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Sunday 26 September 2010

Round Numbers

Just a quick post to say I noticed today that I've had 50,000 hits to this main page alone, since I started counting in June. So thanks, everyone, for all your visits. I honestly never thought the blog could do so well.

I suppose properly I ought to wait until 100,000 to celebrate, but you know, any excuse for a party.

Now imagine if I got a couple more followers to make that up to 50. That'd present a nice symmetry, don't you think? Come on now, don't be shy! I had thought about offering a prize to the 50th follower. But then nobody would want to be number 49. :)


  1. I rather be member 42, then again i'm a bit of a know-it-all ;)

  2. Underling-
    Congrats on 50,000 hits. I know how much fun it is to watch the counters run up the numbers.

    And when I checked your followers, I found I wasn't on the list. Definitely an oversight on my part. (Perhaps you should notify Ms. Cora who could develope the appropriate correction!)

    Anyway, it looks like you now have 50 followers including myself!

  3. Ronnie and Ken, bless you and welcome to the club!

    Rogue, as I recall you were number one. Much cooler than 42, I think. :) And hey, thanks for the poll! Excellent!

  4. Congratulations on your 50,000iversary. I hope you have many more hits in the months to come.


  5. Thank you, Hermione. I hope so too! I'll do my best to earn them :)

  6. May you receive as many spanks as you receive hits... cheers

  7. Thanks for the sentiment, Red. Although I'm getting a fair number of hits these days, so that's a bit of a scary thought :).


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