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Saturday 26 November 2011

The Worm That Turned

Fellow Brits of a certain age will remember that national treasure of a comedy duo, The Two Ronnies. Perhaps some of my overseas friends will be familiar with them too - I'm not sure how well their TV show would have exported, given that much of the humour specifically poked fun at British manners, language and regional accents ("Fork 'andles?").

Anyway, for a while one of the programme's regular features was a daft but fun little mini-serial called The Worm That Turned. This was set well into the future - or as we now call it, next year(!) - in an England ruled entirely by women. Here the men have feminine names and are forced to wear dresses, and order is maintained by an all-female police force uniformed in improbably skimpy black vinyl. No, I'm not making this up.

Although it was played for laughs, you can probably imagine the effect that this show-within-a-show had on a very young, highly impressionable and already seriously kinked Underling - especially when (at about 4:40 in the clip I linked) the late, great Diana Dors actually ordered Ronnie Corbett to report for a state-sponsored spanking. Or at least the hint of one.

Now of course the writers of The Worm That Turned knew that part of its appeal was in catering to a certain kind of male fantasy. And although the fetish wear wouldn't have meant much to me - even then, my dream disciplinarians were everyday aunts, older sisters, teachers and nurses - it was startling to have my odd little obsessions acknowledged by a mainstream comedy show. I'd have been watching with my parents, feigning nonchalance but half expecting a big flashing arrow to appear above my head reading 'WARNING! UNHEALTHY FASCINATION!'

"Undy," my mum would have said - she never used my full name except when I was in trouble - isn't it past your bedtime?" And for once I'd probably have agreed with her, grateful to be alone with my confusing thoughts about Ms Dors, and replaying in my head those few moments of prime-time TV that still resonate to this day.

The bottom line on all of this is that I have a little illustrated fantasy, more than thirty years in gestation, to share with you shortly. It's a bit stronger than would have got past the UK TV censors in 1980, but its zero- tolerance policewomen are without question descended from those running around in The Two Ronnies - not to mention my fevered imagination - during my formative years.


  1. Like you I remember watching The Worm that Turned and enjoying it immensely. I imagined myself being spanked by Diana Dors and her staff. At the time I ha just left school and started work and at the same time I was realising that I ha some rather kinky desires. Following the programme I started to imagine being spanked by my female supervisors at work. I look forward to illustration (as I do to all your pictures).

  2. I remember the Two Ronnies. Here in Canada their program was broadcasted here and there. I loved their humour, even when I didn't quite understand what they meant.


  3. Underling-
    I truly believe 'Where there is Smoke, there is Fire'. Thus, there must be some 'spanko' buried in the writers. And while I don't think I saw 'The Two Ronnies', there are plenty of other spanking references all over.

    Cora and I are movie and TV series fans and its been amazing how many otherwise 'vanilla' movies or TV series include spanking references. I am convinced that spanking interests are more wide spread than many would have us believe.

    Thanks for another great and thought provoking post.


  4. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane Underling. I always like linking to odd little comedy clips from my blog posts, but that little mini-series had completely slipped my mind.

    I remember watching it as a child with the family and having a similarly unhealthy fascination. Although in my case it was the jack boots and the vinyl that caught my eye.

    The sketch I did always remember from the Two Ronnies was the Hieroglyphics one. Classic Ronnie Barker and then a completely gratuitous lady in a tight vinyl domme outfit. That stuck with me for years :)

  5. OMG... I'm picturing this.. AND I LIKE IT!!! :)

  6. Ronnie Barker had on more than one occasion charachters in his series called Fetherstonaugh.There were many entries in Madam magazine with that name too.

    The woman from the hi de hi series also appeared in the Two Ronnies. I think that both are very much subbies. Its also delicious to see a small male like Mr Corbett with a much taller woman.


  7. Simon, I was hoping there were some fellow fans and everyone wouldn't just think I was crazy. So thanks for the vindication. Hope you enjoyed my version in the next post - less black vinyl, more brutality!

    Hermione, I'm glad you'd heard of them - and I can understand why some of the references would bemuse you.

    Ken, I'm sure you're right. It's not uncommon for the kink to surface in popular culture, although too often it's for a cheap laugh. When they get it right - as in Secretary, for example - it's great to see.

    Paltego, the humour is one of the things I really like about your site. Glad to have reminded you of a forgotten classic!

    SometimesSpanked, hope you enjoyed the scenario and drawings this inspired.

    Femsup, now I think about it - do you know the later Ronnie Corbett series, Sorry, in which he played an adult still living with his domineering mother? As I remember it, she used to talk about spanking him too!

  8. Yes he was completely dominated in it and so was his father.She just had to call at the top of her voice "Timothy" and he would submit.



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