Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Meet Diana - Desktop Disciplinarian

If you've visited some of the same dubious websites as me - and I bet you have, you naughty people - you've probably seen advertisements for virtual women who 'strip' on your computer desktop. Now I've never been tempted to download any of those animations, but I thought I'd try and produce something along the same lines for the spanko computer user in all of us. If your browser is running an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player, hopefully you're looking at her right now in all her panty wearing, paddle wielding, cartoon glory. If all you can see is a big blank space, sorry - it's probably because you're not running Flash.

Truth be told, Diana doesn't do that much yet but I hope you'll enjoy her just the same - and I hope you'll suggest how I might develop her further. Maybe we ought to expand her wardrobe for a start! By the way, I know she's pretty small. If you right-click over the animation you should be able to zoom in for a better look.

What's that? You want to put your desktop disciplinarian on your desktop? Well, it can be done if you're running certain versions of Windows, including XP (apologies to users of other systems). But there are a few steps involved, so I'll save that for another post. If anyone does want a Desktop Diana in a hurry, let me know and I'll forward you some guidelines.

Meanwhile, since we're on the topic of corrective cartoon characters - are there any who you think would make good spankers? I'm struggling to come up with them.

Marge Simpson? Nah, she's more of an appeaser.

Wilma Flintstone, maybe.

Ooh, what's the name of that girl in Futurama? The one with a single eye in the middle of her face? I can definitely see her dishing it out. Ohh, yeah.



  1. Underling-
    Great Job! I love the animation! I think it has great possibilities. Again, your talents shine like a beacon to those of us men who are soooo attracted by women who spank!

    Of course I am prejudiced about how I like my disciplinarian dressed and I think you know what I mean. Just look at the third pic of Cora in my post of Nov. 6. Any chance you could animate her?



  2. I love her! Don't worry about the clothes or the look, it's the expression and behaviour that are important.
    Could she fold her arms? Frown? Point at you? At her lap? That would be a lot to be going on with.

  3. Ken, you already have your very own life sized, flesh and blood Cora with fully articulated paddling action. I doubt you'd seriously want a pale imitation of her ;).

    Preacher, nice ideas there although that would indeed be a lot to be going on with! Expressions are relatively easy, so I'll probably give that a go. I had thought about a beckoning hand, similar to your pointing finger idea, but that will take a little while. It'd be much easier if she was a 3D model that I could manipulate like a doll (if that doesn't sound too creepy!), rather than old school hand drawn 2D, which she is.

    Aarkey, thanks. I was pretty pleased too :).

  4. Hi Underling:

    Absolutely brilliant!! Great great stuff!! Can't wait to see more animated virtual Dommes! Awesome! ;-)

  5. Great job! You were thinking about animated spankers?
    How about Lara Croft, Wonderwoman or Red Sonya? I adore them all three and would love them take on a switch, paddle or hairbrush:)

  6. Hello Underling
    This is some terrific computer skill you've got!! Very nice indeed!!
    Diana is looking like she has a natural talent for adjusting the attitude of a naughty boy! I wonder if she takes off her sweater when she really gets to beating a naughty boy's bare bottom?
    As to good cartoon spankers, I'm thinking that Lois Griffin from Family Guy is a possibility. I've seen her dressed as a dominatrix in one episode, you know the look I'm sure, black boots, riding crop, net stockings and her little ass in very tight short pants. So, maybe she's a possibility.
    Thanks very much! Great Work!!!!! JayJay

  7. HMP, thanks. More dommes? Slave driver. I've only just finished that one :)

    Doutdes, hi and welcome! Yes, nice list you have there. Lara Croft for sure. Didn't Wonder Woman come ready equipped with a whip, or is that just that dream I had? Catwoman, she'd be good too.

    JayJay, good choice with Lois. That's actually a nicely risqué show all round, isn't it? The only problem with Diana taking off her top is that I'll have to draw more of her. But I'll give it some thought.

  8. Hi underling! Thanks for the warm welcome. Wonder woman indeed had her whip did Catwoman...oh those naughty superheroines! Perhaps Lara would be quite happy to have her way with the only other famous hollywood archaeologist...Indiana Jones.
    But that would probably be more for a completely new picture....Indiana Jones and the secret of the Holy Hairbrush! (Lara finds it of course before Dr Jones does and teaches him some manners with it:)

  9. Great job! If you have ever seen the features of the "desktop mates" site, wow, it would be great if some of those features (speech, etc.) could be added to your desktop figure. The "lela' girl on futurama? yeh, that would be great too.

    Great site and your very talented!

  10. Doutdes, I've seen drawings of Ms Croft being spanked, but never as a top. Although she'd surely make a good one.

    Regarding heroines with whips, they have a certain appeal but I prefer my implements a bit more cosily domestic. Give me 'Slipper Woman' over Wonder Woman any day. :)

    Dan, hi to you. Lela, is that her name? Yes, when she fixed you with that eye you'd know you were in trouble! I haven't heard of desk mates, but I'll be sure to check them out.

  11. @ Underling: Slipper Woman...;) I'll have to keep an eye on her!

    I know some pics of Lara being spanked, but I guess you and we all would love to see her other side...I wonder how she teaches her students lol!

  12. As usual your artwork is excellent.

    My personal taste is toward the typical (no-nonsense) housewife or soccer mom sort of thing. Not too interested in the typical black leather/chrome goth thing... After all, paddles work equally well in a well lit room room as they do in a dark dungeon.

  13. Definitely a domestic/mom fan when it comes to attire. A sweater and skirt with knee socks is a very nice outfit for a spanking mom or sitter.

  14. Definitely agree with the domestic look over the dominatrix look. Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin for that matter, maybe Jessica Rabbit? Speech would be a wonderful addition to your little desktop domme there; I can't wait to see what you do with her.

  15. Oh, this is absolutely adorable...and very well done so far!
    Now, just for an idea, because I can imagine all the work it would entail being a pain in the ass, (pun intended), but it would look incredible if she lifted her paddle and smacked her other palm :D.
    Again, it's merely an idea...but it always gets a classic reaction when I pull this little move...;)


  16. Doutdes, I think we've seen Lara's 'other' side - sassy, confident, athletic, ruthless - it's the idea of her as a spankee that's difficult to buy. It'd just be nice to see her with a paddle in her hand instead of an Uzi!

    OnHerKnee and Anon1, I'm with you all the way. I think my favourite pictures and movies are from Nu West/ Leda, with ladies who are elegantly but realistically dressed, and severe as hell. Yum!

    Anon2 - sheesh, can't you guys sign off with a nickname or something? ;) - Jessica Rabbit, of course! Perfect suggestion. Speech would be great, and not that hard to do. Just need someone to volunteer to voice her, cos it's not going to be me! Maybe someone like - oh hi, Shannon! :) You're right that if Diana has to move both those hands then it's going to a challenge. But I like a challenge, so watch this space.

    Thanks, everyone, for your input!

  17. great artwork
    thanks for sharing your efforts with us.

  18. Happy post thanks giving and hopefully Black Friday is not a Black and blue Friday lol. love your art work keep up the great work.

  19. Thanks, Red!

    Hi Anon. Living in the UK, I don't really do Thanksgiving and Black Friday doesn't feature much. But Black & Blue Friday? Yep, that gets my vote!

  20. Good animation ,she looks strict ,best,Tim.


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