Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Monday 5 April 2010

Glad You Could Make It...

Welcome, all!

Pull up a well-padded chair, and make yourself as comfortable as any recent blisterings will allow. Hope you like the place. I've just started decorating, in my own amateur style, and I'll be continuing to do so - somewhat gradually - over the coming months.

Many, many thanks to the illustrious bloggers who've given me temporary accommodation in Kinkland up until now - particularly CJ , Stan E and HMP. I thought I ought to be grown up and get my own pad now that I've collected (just) enough items with which to furnish it, but I hope to continue turning up at those other sites for as long as I'm welcome.
I guess I ought to show you around, so here goes.

What you'll find here:

  • Drawings of fantasy men being VERY firmly dealt with by no-nonsense women.
  • Captions and stories with that very same theme.
  • The ramblings of your host about the material presented, and his twisted imaginings in general. I apologise in advance for these, but we have to pad things out somehow.
  • Hopefully, a community of wonderful people adding their own comments to the posts, voting on what they like and don't like, and suggesting scenarios they'd like to see depicted in the future.
What you WON'T find here:
  • Kids. Here comes the serious bit - there'll be strictly no depiction of, nor reference to, the punishment of minors on this site. That also applies to any comments you might like to post, please.
  • Whip wielding, leather clad dominatrices from hell - just not really my scene, man. My favourite fantasies are populated by regular people like you and me, just trying to get along (albeit at opposite ends of a paddle). I'll also leave the 'extreme' stuff to others - nobody here will be inserting anything into, or cutting anything off, anybody else!
  • A ton of pictures from elsewhere. There are plenty of other sites collating images from the farthest reaches of the interweb, and thank the Lord for them - but I don't think I need to provide another one.
  • Daily updates. I should say up front that I work at the pace of a snail whose fellow snails are forever telling him to keep up. So rather than being one of those bloggers that start with a bang and fizzle out over time, I'm aiming to start with the fizzle and maintain it as best I can.
I would LOVE to hear from you. So please don't be strangers!


  1. Let me be the first to wish you every success with the new Blog. I am sure that your wonderful artwork will attract a devoted following. I shall certainly be a regular visitor. CJ.

  2. Hi Underling:

    Congratulations on getting your own pad!! I look forward to many more posts dedicate to female domination and domestic discipline! :-)

    Best of luck with everything!


  3. Hey HMP. Thanks for stopping by.

    And I just spotted the plug you gave me on your blog. It means a lot - thanks so much! :)

    Still very much enjoying Her Majesty's Plaything. Keep on posting!

  4. Great stuff! And I definitely applaud you "being yourself" - if it's the every day scene that gets your imagination fired, by all means man... run with it!


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