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