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Friday 23 April 2010

Polling is closed...

...and while 23 is hardly a massive turnout, I don't think it's too bad for a, erm, humble and recently founded blog like this one :). So thanks for voting, and thanks especially to Bonnie at MBS whom I'm sure has sent some new visitors in this direction.

The best news was that all three pictures got some votes, so each of them must have pushed somebody's buttons! Of course now I'm curious to know what it is that made 'Late Home' the winner. Is it the family dynamic? Is it the caption? Do some of you have a particular thing for hairbrushes (God knows I do!)?

Do let me know.

Oh, and a big hi to my new followers. It's great to see you. :)


  1. Well the domestic nature of the pic probably had factor if I was to guess.

  2. Just found your site and love it so far. I am regularely spanked by my wife, hairbrush and OTK. Would love to have her spank me in front of her mother

  3. Rogue, plenty of domestic stuff to follow. I know, I need to stop talking about this stuff and actually make some more! :)

  4. Anonymous - really glad you like what you see so far, and may all your dreams come true - unless it would be too much of a shock for your poor mother-in-law!

    There's a whole story to go with that picture, which will probably be the next thing I post - although again, it's not completely new and you can find it already if you dig around on 'Over Her Knee'.


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