Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Love Our Lurkers Day 5

Today is LOL day!

Organised by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, it's an opportunity to honour our 'lurkers' - the many visitors who tiptoe in and out of our sites unannounced - and at the same time to encourage them to be a bit less, well, lurkery. :)

I really do appreciate all the visits I get here. It's great to think that hundreds of people pass through every day from all over the world. But best of all is opening up my blog and finding a comment or two, or a new follower - it's the difference between having a pretty girl smile at you on the bus, and having her sit down next to you and say hello.

So whether you're a long term visitor or this is your first time, I'd love it if you took the opportunity to speak up by adding a comment to this post.
A blog is nothing without an audience, so tell me what you like and don't like, and help shape the future of the site - or just say hiya, and let me know you're out there!

You can be as anonymous as you like - you don't need an account to contribute here - but please do sign off with a first name/ nickname/ pseudonym so that I can send a hello right back atcha. Of course all my regular contributors are also encouraged to join in the fun.

Thank you, and welcome! :)


  1. Here's lurking at you kid. :)

  2. Yeah I'm the first here.

    Happy LOL Day. I do like the picture:)


  3. Happy LOL Day and let's hope more lurkers decide to comment.


  4. Hi Underling,

    Happy LOL day! I'm a frequent visitor to your blog and always enjoy my visits here.


  5. It's always been fascinating to me how many people don't post online. On some forums it's as easy as clicking the thumbs up icon to say "thanks" to the person who posted something.

    I get hundreds of views a day, but I've never had more than 5 or 6 comments (and usually average just 1 or 2.)

    Seeking the feedback and the responses is futile in my experience. But is really appreciated when it happens.

  6. Hello Underling!
    That's a very pretty lady there, promising not to hurt me. Hmmmm, but the thing is hurts sooo good sometimes. I wonder what she's got in her left hand? It looks like the dreaded "Spencer" paddle to me.
    My answer to her would be..." I'd love to come in, and how do you want them, up or down?"
    Thanks for all of your efforts. JayJay

  7. I like the illustration, Happy LOL day.


  8. Was my comment deleted?

    Anyway, Happy LoL day :)


  9. Happy lurkery daze! I used to lurk, but then I started to write a blog. I live for comments! I don't do analytics so I have no clue how many people look at my stuff or from whence they come.

    I write mostly for me and my cronies (and the occassional lovely dominant woman) who leave funny, inspiring, insightful, or just plain back at 'cha comments.

    So here's to comments. Gotta love 'em!!

  10. Hi, I like your site. More panties please.
    Happy Lurkers Day!


  11. Hello all! I see a smattering of delurkers along with the regular reprobates. Thanks, everyone, for taking part!

    B-P, ouch! Nice pun, I think.

    Ronnie, glad you like the picture. It was a bit of a rush job - I'm not used to working to a deadline. I blame Bonnie :).

    Florida Dom and Cookie, hi and welcome to you!

    Hermione - since you and Bonnie are often partners in crime, thanks to you as well for helping to bring the spanking community together.

    Aarkey, I guess we're all lurkers to a degree - I certainly read far more posts than I contribute to. I love to get comments, but in general I do my best to earn them - hence I've drawn a picture for my LOL entry :).

  12. Hi Chross. No idea what happened to your earlier comment, sorry - I never saw it. Must have got lost in the ether somewhere :(. Thanks for persevering, and thanks for your excellent blog!

    Advo, I agree there's nothing like a bit of feedback to brighten a day! I count myself lucky to have some very loyal and vocal visitors.

    Devonshayde, hi to you! (waves enthusiastically). For me panties and spanking go together like, well, love and marriage. So expect more pairs to be on show in future work.

  13. Hi Underling,

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in our LOL Day celebration. It looks like you got a fine turnout!


  14. have a LOL-tastic LOL day!

    keep up the spanktastic bloggin'!

  15. Bonnie, thank you for organising and promoting it.

    Dave, I did and I will. Cheers!

  16. Well, a bit late but happy LOL day. (We have been a bit under the weather - literally).

    Ken and Cora

    P.S. Love the pic.

  17. Hello, great Blog you have here, I stop by at least a few times a week, and vote in your polls.

  18. Ken, Cora and Anon, hello there and thanks!

  19. R, I assume you're laughing out loud rather than loving our lurkers :).

    Either way, nice to hear from you!

  20. Apologies, but I was out of town onthis day.Love your drawing though...said the spider to the fly..

  21. Red, I didn't get round half of the blogs I wanted to either. But I think I've had more comments since LOL day than on the day itself, so it's all good.

    Glad you like the picture, and I like your interpretation!

  22. Not a lurker but someone who has recently found your wonderful work.Love the Female Supremacist or at least Female -Led world that is portrayed.Your writing is warm and unstultified.

    For instance like the hid holed strap in the pic above.And of course it won't be a permanent sting and hurt.The beating will lose its pain eventually and will have done us no harm.


  23. Hi Underling:

    What's not to like about your blog? You're a very talented artist and your theme is FemDom spankings! That's a win/win in my book! I am proud to say I "knew you when" and posted your illustrations before you became a blogger in your own right! Love the lady at the door btw! She makes me want to enter her domain and get my cheeks red! :O

  24. Femsup, thanks for your kind words.

    HMP, I'm very grateful for those like you who published my work before I took the plunge. :)

  25. love the paddle sticking out so subtly. Well Done

  26. Cheers, Red. This was a relatively simple drawing, but I'm glad you found something in it you particularly liked :).

  27. Rarely just a lurker, but do want to say THANKS for all your posts and thoughts. Love the visuals, too! :)

  28. Weave, thank you. I don't pretend to have any great insight, but I do at least try to entertain :). I'm really pleased this post is still getting comments, too. There have been far more since LOL day than on the day itself!

  29. Hi Underling, I might be a bit late (first time here!) but I love all things femdommy and spanky. Great artwork, I love it. Keep it up!

  30. Substantial, thanks and welcome! It's never too late to post in here, and it sounds like you're in the right place!

  31. Thanks for the encouragement. I am a male in a vanila relationship fantasizing about what might be. I have enjoyed your posts and will continue to visit.


  32. Hi Troy. I think we all spend a lot of our time fantasising! I think in some cases we should be careful what we wish for :).

  33. What it is i'm lurking for
    Is a mistress and maybe more.
    One who will take me in hand
    And spank me and make me stand
    Naked in a corner of my room
    And there await further doom.

    1. Excellent, thank you! :)

      Maybe next year I'll try and encourage all lurkers to contribute in verse!

  34. Nice spanky blog you have ,attractive young lady as the spanker ,best,Tim.

    1. Thank you, Tim. I almost missed your comment - sorry to be late replying. Feedback is always very welcome, even on old posts!


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