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Friday 25 February 2011

Five Little Words

Some of you will remember a series of polls I ran back in July, inviting people to choose what they wanted to see in a new drawing. I really enjoyed that exercise, and I thought the resulting picture came out pretty well, but it was based on some seriously limited options.

I thought it'd be fun - and challenging - to really open up the field this time around. So for the next few days, I'm inviting brief suggestions from any visitor who wants to play. Is there an unusual implement, or a location, or an item of dress that you've always wanted to see in a spanking scene? Maybe you just have something wacky in mind that you just want to see if I can portray. Whatever it is, I'd like to hear it!

To try and keep some kind of grip, let's limit the suggestions to one idea per person, expressed in a maximum of five words. So 'mouth soaping' would qualify, as would 'spanking aliens from outer space'. But 'blonde woman in a green dress caning a man in striped pyjamas in a New York loft' would not. And I guess if you want to help me out (and why wouldn't you?) then you could scan through the comments before yours and try not to contradict them - for example, if someone's already provided a setting then you might like to consider some other aspect of the picture.

I reckon I'll draw a line - see what I did there? - when I've heard from ten people or so. For giggles, I'll then try to incorporate all your ideas into one drawing - hence the reason for keeping them simple. If it makes my brain hurt too much trying to squeeze them all in, I might spread them across several works (listen to me, talking like I churn one out every couple of days!)

Of course, I do want to keep everything within the spirit of the blog - that rules out depictions of anyone underaged, anything 'extreme' or gory, real people, and explicit sexual activity. Those are all the ground rules I can think of right now, but I may have to implement some emergency additions once the comments start coming in! ;)

For now, over to you... and feel free to be as creative, random and, well, challenging as you like!


  1. Underling, five words is tough but her goes:

    Horsewoman birching male over gate

    Obviously she's wearing white blouse, jodphurs and boots, he's naked and has just cut the three twigs [Manx-style birch] and bound them in ribbon for his Mistress. And it's a five-bar-gate leading into an open meadow full of ripe wheat....Sorry it should be you painting the picture. I got carried away!

  2. RM, such flagrant bending of the rules. Mavericks, you people! ;)

    OK, I'll take horsewoman birching male over gate. Everything else is still open!

  3. Bare bottomed with sling-shot snaps

  4. halftime motivational locker room spanking

  5. Not a horsewoman but a cowgirl is a good idea. A naked boy or man gets an otk spanking in or in front of a saloon. He is tied at hand and feet, so he can´t move. A second also naked male is kneeling in front of her and kissing her boots. The girl is laughing.

    So this is my fantasy. Hope you like it.


  6. Hi Underling, this is a nice idea! My five words are: "queue of males and females"

    I leave it to you what kind of queue this might be. Are they waiting to be next for the birch (as spankers or spankees)? Are they just waiting for their first lesson in horse riding and involuntarily become witnesses of the birching? Whatever you'll make out of it, I'm looking forward to seeing the resulting picture! :-)

  7. I like the suggestion from Respecting Mistress but personally I would have him cropped wearing boots and tight fitting jodhpurs.

    Have a good weekend.


  8. I always like - multiple women watching

  9. Hello Underling,
    My 5 words are "another naked, tumescent man, waiting"


  10. Matronly lady hairbrushes vicar.

    Female vicar canes bishop.

    Story obviously relates to church's chauvinistic attitudes.

    Businesswoman canes tax inspector.

    lady motorist paddles trafic cop.

    i am sure you can come up with story lines for these role reversal scenarios.

  11. Ocean beach, mistress in swimsuit

  12. Hmmmm.....I'll have to cheat a bit but here goes...."Spanked on stage by KylieMinogue".

    :) :) :) :) :)

  13. Lifted Skirt exposing Garted Stockings!

  14. Lady doctor spanks butt-plugged patient.

    "Butt-plugged" as an adjective counts as one compound word. You could always take out "lady" as that is assumed!

  15. Mother-in-Law adminsters punishment!

  16. crimson thighs corner more coming

  17. Well, hasn't this proved a popular topic! Thanks, everyone, for all your suggestions - even those of you blatantly ignoring the rules ;).

    I'm going to have to pick and choose from these. No more ideas needed this time around, thanks - we're oversubscribed as it is! :)

  18. Damn! Came up with something but was too late. I hope that you do this again Underling, it is a very challenging and clever formula.


  19. Late to this. And its slightly over 5 words
    But how about
    Adorable fully clothed[but barefoot]female librarian type spanking her naked husband with her sandals while her girlfriends watch and giggle .

    No matter what idea you choose MR Underling, im sure that us fans will enjot it. Cheers!

  20. Saw your commission on another blog and just wanted to express my appreciation for it. As a photographer, I always love seeing other artist in their element =) Will be following this great blog!

  21. Male in chastity device

  22. mother-in-law teaching daugther to spank

  23. Aww, If anything, I would love to throw my support for Kaelah's males and females queing up for punishment with:

    Nude males/females await punishment...

    Hope it's picked, and I'll enjoy the artwork regardless!

  24. Well, since my choice "Fedup babysitter paddles permissive father" is too tardy for consideration, I'll support "multiple women watching"--which allows for plenty of latitude in the exact scene.

    I always love the concept of a group of women watching a male getting his bare bottom blistered by a strict fellow female, psychologically he's "surrounded and outnumbered" by them and acutely embarrassed by their giggling and taunting him about his crying and squirming under the hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle and/or strap... --C.K.

  25. Governess mouthsoaping with bathbrush spanking

  26. Thanks for all your input - no more now, please :). Sorry not to reply to you all individually this time, but there are just so many of you...

    I'm starting to think this was a foolish idea, but I guess the proof will be in the painting. Obviously I'm not going to be able to fit all these wonderful scenes into one picture without it looking like some latter day Hieronymous Bosch (and taking me all year to complete) - so I hope you'll forgive me if your suggestion doesn't get used this time around. I'll go through your ideas and pick what works best (for me and for the picture), which I think will allow me to reference maybe a quarter of them! And I promise I'll do this again at some point in the future when hopefully we'll all have a better feel for how it will work. I reckon next time we might have to go with three words only, in case you want to give that some thought...

  27. What ? No more ?
    Come on, just a last one from France :

    Spanked husband's cornertime in shop

    Well, at last I tried ;-)


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