Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Saturday 12 February 2011

Nice Work If You Can Get It... or... A Job With All The Frills

I don't think I told you that my stepsister Wanda recently landed herself a 'dream job' with OSIRIS - you know, that firm where the managers are all women and they've a policy of corporal punishment for the male employees?

Anyway, since she joined I haven't stopped hearing about it - about the sixty-day annual female holiday allowance (and the five-day male allowance), and the weekly 'girls only' social events, and the women chatting over coffee for half the day, and the men lined up naked for their disciplinary interviews, and... well, you get the picture.

I haven't seen Wanda this excited since the day they made her a prefect at school. Not only do OSIRIS pay her handsomely for doing next to nothing, she also gets to indulge the sadistic streak she's had since we were kids. Barely two weeks in, she's already planning which of her cute male colleagues she can get into trouble so that they end up stripped and paddled before the month is out.

Wanda's ambitious, too - she reckons she'll be promoted within six months, which will also earn her paddling rights. This too makes her positively giddy with anticipation.

Just yesterday afternoon my heart sank when I opened my inbox to find yet another email from Ling, Wanda. After the usual preamble about how she'd spent the morning painting her nails, surfing the web and belittling the guy at the next desk, she drew my attention to an article that she'd forwarded from her company website. It advertises an upcoming fundraising event that... well, see for yourselves.

You couldn't make it up. Could you? ;)


  1. LOL, what a delightful post. Fun stuff.

    However, for a guy like who is a little over the weight threshold, I would probably need to be assigned a tight Panty Girdle. And of course, to hold the Girdle in place, stockings, of course. So much for the 'Frillies'.

    Ah, the stuff fantasies are made of.

    1. Osiris Employee X1 March 2014 at 11:35

      Hi Underling,

      What a great post.i just had to comment..As a a" big boned " guy, I guess I'll have to wear a girdle or corset too.

      I used to be the managing director here but after the new rules came in snd the women took over, things have run much more 'smoothly. I don't suffer from executive stress anymore the new bosses kindly decided to keep me the new tea making and photcopying person.Got my frillies ready! Are white socks with white olimsolls acceptable office wear as I'ma little clumsy with heels..)

    2. I'm sure you'll look adorable, X ;). As for plimsolls versus heels, I'm afraid that will all be in the hands of your line manager. If she insists on the latter then I hope your tea making and photocopying are up to scratch - else once she's finished motivating you, you'll be spending a lot of time standing up!

  2. I'd so be interested in the Frilly Fridays... oh my! :D

  3. Actually it sounds like it would be a fun time, where do I sign up??
    Great fantasy post!!

  4. What a lovely idea - and all in the worthy cause of female empowerment. Reminds me of my own experience of sponsored spankings for a cat hospital - agony on the buttocks, which were bruised and sore for weeks. But as my Significant Other pointed out, we raised almost £15 and doesn't the thought of the poor dear kitties make it all worthwhile?

  5. I do hope you will consider illustrating this event with the embarrassed chaps in their cute lingerie being inspected by their amused female bosses.

  6. Ken, well you get to choose the lingerie you're going to wear - and I know there's a ready supply of corsetry at your place. I reckon a panty girdle would score pretty highly, so I think you're a shoo-in as 'Ms' January.

    Weave, I like your enthusiasm. Of course, if you worked for OSIRIS you'd be 'interested' whether you liked it or not!

    James, likewise. You don't have to sign up, just enrol with the company and the rest will be taken care of. There's a rather intimate medical/ physical to get through, but perhaps that wouldn't be too much of a chore either.

    Servitor, I'm going to resist the obvious pussy jokes. But I'm sure that cat scanner you helped pay for saved many feline lives, and I admire your sacrifice for catkind.

    Hattyonce, welcome and thanks for your comment. I'll certainly put that drawing on the list, but I've already got so many loose ends to tie up... :)

  7. Hello Underling,
    What shall I wear? I've got a bright red thong, black lace boy-leg panties, and dark gray bikini panties, and red pasties with gold tassels for my titties. What shall I choose? Oh the pressure of making decisions!

