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Saturday 18 December 2010

Straight To The Action?

If you've ever said to yourself - and let's face it, who hasn't? - 'I wish I could see all of Underling's pictures in one place, instead of having to wade through the tedious ramblings in his blog' - then look no further than 'my' page on the Spanking Art Wiki. Most of my artwork ends up there at some point - and the best thing is, because those nice people at SAW are ridiculously generous with their bandwidth, everything I've uploaded to that site is completely uncompressed. That means the images are cleaner and sharper than the versions you'll see here on the blog - they just don't arrive there so soon.

Check it out, if you haven't already, but promise you'll come back when you're done because it'd get lonely here without you.

Anyway, while reviewing the wiki page an odd thing occurred to me. In the fourteen months or so that I've been creating pictures for the web, I reckon I've only produced thirteen 'proper' drawings. But shocking though that is, it's not the really suprising thing - you knew already what a slowcoach I am. No, what really struck me was that of all the pictures I've drawn, only two feature ACTUAL SPANKING. Have a look if you don't believe me.

Sure, there are plenty of red bottoms and faces, anxious expressions, evil smirks and brandishing of implements. But where's the action? The pop of the paddle? The swish of the cane?

Even the stories I've written tend not to dwell on the actual whupping. Some of them even end before it begins.

I think the real reason that spanking itself takes a back seat is that I'm so obsessed with everything that surrounds it - the ritual, I guess. I could look at a picture of nothing more than a woman flexing a cane with a particular expression on her face, or read a story consisting entirely of someone threatening a spanking, and still get massively turned on.

So am I alone in this? Are most people impatient to get to the action, or are there other particular little things about a scene that really push your buttons - maybe even more so than the spanking itself?

Do let me know!


  1. I'm with you on this. The "ritual" is what makes it all worthwhile. Those events leading up to the actual discipline, the symbols, the words, the demeanor of the disciplinarian, etc....all those get the juices flowing!

  2. As an Ageplayer for me it very much the ritual the draws me, the help me feel little.

  3. You are absolutely not alone. I agree with Suzanne that the ritual makes spanking what it is, and it is important for all spankers, and spankees, to understand that. Without the ritual one might as well not try.


  4. Oh, my, I love all those!! :)
    Still working on a better "ritual" with my Wife... :)

  5. Hi Underling:

    First of all; nice Wiki page! I agree the illustrations are sharper and cleaner there. I downloaded them and you will probably see them pop up in future posts on my blog! ;-)

    Also I quite agree that all the little things are so important. The swish of the cane. The click clack of high heels. Gazing at the welts afterwards. Tender after care. The flush of exertion on the face of a beautiful woman as she vigorously applies the paddle. Her look of concentration. The gleam in her eye. Her evil little smirk. Yeah. The little things.

  6. Suzanne and Throck, yes! I think most especially for me, it's the words. My favourite kind of spanking dialogue, whether in a story or in real life, is about the natural inevitability of it: 'I'm going to show you what happens to naughty boys.'

    Rogue, as one of those nice people at the Spanking Art Wiki, thank you for letting me show my work at its best :). Do let me know if I'm using too much bandwidth!

    Weave, cheers. I can only imagine that the more experience you and your wife get, the more you'll tune into each others' likes and dislikes. I hope you get into a ritual that you both enjoy. Good luck!

    HMP, oh yeah - all of those things and more :). I've always thought that the sexiest disciplinarians were those for whom it seemed no effort at all - but now you put it that way, I've changed my mind!

  7. Definitely,the setting of the scene, the people involved, the no way out from a spanking, the idea of being able to put yourself in the position of the person about to be spanked...all are a great part of the spanking eroticism. This is why a man many times will have an erection when about to be spanked!
    Now, stop dilly dallying, and draw some more art for us to view and admire... cheers

  8. I dont know if my first comment went through.So my apoligies for possibly double posting

    I would agree witht he other commenters here. Its the ritual and setting that is very important in drawing a spanking drawing.As with Female Led Relationships, it s not a "hurry up" ,"Wham bam thank you ma'am" , type of thing

    I love the fact that the expressions on your charachters faces tell a story all in themselves.Thats true artwok

    And while i hope that you do many more drawings, i for one am not dissatisfied about the amount that you have done.Quality counts far more then quanity !
    I hope that you have a Happy christmas! And a wonderful 2011! Thank you for all of your drawins and stories that you have posted over the last year

  9. Red, agree that the 'no way out' element is very powerful. Since you and Cindy both do the spanking from time to time, I'm curious to know whether you look for different things in the ritual.

    As for stopping dilly dallying - I haven't even started yet! ;p

    BOB, no sign of your earlier comment so you were right to try again. Thanks also for the vote of confidence - I'm glad you think the pictures are worth the wait. I'll never be as prolific or as talented as some of the other femdom artists out there, but I do my best! Best wishes also to you and yours for the holiday season.

  10. I love the ritual. I also love the sensation of my penis against her knee, clothed or not, and the sting of the spanks, but it's all set up by her prelude. Her "You need a spanking" goes on to a discussion of how it's going to be administered, followed by that wonderful "get over my knee."

  11. DB, agree - anticipation counts for a lot, and those are a couple of classic and well chosen phrases. To the point, and most importantly not up for debate!

  12. Hello Underling,
    The wiki page is awesome! As far as the "ritual" is concerned you are definitely not alone.

    The ritual is very arousing and exciting for me as well. The warning that a spanking is due, the announcement that the time has arrived, the detailing of what is going to happen, and then the preparations for the spanking are all very important for me. These are the things that do it for me.

    In my own personal situation I'm extremely aroused by the scolding, the undressing, the preliminary swats to punctuate the lecture, and the final "march", with pants down, to the spanking room. These things have my penis standing at attention for sure. Once the spanking starts, however, my mood changes and the stiff cock turns into a "little wee-wee" quickly enough. My wife is relentless when she spanks and I'm a very sorry little boy in short order. The amazing think is that I still find the preliminaries exciting. You'd think that the penis would learn from experience, that as pleasurable as the "ritual" is, the eventual whipping is going to hurt like blazes! I guess I'm a spanko who is a whimp when it comes to the actual pain of the spanking.

    The after "ritual" can also be exciting! Corner time with the spanked bottom on display, or lying on the bed with the burnt cheeks up in the air are both very exciting. Looking at the bruised bottom days after can also be very arousing.

    To sum up I would say that I love the fact that I'm going to be spanked, I love being prepared to be spanked , and I love having been spanked. I just don't like to be spanked!! I guess that's the paradox of the submissive male.


  13. JayJay, thanks for that. It all rings true for me, and I especially like the mention of the preliminary spanks during the lecture. Oh, yeah!

    You're right that ours is a paradoxical kink. Sometimes I find it as hard to understand as I'm sure most non-spankos do! Still - ours not to reason why, ours but to kick and cry...

  14. Thanks Underling,
    To kick and cry.....YES!!!!!! Well said indeed!!!!!


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