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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A One And Five Noughts

While I was away celebrating the yuletide holiday, one of you left me an extra Christmas present - the 100,000th visit to this blog's 'home page' since I started counting back in June.

Now this figure looks pretty puny in comparison to some sites out there. But it's still equivalent to the entire population of Grenada stopping by (or maybe just one scarily obsessive Grenadian visiting every 3 minutes for the last 6 months).

Nor is this the whole story. If I count views of all pages rather than just the main URL, then I'm averaging about a thousand per day when the blog is only ticking over - and double that on the days when I actually make the effort to post something :).

In one sense these are all just numbers - but they represent real people, the like-minded travellers who are the life blood of any site, and the fulfilment of an ambition I never knew I had. I didn't dream until recently that I might carve a little place for myself in this community - that people might end up collecting my work in the same way that I've greedily consumed that of other spanking artists over the years, and that some of those same artists I still hold in awe might be chatting to me by email!

So thank you for the hits so far - I'm already looking forward (if I live that long) to adding another zero!

By the way - there should be a little animation at the top of this post, in celebration of the 100K thing. If you can't see it and you want to, you'll need to go and get Flash Player. The movie includes a bit of sound that you can turn on and off - I've left it off by default, just in case you're browsing the site at work or something.

God, you're not browsing the site at work, are you? ;)


  1. I love the fact that the paddle has the symbol for the female gender on it.Great detail!

  2. Why be surprised that your blog and artwork is gaining recognition? You know how quickly some spanking art gets passed around and around in the same circles...and it's the good stuff that thrives.
    And you, dear, produce some of the GOOD stuff. ;)


  3. Well, as a matter of fact I AM browsing at work, and your joke about the Grenadians made me snort audibly! Great animation - I love it!

    Congratulations on all the hits. You deserve them.


  4. Hello Underling,
    Three well hung bad boys getting it together. NICE!!!! Congratulations on the milestone.
    I'm thinking that the paddle has been charmed by a very beautiful, but strict sorceress, and that she's just sitting back watching their little behinds roast under it's touch.
    Now, what would be the correct charm to put on a paddle to make it spank like that?
    Thanks again....JayJay

  5. Best wishes to you for a Happy and healthy new year. Congratulations on hitting 100,000 so quickly. Glad you are posting more of your great pictures more often. Now get back to work because you have yet to post any new ones in 2011.

  6. Thanks, BOB. Glad you like it. Adding the female gender symbol was a last minute inspiration, to give some personality to that disembodied paddle!

    Shannon, you're very kind. I was more surprised that I'd actually made the move to put stuff out there at all! In terms of quality, I do ok and I'm getting better - and I've had so much encouragement from people's comments. But when I look at how much more accomplished some other spanko artists are, I'm torn between inspiration and desolation :).

  7. Hermione, hi and thanks. I hope no Grenadians were offended in the making of my post. Of course in reality most of my traffic (about two thirds, I think) originates all over North America. No matter what time I post, I never expect too many comments until your continent gets out of bed :).

  8. JayJay, I was thinking my animation does have a touch of The Sorceror(ess)'s Apprentice about it, although I doubt Disney will be calling to offer me work any time soon. Maybe the paddle has been charmed, but more likely it was just animated by a lazy blogger who couldn't face having to draw the woman wielding it. Actually, the real reason is that another character would have blocked our view of the all-important number being imprinted on those poor young men's behinds. There, I knew I had a good excuse!

    As for the charm that would make a paddle behave in that way, I dunno. 'Paddlacadabra', maybe. It'd be great if you could do it. Imagine the benefit to self-spankers!

    You know what I'd love to do? Have this animation permanently at the top of the page, swatting out the actual visitor count in real time. Sadly, it's beyond my technical know-how.

    Red, thanks, my friend. No need to be such a slave driver though. I'm only a few minutes into the New Year, and yours hasn't even started yet :p.

  9. Underling-
    Congrats on you 100,000 hit. You definitely deserve the recognition.

    It is amazing how many of us are out there. You will be celebrating futher milestones in the future and will be amazed at each one.

    We are proud to be sharing the same blog space as you and so many others, too.

    Ken and Cora

  10. Lol.....that animation is brilliant! - I could watch it all day!

    Belated Christmas greetings and a Happy New Year to you. I look forward to more of your unique spankography in the coming year.

  11. Ken and Cora, thank you and a Happy New Year to you. I look forward to spending 2011 doing the rounds of the great blogs, including yours.

    B-P: hypnotic, isn't it? :) Happy New Year to you too.


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