    Has Wanda told you what she's going to do to the boys who get "too big for their britches"? Let's face it there just isn't enough room in female frillies to contain a man who gets excited by wearing them!

    This is another great fantasy!! Thanks for all of your efforts.


  8. Thanks, Underling, I will look forward to possible revisit to this and to loose ends. What I love about Frillies on Friday is the idea of the squirm-makingly embarrassment of the chaps and the exquisite glee of the gals, I assume the OSIRISissies calndar will be given th ewidest possible circulation

  9. JayJay, maybe Wanda will be in touch to let me know how it all went. I have a feeling I, and therefore you, will be hearing a good deal more from her.

    It sounds like your knicker drawer is overflowing! For you to model all of those, FoF would have to be a monthly instead of an annual event. But OSIRIS already have Discipline Friday every month, so if we're not careful the guys will end up too busy being ogled and/ or paddled to actually get their work done. Which in turn will lead to more paddlings. Where will it ever end?

    Hatty, the calendar will indeed be widely distributed, and of course free to female employees and clients. That should ensure that the squirming and gleeful teasing will continue long after the day itself. Imagine being Ms December and having to wait all year to be reminded just how gorgeous you looked in that matching lace set.

    Regarding loose ends, I need some focus. There's the wedding story to finish off, plus we still haven't heard what happened to Jeff when Sue and Jenny got him home. Meanwhile Diana The Desktop Disciplinarian has been standing there with nothing to do since November, and there's a short spanking cartoon I promised back in May that still hasn't seen the light of day. And before I know it, it'll be time to get the March issue of Disciplinarian Monthly onto the shelves. I tell you, it's all too much. Ooh, my head!

  10. Of course, each recipient of a calendar will have it prominently placed in her workplace. So for a calendar "girl", when your month comes around you can't go anywhere in the office or in nearby bars, cafes, shops or businesses without being confronted by that photo of you posing prettily in your lace-trimmmed matching bra and panties set and meeting wicked smirks and wolfwhistles from every female you meet. Oh, those females can be merciless.

  11. Hatty (may I call you Hatty?), exactly so - there's nothing worse than being humiliated and then not being allowed to forget about it. I think given the choice I'd prefer to be Ms January and get the worst of it over with!

  12. Another great idea! Many of us might like to join this company! They definitely have an excellent benefits package! Panties fridays would stop many of us from calling in sick just to have a three day weekend.
    Wondering how you might continue the wedding scene, thinking that Joanna's mother should demonstrate her talents, and then introduce Peter's Mom to applying this technique to Peter's Dad for all to see.
    looking forward to as many posts as you can manage.

  13. Hatty is fine. I think I'd prefer January also. Maybe one year, for variety, the chaps should have to spend the day in baby doll nighties.

  14. Apparently some male employees don't voluntarily participate, however, if "one of our biggest earners last year" was the men being required to "contribute" their day's pay for not bringing their own lingerie to wear.

    So does the "spoilsport" get a swat of the paddle to his bare bottom for each 50p (pence, I'm figuring) that he's obliged to contribute?

    My knowledge of the British coinage/currency system is limited, but putting it roughly into U.S. money...Well, males aren't very well-paid at Osiris, so I'll assume a quite modest $26,000 per year as salary--which means a mere $500 a week and therefore $100 a day. However, at 50 cents (U.S.) per paddleswat for his $100 "contribution," a man would end up "purchasing" 200 whacks to his naked buttcheeks--and I assume that the woman or women administering those wallops with the paddle would make every one of them count--meaning really hurt!

    If they were administered perhaps 100 at the beginning of the workday and the other 100 at midday (to freshen the cheeks' color and sting), that male employee would be walking around all day in presumably supersheer "donated" panties that would hardly hide the deep redness of his behind--there might be some extra-intense teasing from his female co-workers about his being a "spoilsport" and paying the price for his lack of charitable spirit, in both a monetary and disciplinary sense.

