Men, huh? Can't live with 'em. Can't strip 'em and spank 'em. Well actually, you CAN, in this little corner of cyberspace. Around here, fully grown males are at constant risk of humiliating bare bottomed correction - hence the 'humblings' of the title.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Love Our Lurkers Day 6

So, here we are on LOL Day 6!

As per my last post, today's the day when we say a big hello to our lovely lurkers. That's those of you skulking around the dark corners of the site - and this site has darker corners than most - and eyeing the Post Comment button as though it might jump up and bite you :).

I promise it won't, and nor will I if you choose today to stand up and say, 'My name is Peter/ Annabel/ Fluffy/ EvilMistressOfPain, and I'm a spankoholic! And I like your art/ hate your art/ think you should post more often/ think if you ever post again it'll be too soon.'

Seriously, I do very much appreciate everyone who visits the site, whether vocal or not. It's just that my very favourite thing about this blogging lark is feeling a part of this wonderful international kinky community. And it's hearing from people like you that does that for me, and for every other blogger in the spanko world.

Now, if you're running Flash in your browser you'll notice that I've installed a little lurker bait specially for today. All I ask is that, after you've clicked on that enticing keyhole, you also come back and click on that scary comment button and say hi. Whether you're a regular or this is your first time, it would honestly make my day. :)


  1. Hi Underling, looks like I might be the first one to wish you a Happy LOL Day. Cool! Keep up the good work. :-)

    Oh, and the idea with the keyhole is great!

  2. Very nice! (If I also blog, am I still a lurker?)

  3. Hey Underling,

    Lurking more than commenting lately but I do love to stop by and thoroughly enjoy your art.

    Happy LOL Day.


  4. Hi Underling,

    I'm a regular visitor and an irregular commenter. Is that a spanking offense? Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  5. Man, that keyhole trick is precisely what you should be doing (in my humble opinion). That is so original and unique and well, well done. Nobody can say, "Bin there, done that", when they click on the keyhole. Well done. You're the Steve Jobs of spanking art.

  6. Ok, so here I am.

    Hoping for some X/F stuff in the future, but not expecting it ;)!


  7. Love the key hole thing, very clever.Have a great LOL day.


  8. MR Underling
    Im probably dont qualify as a "lurker".But i still wanted to take the chance to thank you for posting so much good artwork

  9. a big thanks from a lurker...

  10. Happy LOL Day!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  11. Hi - I'm an occasional visitor and love your blog. It's always a classy experience and never more so than today. OMG, that gorgeous Headmistress's wicked smile will haunt me for days - the sound of her whippy cane endlessly kissing the backside of some foolish schoolboy is just perfect and makes my own bum tingle. And I love your recent serialised story about the husband getting his just deserts in a foreign hotel room in the presence of the maid. What an oaf he was - one can only hope that he was severely thrashed by his long suffering wife without any undue mercy. Thanks for the regular entertainment.

    brian macleod

  12. howdy!

    great art, keep up the good work Underling!

  13. Hey, everybody. Thanks so much for all your comments so far. I was a bit late to the LOL party yesterday because I was desperately trying to finish off the animation in the morning - hence it's a little rough-and-ready, but I'm glad you liked it anyway. I was also more than a bit late for work for the same reason, but hey - LOL day is LOL day, right? Last year's post was something of a slow burner, so I'll be coming back every day to see whether anyone else has said hello!

  14. Kaelah, you were indeed the first. Thank you.

    Giles, I guess we're all lurkers. I know I am!

    Ronnie, hi. And we're alike, because I love your blog too but rarely get around to telling you!

    Hermione, thanks for stopping by. And for being the other 'big sister' to our wonderful spanko family.

    OTTO, thanks for your kind words. 'Steve Jobs of spanking art'? On the whole, notwithstanding his recent demise, I'd rather be the Steve Jobs of consumer electronics. He made a lot more money from his vocation than I'll ever make from mine ;).

    Chross, I must owe you a dozen X/F pictures in gratitude for all the visitors your site sends this way - and I promise there will be at least one.

    Prefectdt, thank you. I hope you had a good one too.

    BOB, you're welcome. Thanks to you and everyone else for giving me a reason to draw!

  15. Anons 1 and 2, nice to see someone delurking briefly, so thanks to both of you.

    lovslippers, your theme makes me think it must be time for a really good slippering picture!

    Todd and Suzy, thanks for stopping by.

