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Sunday 2 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions, Old-School Methods

This one's for Red, who was leaving comments on New Year's Eve complaining that I hadn't posted any pictures for 2011 yet ;). Feel free to pop over to his (admittedly excellent) blog at Consensual Spanking, and give him some grief on my behalf.

Like Paul here, I've neglected to make any resolutions for this year. I find it helps to avoid the self-hatred later. Unlike Paul, no-one's going to try and force the issue in my case.

Carla's a very demanding lady, but at least she'll help this young man to feel good about himself by making sure he sticks to 'his' promises. I'd give him a week maximum before he needs his first reminder.

Have a fantastic '11, everybody!


  1. Underling: I really love your drawings, thus prodding has excellent rewards... And I think when i posted, it was already new Year 2011 where you live.
    Happy New Year

  2. Guess I fall into the same category as you, I don't make resolutions, mainly because I don't keep them.
    I enjoy your pics and your blog, I have yours listed on my blog page.
    Happy New Year!!


  3. Grat drawing! I love the items on the list

  4. Red, thanks for the encouragement (before and after!) This picture really was for you because I didn't start it until I got your prod :). That's something like a 2-day turnaround, which must be a new record for me!

    James, hiya. It does sound a bit feeble doesn't it, not making resolutions for fear of breaking them? I will make one I know I can keep - to visit your blog today :).

    BOB, good morning to you. I was thinking even while I was coming up with the list that some of the items would appeal to you - especially the reference to Carla's friends, I'm guessing, since I know you're a fan of submission to groups of women in domestic situations. Glad you get the gist of the list (I'm a poet and I know it!) Maybe I'll update the post with the full text of its contents since some of its ambiguity hadn't occurred to me - for example, those are at least two daily orgasms for Carla, not at most two for Paul! :)

  5. I absolutely love your blog. You are a talented artist. Thank you for sharing that talent with us.

  6. I love your drawings Underling. Hope 2011 is a wonderful one for you.


  7. Happy New Year Underling!!!
    Great drawing and WOW that's a big hairbrush for sure. He'll have some bruises if he doesn't keep those resolutions I'll bet. Looks to me like you are getting close to full frontal nudity there. I'm not complaining mind you, just observing his little patch of hair and wondering about his arousal level.
    Thanks, JayJay

  8. Burl, Ronnie and JayJay - sorry, been a bit tardy replying to comments lately. Nothing personal, just the day job getting in the way now the Christmas break is over :). Thank you for your nice remarks.

    J, that is a big brush - maybe more clothes brush than hairbrush! Either way, yep - it's definitely a bruiser.

  9. Happy New Year Underling! Thanks for sharing another excellent illustration with us! As you know I have made some New Year's Resolutions including the decision not to let negative people and situations destroy my peace of mind. I doubt Her Majesty will spank me for going off course but hope springs eternal! ;-)

  10. Mmmmm. With a brush like that, she can give a really burning, stinging paddling with very little effort on her part beyond a little flicking of her wrist and forearm. I can hear her murmuring "I have to punish you but I don't want to bruise my baby" over the quick, rhythmic cracking working up and down my bottom and thighs, knowing I won't sit comfortably for a good long while.

  11. Hi DB, and thanks for your comment. What a delicious bit of dialogue - loving, but firm :).

  12. Okay, I am back from a eight day vacation, and still no new posts... slacking off again are we????

  13. Hey, Red :). In terms of the blog, yes. In terms of my 'real' job, just the opposite. Unfortunately they tend to be mutually exclusive!

    I am working on a couple of things that I hope to post in the next week or so. And if it's any consolation, I think you'll like them :).

  14. Hmmmm, so will we be viewing the results of Paul breaking any of "his" resolutions, via that wicked-looking hairbrush that Carla is holding while smiling in anticipation of wielding it?

    With resolutions that extensive and extended in scope, IMHO the guy has no hope of keeping them all for any length of time--the current recession would make it very difficult for him to keep #2, for example.

    As for resolution #1, dealing with disobedience, it's now three weeks into 2011 and I'm betting that Paul has already disobeyed Carla, actively or passively, on several occasions...


  15. CK, agreed that some resolutions are very hard to keep, and some are designed to be broken! No doubt Paul will do his utmost to avoid that hairbrush, but you can safely assume he's failed at least a couple of times by now. And if Carla had made rules that were easy to follow, what would be the fun in that? ;)

    As to whether you'll be seeing him get his encouragement, I'm not sure. I have an awful lot of 'loose ends' on the blog by now. I think many of these little vignettes will have to remain just that!

  16. nice tease with the bristle side, a perfect warm up to the eventual use of the business side of the brush. How can he resist the wicked caress of those bristles? and what's next....

  17. Sweetsuds, I think we know what's next - if not today then tomorrow, or whenever he breaks the first resolution!


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