    (Yes, I'd probably choose the "spoilsport" route and take my paddywhacks, possibly in front of the ladies--at least the first time around.)

    BTW, I'm really looking forward to reading (and hopefully viewing an accompanying illustration) about Jeff's bare-bottomed ordeal at the hands (and strap) of Sue and Jenny once they get him home from dinner and at their punitive mercy.

    "Tail on fire," ohhhh he's in for it, isn't he?

  15. Red, I dread to think what kind of trouble you'd be in if you did pull a sickie on Frillies Friday. Oh, and of course the men aren't allowed to book regular holidays on that day. Regarding continuation of stories, all will be progressed. Eventually!

    Hatty, baby dolls - what a delicious idea. I'm struggling with a catchy name for that event, though. Let's see - Frillies on Friday, Miniskirts on Monday, Teddies on Tuesday, Whalebone (corsets!) on Wednesday, Thongs on Thursday, Baby Dolls... got nuthin'. Unless we did it on Boxing Day, which wouldn't be so popular since it falls on a holiday. Hmm.

  16. Hi CK.

    I must admit, I hadn't done the maths - but as I see it, it's the ladies who pay to deliver the swats. A bit like throwing a wet sponge at your teacher during a school fete, but much more satisfying. Given that OSIRIS pay very well (if you're a woman) then there certainly won't be any need to scrimp - the ladies' arms will be exhausted long before their funds!

    I see now that the advert wasn't very clearly worded (not to mention that there's also a typo in there!) No doubt some junior male proof reader will be paying the price for that.

    I will revisit the story with Sue, Jenny and Jeff - although I won't promise an illustration, because I've so many other drawings to be done right now!

  17. I'm sure the female employees would be delighted to turn up for Baby Dolls on Boxing Day. What more entertaining way would there be to spend the day than watching your male colleagues having to parade all day in such intimate ultre feminine attire.For the males the loss of the holiday would just be an extra burden on top of their humiation and embarrassment.

  18. Actually, I was rethinking the advert and it did strike me that perhaps the women employees paid to deliver paddleswats to the bare bottoms of the "spoilsport" males--and presumably they can indeed afford to buy plenty of swats--Ouchie!

    So how does OSIRIS make a profit anyway, if the overpaid women employees don't do much work (as well as taking 12 weeks of paid vacation time per year) while the underpaid men spend considerable time being paddled in the nude?

    Probably those spanko-submissive male workers, who like their working conditions if not their modest salaries, are keeping the company going economically on their hard-working backs--just as they're keeping it going socially on their blistered and raw behinds.

    Your stepsister sounds interesting, maybe we'll find out exactly how she connives to get her male colleagues paddled... --C.K.

  19. CK, I have no idea how OSIRIS manage to turn a profit - maybe in this brave new world, female-led companies get government subsidies or something - but I reckon I'm allowed a little creative bookkeeping to make these scenarios possible :). As for Wanda, oh yeah - she's quite a character. I'm surprised not to have heard from her yet how last Friday went, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

    Hatty, you're selling it pretty well - I guess Baby Doll Boxing Day would make a refreshing change from visiting relatives and watching reruns of The Great Escape on TV. OK, count me in.

  20. Love the advert. and the concept. Where do I sigh up for a position with OSIRIS? My buttons have been pushed! Thanks!

  21. Content, thank you and welcome! I'm glad this pushes your buttons - it's what I'm here for. :)


    NO - this practice must be continued expanded into a PERMANENT DRESS (pun intended) CODE to insure all males follow a program of such complete feminization that they are NEVER allowed to feel the touch of ego-initating masculine garment against their skin ever again.

    Come now OSIRIS... this is NO time for half-measures. You must look to the future and what needs to be done in establishing the proper attitude in males for all posterity!


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