    Brian, cheers. I'm glad you liked Ms Sterne. She features in several of my fantasies too. As for the story you mentioned, part two is just around the corner so you'll be able to catch up with exactly what's going to happen to the oafish Richard.

    Hatty, thanks for your continued visits and comments. They are appreciated.

  16. Ha! That keyhole thing is so cool! And very unique, too - Happy belated LOL Day and keep up the great work. I always enjoy visiting here.


  17. Hello Underling,

    I realize I'm a couple days late in posting for Lurkers Day, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

    I have a number of compliments for you and your contributors which I'd like to share:

    1) Your art ranks up there with the likes of Sardax. It's titillating while also tasteful. Those who say that spanking art stirs the libido at a much higher level than photos is in my opinion correct. And the accompanying stories are the icing on the cake so to speak.

    2) Your story and montage, "The Itch," is a big winner. I enjoyed every word. However, the drawing of Jenny applying the razor strap to her errant man was a heart-stopper. Whew! I don't believe I have ever encountered a spanking drawing that evoked such a response in me. Is there any chance that you could break out this drawing and post it separately on your blog? It deserves to be framed. Magnificent!

    3) Your blog and the comments of your visitors comes across as several levels above anything one might find on the Internet nowadays, the only exception being some websites that cater to book reviews and discussions. Somehow, your blog attracts folks who believe in civility and have something to contribute. A friend once described this milieux as made up of people who possess "certain sensibilities." As a result, I find myself very comfortable posting here.

    4) I agree with one of your visitors who posted the opinion that it's important to not overlook the element of love in spanking relationships. Over the many years I've been visiting various spanking sites, I have come across only three drawings where one can discern the element of love being present.

    5) I have saved these three (3) drawings and would like to share them with this group, and that brings me to my last question (or request?) How does one contact you via e-mail to inquire about such, offer suggestions and/or materials, etc.?

    Meanwhile, many thanks for providing this wonderful experience to those of us who appreciate.

  18. Well, i am a sissy lurker who really loves your work. i can't tell you how many erections your work has caused. And i absolutely won't tell you what happens after that!
    And, i have a request. My favorite of all time is 'Office Discipline' - not just the graphic but the entire storyline about the nude men lining up outside the office, and the Women of the office finding excuses to walk down that hallway and take a peek. I can't find that full post any longer. Can you repost it or direct me to it please?

  19. Geez, I don't make it around enough, and when I stop by I do try to write something. :)
    Just want to say thanks for all you do!! Love the inspiration, from another CD.

  20. RedRump, thanks for the feedback on the keyhole idea. I was pleased with the concept, too, but honestly I'd wanted to do so much more with it if I hadn't run out of time. Maybe I'll update at it at some point. Wait, who am I trying to kid? ;)

  21. Brett, hello to you and thanks for commenting so comprehensively! I must admit that although hugely flattered I'm always a bit uncomfortable being ranked alongside Sardax. I only wish I could draw with as much natural skill as he does.

    'The Itch' was a peculiarly harsh story, but I must admit that in fantasy I enjoy a little unfairness. There probably isn't enough love in most of my scenarios! Regarding the picture, I dug it out and I'm afraid there isn't much more to see of that top-right vignette - I drew it specifically to go in that space. However if you want to drop me an email (click on my profile link, headed 'ABOUT ME') I'd be more than happy to send you a blown-up copy of just that element. You can also chat about anything else on your mind - I love to hear from visitors 'offline'!

    Oh, and I agree - we do get a high class of visitor here ;).

  22. Joeygirl, thanks for, um, standing up and being counted :). I can honestly think of no better compliment for my work than that it makes you horny! Funnily enough, your favourite picture is also my least accomplished, I think. It was the first one I ever drew for the web and, although I still like the idea, technically the artwork is a bit lacking. Still, the picture is in This post, and I don't think the story ever made it onto the blog at all. You can still read it here, at least as long as that site stays up!

    SometimesSpanked, thanks for your feedback. I know what you mean about not getting around much, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment when you do!

  23. First time visitor.
    I loved looking through the keyhole!
    Not only do you have quite a drawing talent, it shows you have a great sense of humour!

  24. Well, I certainly enjoyed looking (and listening) through that keyhole--it was a very cleverly-done graphic.

    Of course, it's great fun to imagine that I have that 'keyhole' perspective because I'm next in line, waiting in the receptionist's office for my turn at similar discipline.

