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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Spankings For All

In general I have pretty old fashioned views on copyright. I think, if you like a movie or a piece of music enough to want to own it, then you have a moral as well as a legal obligation to pay its creators their due.

On the other hand, the drawings and stories I'm posting here aren't my livelihood - I produce them for my entertainment and yours, and in the original spirit of the internet they belong to all of us. Coming across my work unexpectedly on another site is flattering, and I still haven't quite got used to it. Even the thought that somebody liked something enough to save it for his or her collection is a thrill!

So please feel free, always, to help yourselves and to reuse anything that appeals to you. All I ask is that you don't compress pictures to the point where they look horrible, nor remove the signature logo. And a credit or a link, if you have space for it, is a welcome bonus! :)


  1. Does the compress request cover thumbnail the link to the full sized image?

  2. Hiya rogue.

    I guess thumbnails by definition are always going to look fairly poor - although I've seen some that look much better than others, which I guess is when the site owner has done his or her own compression to create a dedicated thumbnail image. Certainly I don't like the 'inline' images that Blogger creates, and it bugs me that no matter how small the file you upload, it seems to insist on compressing it further!

    Anyway, I don't mean to sound at all precious about this - in general I'm just grateful that someone has liked my work enough to reuse it. It's just that I've seen some sites where the ONLY version of the image had been made tiny and super noisy, and you wonder why the owner bothered to post it at all! As long as a crappy looking thumbnail links to a decent quality version, it's all good. :)



  3. OK Good to hear, and quite understandable 8)


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