    Except that the twenty-year-old student receptionist, a brunette beauty classmate of mine, has caught me 'peeping' (and eavesdropping) and is going to inform the headmistress (dean) of that fact--which she's notified me smugly "Will earn you double what you were going to get from her, you naughty boy."

    However, there's no doubt in my mind that she'll be looking (and listening) through the keyhole, not to mention using her camera phone extensively, once I'm inside for my pants-down appointment with the headmistress and her cane.

    Ahhhh, just free-fantasizing there for a moment... --C.K.

  25. I guess I'm kind of a part-time lurker, as I do comment occasionally. Your art doesn't usually fit my particular fantasies, but it's better than most and, as art, very high quality. I do usually love the expressions on your disciplinarians!

  26. Many thanks for your original and highly enjoyable blog. One of the highlights of the web.


  27. 5dd623e6... 5dd62... damn it, I'm just going to call you 5d for short. Welcome, and thanks for leaving a nice comment on you very first visit! I do try to have some fun with my kink. :)

    CK, I see your mind wanders in much the same way as mine. No wonder you're such a good storyteller!

    DB, even an occasional comment is much appreciated, so thank you. I'm glad you like my ladies' expressions. They tend to be a bit one-note - cruel enjoyment is I guess how I'd sum it up - but it seems to work.

    Martin, hi and welcome to you. 'Original' and 'highly enjoyable' are great compliments. If only I could add 'frequently updated'. ;)

  28. Hey Undy, of all naughty boy bloggers, you stand first in line.

  29. This is scary as hell. The poor boy doesn't make a sound. I would be blubbering like a baby after 5. Unless I had my own underpants in my mouth.

  30. Katlyn, thanks - I think!

    2old4that - great name - the poor boy is silent mainly because I'm no voice actor ;). I'd love to have some visitors here provide bits of dialogue for animations. On the other hand, maybe he does have his underwear stuffed in his mouth - Principal Sterne certainly looks cruel enough.

  31. Underling-
    I have been a little behind (pun intended) in keeping up with all the wonderful blogs out there and just found this post.

    So I will add my comment just to say 'hi' and I must admit, the keyhole effect is really awesome.

    Ken (SpankedbymyLady)

  32. Thanks, Ken. I didn't get round many sites myself on the day - but the nice thing about the LOL posts is that they seem to attract comments for a long time afterwards.

  33. HI Underling,
    Yes I have lurked. I enjoy your artwork.

  34. Hello Underling! Just found you - marvellous stuff the key hole is gorgeous..


  35. I love your work Underling! Peeping through the keyhole was a treat - what a great concept and what clever execution. Sure hope I don't get caught ;)

  36. Brilliant, one of the best ever


  37. Anon, long may you continue to lurk and enjoy. And thanks for popping your head up!

    Jonathan, where have you been all this time? :p Seriously, welcome and thanks for the nice words. Take your time catching up with the archive because I don't post all that often. November was kind of exceptional ;).

    MAGENTA, if I'd had more time to flesh out the animation there'd have been a chance of you getting caught. As it is, I promise you're perfectly safe - for now.

    R, great to hear from you, and thanks!

  38. wow: fricking cool!

  39. You must expand on this concept. You can't make money on pictures, but animations may be a different kettle of fish. The internet just loves uniqueness... Oh, and a hell of a lot of your fans seem to like it too.

  40. Anons 1 and 2, short but sweet. Thanks! :)

    OTTO - I always meant to expand on this specific animation, but time as ever was against me. I do have another one in mind to celebrate the upcoming Olympics. Watch this space!

  41. very original and funny.
    Exciting to have to wait outside and peep through the keyhole knowing you will be called in later to get the same treatment

    1. Thanks, bartje! If you're very, very quiet there's just a chance you might not be called in. But what would be the fun in that? ;)

  42. Underling,
    I have been both a long time lurker and fan. Please continue this wonderfully creative work, it is much appreciated.

    1. Thanks, Anon - for delurking and for the nice comment. I don't know if I'll ever get around to developing this one any further, but there is much more in the pipeline.

  43. You are a great artist, perfectly understanding the spirit of whipping

    1. Thank you. It's always nice to hear that I'm on the same wavelength as visitors to the blog. :)

  44. Absolutely lovely. Where's her office, I need to visit.

    1. Thanks, Anon. I'm afraid her office exists only in my head and yours - but the nice thing about that is that you can visit whenever you like!

  45. Hi, I love the site, but you produce so little.....

  46. Why don't you post more often? Your work is winderful


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